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Kyle Kosier Out 4-6 Weeks: How Does It Affect the Cowboys? | The DC Times

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Kyle Kosier Out 4-6 Weeks: How Does It Affect the Cowboys?

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Left guard and backup center Kyle Kosier suffered a sprained MCL in this morning’s practice.  He will be out 4-6 weeks, meaning he will be unable to play in the season opener in Washington (and likely beyond).

The multitude of injuries for the Cowboys, particularly on the offensive line, is become a real concern.  Right tackle Marc Colombo is out 2-4 weeks with a knee injury and swing tackle Alex Barron is also out with a sprained ankle.

Kosier’s injury, though, may just be the most devastating.  At age 31, Kosier isn’t a pup anymore.  He could realistically be out the full six weeks, meaning he would miss the first three games of the regular season.

Meanwhile, both Colombo and Barron should be back for Week One.  At worst, Barron, an experienced tackle, would be back and ready to fill in for Colombo.

Montrae Holland will step in as the Cowboys’ starting left guard.  Holland has some experience, but he’s an obvious downgrade from Kosier, a player I believe is one of the Cowboys’ most underrated.  I gave him a “B” in my 2009 Offensive Line Grades, including a “B+” in pass protection.  He allowed only one sack all season.

With the Cowboys’ backup center now likely to miss the first few games of the season, the chance of Phil Costa making the team has increased.  I actually predicted he would make it either way in Version 3.0 of my 53-man roster projections.

An injury to starting center Andre Gurode would be crippling to the Cowboys, as their opening day starters could potentially include just one player from the rather healthy ’09 offensive line (right guard Leonard Davis).

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7 Responses to Kyle Kosier Out 4-6 Weeks: How Does It Affect the Cowboys?

  1. john coleman says:

    Talk about injuries being crippling? The interior of this line looked crippled in Minnesota. Everyone of them got their butts kicked except Free. In fairness, I will say Columbo was crippled. I think these injuries will be a good thing longterm for this team. Extended playing time will allow us to or force us to really evaluate the backups. Not a half hearted look, but a serious deer in the headlights look. I didn’t and I know you didn’t like the idea of Kosier being the backup anyway. No way any of these guys are worse than Procter. Also with free agency Kosier is potentially gone next year anyway. So we need to see what we have now. Same thing with the tackles. Next years draft will surely be oline heavy. BTW I’m going to take you to task with Kosiers rating. Pass protection specifically sacks given up must have a ton of weight. Kosier was the worst on the team in pressures which is one step from bieng as disruptive as sacks. Coupled with Flo there was a jailbreak more often than not on that on the left side. Kosier was also middle of the road in hits and penalties. I for one am glad we will get to look at the other players. I do hate the starter is going to miss three games.

  2. john coleman says:

    Check that on Kosier. His percentage was not worst but the total number of pressures was if I read correctly. If you look at the fact that the tackles are in space a little more??? He was the worst interior guy in pssures number and percentage. You know I have to needle a little. Seriously, I think this line is easily the most overrated part of this team.

  3. Well, I did only give Kosier a “B” overall grade. I do think he deserved that, although I could easily see someone arguing for a B- or C+….what would you have given him?

    I still rated him as the worst interior lineman. . .I just think he is a better lineman than both Adams and Colombo were (are).

    And you’re right that future drafts will be O-line heavy, but that probably should have happened about two drafts ago. It’s tough to complain considering that the recent drafts have generally been really good (how about the Jones, Bennett, Jenkins, Scandrick, Choice draft?).

  4. moses says:

    I liked our draft picks, but hindsight is 20/20. Instead of Jones we could have had Chris Johnson or Ray Rice. Maybe there was some tackle or guard talent in the 2nd and 3rd rounds?

    I hope Holland turns out to be an upgrade only because we gave up a draft choice for him.

  5. john coleman says:

    I probably would have given him a C. Back when you did the grades I was amazed that he only gave up 1 sack. It seemed like his guy was always on the QB. The pressures indicate that was true to an extent. Problem was Columbo’s and Flo’s guys beat him there. It kills me when people knock Romo. Without his escapability ( is that a word?) the sack total would double. I have been calling for Flo’s release for about 3 years. As you stated, our drafts have been pretty good lately, so what can you say. Even with what we have done we were able to upgrade in Free and strengthen overall with the release of Procter. My concerns are obviously for the now and now. I do think we have several guys including Kosier who are soon to be free agents. At the least we are aging across the line. In addition, I give consideration for OTs because the operate in space on the outside. If you have interior guys giving up more sacks than tackles it’s a problem. Either that or you have great OTs. I went back and looked at the Oakland game again and Young wasn’t bad in pass pro. Now I don’t know if he was playing against the starter. With that said, I still thought Brewster wasn’t staying in front of his man. He may be the longterm answer at OG. With Barron and Young at OT, I don’t know why we don’t make that move.

  6. Moses–I don’t see Holland being an upgrade, but I do think he can hold down the fort until about Week 3 or so when Kosier returns. He isn’t a bad player.

    John–I agree totally about moving Brewster to guard, but it would still be an experiment. He obviously wouldn’t be able to contribute much this season there (and right now, not at OT either).

    I’m a little scared about the lack of quality depth at ANY OL position. It makes me think that, with everyone aging together, the Cowboys may be forced to make a trade at some point. That isn’t something I’d really want them to do. It sure would be nice to have a Iupati or Pouncey for the future.

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