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Dez Bryant to Play Thursday?

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Last night, Dez Bryant tweeted that he will be “back in action Thursday night.”  A lot of fans are stoked about the possibility of finally seeing the rookie in action, but I’m not as excited.  High ankle sprains tend to linger, and although Dez is young and obviously a fast healer, I don’t see the reward in playing him.

Sure, you’d love to see your first-round pick get some live game action before the first regular season game, particularly for a player who hasn’t stepped on a football field (competitively) in about a year.  But to me the dilemma is a simple math problem:  is the risk of playing Bryant less than the potential reward? I simply can’t see how that could be the case.

What is the best thing that can happen if Bryant plays on Thursday night?  He goes off and shows everyone he is the real deal?  Well, we kind of already know that.  There isn’t much he can do against the Dolphins’ backups that is going to impress me more than what he’s done against the Cowboys’ starters.  You beat Terence Newman and Mike Jenkins deep in successive practices, and you’ve caught my eye.

The downside of letting Bryant play, even for a little, is gigantic.  What if he hurts the ankle (technically shin) even more?  Even a small setback would be a devastating blow, mentally, for a team that doesn’t appear to be very confident right now to start.

Further, it isn’t like Bryant is going to take it easy (nor should he), particularly against Miami–the team whose top dogs reportedly asked him if his mother is a prostitute.  Think he doesn’t want to get back at them?

Don’t give him the chance, Jerry. . .er, I mean Wade.  Sunday night, September 12 is a whole lot more important than the fifth preseason game.

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3 Responses to Dez Bryant to Play Thursday?

  1. john coleman says:

    Whew! Not so fast friends! I would say if the #1s play and he is a 100% healthy maybe a few chances. I would think the risks outweigh the reward. If I’m making the call NO.

  2. Definitely agree. One series? Maybe. . .throw him a screen or something and get him the hell out of there.

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