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Jason Witten, Kyle Kosier Out for Dallas

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Cowboys tight end Jason Witten and left guard Kyle Kosier both suffered somewhat serious injuries yesterday in Houston.  Witten and Kosier both have a sprained MCL and could miss a couple of weeks.  The bye week, which originally seemed to be too early, now seems to be arriving at just the right time for Dallas.

In my opinion, the Kosier injury is more devastating to Dallas.  Witten is the superior player, but backup tight end Martellus Bennett has shown increased maturity and play-making ability this season.  His blocking is as good as ever (which is damn good, by the way) and he has made some plays in the passing game, particularly when Witten came out of the Bears game with a concussion.

Meanwhile, Montrae Holland is a rather large drop-off from Kosier.  Holland is okay in the running game, but his lack of athleticism leads him to get out of position in pass protection.  Further, while the offensive line hasn’t been perfect, the starters have yielded zero sacks in the last two contests.

Updates to come next week.

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8 Responses to Jason Witten, Kyle Kosier Out for Dallas

  1. john coleman says:

    I agree about Witten and disagree on Kosier. I’m no Holland fan but I believe he is equal if not better in the run game and only slightly worse in pass pro. About Witten, He has not seemed to be himself to me anyway. Let me say I did not see the game as I live on the east coast. Pittsburgh was the only game on. At least I didn’t have to watch the Panthers. So Sunday WItten may have looked to be himself. The first two games he just seemed to lack explosion to me. Anyway I think Bennett is an adequate fill in. If they could hit him more with him moving forward, he is a load. If he could have time to drop his shoulder, lights out. I don’t think very many DBs are interested in that, especially with a head of steam. I think the Kosier issue along with Davis having trouble beyond the initial block is going to force a draft move on a OG. So far It’s looking like there will be some solid RT guys and some college tackles who will be good pro guards. I know it’s early but the age on our oline is going to dictate some change. Give them credit though, they have regrouped well.

  2. john coleman says:

    Let me also say that as of yet, Bright has not shown the ability of a starting OG. He has good strenght, but his movement is limited. Thus forcing a future move. I know Kosier is a free agent at season end. What is the contractual status of the rest of the oline? Also if they were to start working on it now, Brewster might be ready to play OG next year. What’s your early guess?

  3. Hey John,

    On game days, check out veetle.com. You can get live broadcasts of the Cowboys games in near-HD quality. It can lag when it gets crowded, but overall it is a great source.

  4. An as far as OG, I think Kosier will be gone next season. Bright performed really well in the preseason, but obviously never against first-teamers. I think they need to look at the position early in the draft, although I do think it is the No.1 spot they will look to upgrade via free agency.

  5. Mark Watkins says:

    Terrific analysis Jonathan. I have been wanting a site like this for the Cowboys that really focuses on strategy, play calling, etc. and I’m really happy to have stumbled upon it this year. I’ve been reading all of your posts weekly. Keep up the good work, please!

  6. Hey Mark,

    Thanks so much for the kind words and for reading. I’ll make sure to keep up the work.

  7. Jason Neighbors says:

    Apparently Witten played the entire 2nd half on the sprained knee, so I have no doubt he will be out there for Ten.

  8. Yeah, I’d have to agree. Hope Kosier can recover as well.

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