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Cowboys trade Patrick Crayton to San Diego Chargers for 7th-Round Pick | The DC Times

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Cowboys trade Patrick Crayton to San Diego Chargers for 7th-Round Pick

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Jason LaCanfora is reporting the Cowboys have agreed to send wide receiver Patrick Crayton to the Chargers for a seventh-round draft pick.

Yesterday, I gave you five reasons the Cowboys should keep Crayton, but apparently his $2 million salary was too much for the Cowboys to handle.  To me, the Cowboys are a better team with Crayton than without him, regardless of his contract.

Now, the team could be in some trouble if either Miles Austin, Roy Williams, or Dez Bryant gets injured.  None of those players have much experience in the slot either, although Austin and Bryant have the skill set to benefit from moving inside in three-receiver sets.

The seventh-rounder Dallas received as compensation for Crayton shows that they probably would have released Crayton had they not found a trade partner.

More to come, including an update on my 53-man roster projection.

**UPDATE: Dallas will receive a sixth-rounder as compensation if Crayton catches 40+ balls in San Diego.

**UPDATE No. 2:  The Cowboys have also traded Pat McQuistan to Miami.  One of our Twitter followers has informed us the trade is for a gift card to Chili’s.

In all seriousness, I am hearing the teams will swap seventh-rounders.  I’m not sure what would happen if Dallas ends up with a better seventh-rounder than Miami, but McQuistan will likely do everything in his power to make sure that doesn’t happen.

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4 Responses to Cowboys trade Patrick Crayton to San Diego Chargers for 7th-Round Pick

  1. john coleman says:

    I think PC can catch 40. I know how you feel about this and I’ll admit we have our donkey out in the wind with this one. Now does this mean 5 WRs? I’m saying they start with 5 and use the spot for McCray, McCann, Brent, and/or L.Williams. I’ll have to check the numbers. Man, the Chili’s thing was a hoot. I’m still snickering. Didn’t we give up our 7th rd pick to get Brent?

  2. john coleman says:

    BTW do we have longrange scouting that we look at when we make these trades? I took alook at next years OGs on CBS site and none are 1st rd projections. No fast backs with size either. The center crop is undersized by the way they judge Costa. No blazer WRs either. Tackle prospects are decent, just looking at size and 40 time. I know those projections will change but I think this year for example had a lot of guard prospects. One other question. Am I right in thinking that players who are cut and picked up do not have to make a teams 53? And players from our practice squad must go on a 53 man roster?

  3. Yeah Cowboys lost their seventh for Brent. And I do think they’ll now keep five WRs. I added Bright to my roster after the trade, but he may be on anyway. . .this is good news for the guys you mentioned above.

    Yes, the Cowboys do long-term scouting and likely have a really good idea of what the 2011 draft holds.

    And yes, if I am reading you correctly, I believe you’re understanding of the PS is correct. . .any player Dallas signs to their PS must be added to another team’s 53 to leave.

  4. john coleman says:


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