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It's Game Week! Dallas vs. Cincinnati in Hall of Fame Game | The DC Times

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It’s Game Week! Dallas vs. Cincinnati in Hall of Fame Game

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After nearly seven of the most boring months of our lives, it is once again “game week” for the Dallas Cowboys.  They will travel to Canton, Ohio to play the Cincinnati Bengals this Sunday night.  The game is full of story lines, as the Cowboys have multiple positional battles taking place and, oh yeah, T.O. just signed with Cincy.

We will discuss this match-up in greater detail as the week progresses.  The primary reason for this particular post is to discuss our in-season schedule at Dallas Cowboys Times so you can keep an eye open for certain weekly features.  The days listed after each feature are when you can expect to see them on the site, assuming the ‘Boys played on a Sunday.

Initial Game Reactions (Monday): Pretty self-explanatory. . .initial judgments (pre-film study) concerning the previous game, including game notes and observations

Initial Film Study Observations (Tuesday): Basic statistics (formations, motions, audibles, play-calls, etc.), player notes, and miscellaneous items

Power Rankings (Tuesday): NFL team rankings, No. 32 to No. 1

Official Film Study Results/Player Grades (Wednesday): In-depth statistical analysis from all previous weeks and final player grades for the prior game

Upcoming Game Preview (Thursday): Breakdown of the opposition, including stat analysis, film study, “how to win,” and a final score prediction. . .This will be more of a “what to watch for” during preseason games.

Upcoming Week Preview (Friday): Predictions and short analysis for every NFL game that week

As always, there will be extra content posted throughout the week in addition to what you see above.  Go Cowboys!

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8 Responses to It’s Game Week! Dallas vs. Cincinnati in Hall of Fame Game

  1. john coleman says:

    Man, even with Dez out I am stoked. In fact Dez being out might be a good thing. We will get to see the other youngsters and newcomer Ryan a little more. The rookie Dbs should get a decent test. At long last we will see what the oline has. I’m really anxious to see Brewster, Bright, Costa, and Young. I’m also curious to see if Barker and Tepper stay at OT or move to OG. Tepper may be a darkhorse to surprise if he is at OG. Can’t wait!

  2. I wouldn’t say the Dez injury is a good thing since he misses all the reps, but I see your point. He is doing a good job of being attached to the coaches and getting mental reps in.

    I’m interested in watching the Free/Barron battle the most on the O-line, and I’d also like to see how Brewster plays. . .he’s getting some good reviews.

  3. john coleman says:

    BTW I like the format and look forward to the season.

  4. Tyrone Jenkins says:

    Yes, I second the kudos on the format!

    As far as Dez, I really think he’ll be somewhat of a “extra” for the 1st couple of weeks. I think Jerry and Wade see Dez as the future and may handle him w/ kid gloves – especially now w/ the injury. High ankle sprains usually take a good 6 (sometimes 8) weeks to get fully recovered and Dez certainly isn’t NEEDED by any stretch.

  5. Thanks guys. . .it should be a great season.

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