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Stephen McGee, not Tony Romo, will start Thursday night | The DC Times

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Stephen McGee, not Tony Romo, will start Thursday night

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The Cowboys will not risk losing quarterback Tony Romo on Thursday night when they play Miami.  Romo will sit, while third-string quarterback Stephen McGee will get the start.

Sitting Romo is the smart move, in my opinion.  There isn’t much to be gained from starting him.  We all know he can play, and does it really matter if he goes into the regular season on a “high note”?  He’s a professional athlete.  He will recover from a poor preseason.  The risk, on the other hand, is through the roof.

Perhaps the Cowboys should exercise the same caution with Dez Bryant.  I’ve already discussed why it is a bad idea for Bryant to play.

For McGee, the start could mean he isn’t guaranteed a roster spot.  Everything adds up to this being McGee’s final audition.  If he plays poorly, I think he’s going to get released.  I still think the ‘Boys need to give Kitna more reps.

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4 Responses to Stephen McGee, not Tony Romo, will start Thursday night

  1. john coleman says:

    I agree with getting Kitna more reps. However, If the ones are not playing there is not much to be gained. He would be a huge loss as well and would leave us in the hands of McGhee. I’m a little surprised that you think this could be one and done for McGhee. Personally I’m all for it but who do we pick up? Also how comfortable are we with two QBs? IMO he hasn’t shown much so far, but this is basically his first season too. We could use the roster spot for sure. Maybe they will suit Garrett up as the #3 QB.

  2. Well, I’m definitely on the two-QB bandwagon IF they feel McGee has zero shot of being a good QB at any point in the future. In general, I think three QBs is simply playing it too safe, UNLESS that third guy is a developmental QB. If McGee couldn’t possibly develop into something of value, wouldn’t you rather keep a player like McCann, Church, etc. who might get released simply due to numbers?

  3. john coleman says:

    Definitely would hate to lose good players to keep a marginal guy, who probably never makes it. As you said, unless they see something for the longterm, then keep the guys who can get on the field. I questioned him when they drafted him.

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