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If Marc Colombo is out, Robert Brewster should start

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It appears as though right tackle Marc Colombo has a decent chance of playing this Sunday against the Bears, but if he is still down, the Cowboys should start Robert Brewster in his place.

Actually, Brewster should have started in the opener, but hindsight is 20/20.  It just seems to me that Brewster is a much better fit for the right side than Alex Barron.  I know the Cowboys want one of their tackles to be a “swing tackle” who is the primary backup to both offensive tackle positions, but there’s really no reason for it.

Brewster’s skill set–characterized by a “nastiness” and lack of elite athleticism–is a better fit for the right side than Barron’s quick feet and lack of ideal strength.  The Cowboys hardly attempted any runs to the right side against Washington with Barron at right tackle.  With Brewster there, they can proceed as normal.

Week 1 runs versus Washington

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2 Responses to If Marc Colombo is out, Robert Brewster should start

  1. john coleman says:

    What is scary to me is that we a treating Colombo like a saviour. He struggles at times himself in pass pro. I will say he is much better at run blocking and better overall than the others. I do agree Brewster needs to at least get a shot if Colombo can’t go. I also think if Colombo is not 100% we need to wait another week on playing him. I went back and watched the game again and we stopped ourselves. Yes, Barron was terrible! But what really got us was the timing of mistakes. I also saw a few more things in the play calling, I did not like. Back to back RB screens or dumps in the flat for one. Next was back to back smokescreens to Dez for no gain. The 1st one I’m ok with to get Dez in the game. Then we get fancy on the 12 yard line with a halfback pass. Should have been running the ball there. As I said on one of the other post, I like the overall looks, but the situational looks were suspect. It still seems like JG has trouble adjusting to what a defense is doing in game. I think that is why we always end up talking about execution. When the real deal is we need to adjust and keep players in the optimum position to make plays. In fairness to all it was obvious we were protecting Barron and the oline.

  2. Oh yeah, Colombo is no All-Pro. I graded his quite harshly last year if you remember.

    As far as the back to back screens to Dez, notice that the second one was actually a designed run, so that was Romo’s decision, not Garrett’s. Romo shouldn’t have thrown it though.

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