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NFL Week 2 Power Rankings: Saints Remain On Top

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Jonathan Bales

The Week Two Power Rankings are here, and there are some significant changes from the Week One Rankings.

Biggest Risers:  Washington, Kansas City (seven spots)

Biggest Faller:  New York Jets (seven spots)

1. New Orleans Saints; Last Week- 1

The Saints’ offense was stagnant after their first drive on Thursday night, but it is a good sign that the defense held the Vikings to just nine points.

2. Green Bay Packers; Last Week- 3

Clay Matthews was undoubtedly the defensive player of the week in the NFL.  He was all over the place against Philly, and that 3-4 defense is starting to gel.

3. Baltimore Ravens; Last Week-5

It wasn’t pretty against the Jets, but the Ravens will take it.  They’re used to winning games like that.

4. Houston Texans; Last Week- 8

The win over Indy was huge for this organization.  Now they have a tough road game in Washington before taking on the Cowboys.

5. New England Patriots; Last Week- 10

The Pats really dismantled Cincy in all three phases of the game, proving once again they are the most well-coached team in football.

6. Indianapolis Colts; Last Week- 4

The Colts would drop more than two spots, but a few teams ahead of them also lost to inferior opponents.

7. Minnesota Vikings; Last Week- 7

It’s a bad sign that the Vikings were only able to muster nine points in New Orleans.  They should be able to get back on track against Miami.

8. Dallas Cowboys; Last Week- 2

Simply a horrible loss in Washington.  The team shot itself in the foot so many times that they deserved to lose the game.

9. Pittsburgh Steelers; Last Week- 11

It will be really big for Pittsburgh to “steal” a few games like they did Sunday until Big Ben returns.

10. New York Giants; Last Week- 15

I probably underestimated the Giants in my initial power rankings, and now they have a leg up on Dallas in the NFC East.

11. San Diego Chargers; Last Week- 6

The Chargers uncontested reign over the AFC West is over.  The Chiefs are for real.

12. Miami Dolphins; Last Week- 14

The Dolphins looked awful in their win over the Bills.  There’s no way they’ll be able to compete with a team like New England if they continue to play that way.

13. Tennessee Titans; Last Week- 17

If you still think anyone other than Chris Johnson is the NFL’s best running back, you’re flat out wrong.  I’ve been saying it for awhile.

14. Washington Redskins; Last Week- 21

The ‘Skins take the biggest jump in the rankings by taking down the (previously) No. 2 team.  They are division contenders.

15. Kansas City Chiefs; Last Week- 22

The Chiefs are right there with Washington, as they showed their rookie class may be the NFL’s best.  Javier Arenas and Dexter McCluster are fun to watch.

16. New York Jets; Last Week- 9

The Jets’ defense will keep them in games, but without a downfield passing game, this is an 8-8 team.

17. San Francisco 49ers; Last Week- 12

The Niners should really drop even further for their loss to Seattle.  They were absolutely destroyed, and now they get the Saints on Monday night.

18. Cincinnati Bengals; Last Week- 13

Batman and Robin weren’t able to save the Bengals from trouble in New England.  A huge home contest with Baltimore lurks.

19. Atlanta Falcons; Last Week- 16

It is really disappointing for Atlanta that they couldn’t beat a Roethlisberger-less Steelers team.  They are fighting for a wild card spot at this point.

20. Philadelphia Eagles; Last Week- 18

Why does Philly only drop one spot?  Because as long as Kevin Kolb is out, they have a legitimate shot at winning.

21. Chicago Bears; Last Week- 20

The Bears don’t move at all because, although they “beat” the Lions, they really didn’t deserve to win.  Mike Martz will prove again this year he’s the king of significantly improving an offense at the cost of the defense.

22. Seattle Seahawks; Last Week- 27

I’m still not sold on Seattle, but they are always a division contender in the NFC West.  At the very least, they have a veteran quarterback.

23. Arizona Cardinals; Last Week- 25

That was one of the ugliest wins you’ll ever see.  The Cards are not a good football team right now.

24. Jacksonville Jaguars; Last Week- 28

I will be more sold on the Jags if they can go into San Diego this week and pull out another win.  The Chargers are going to be an angry football team.

25. Oakland Raiders; Last Week- 19

Maybe I was wrong on Oakland. . .

26. Carolina Panthers; Last Week- 23

The Jimmy Clausen era could begin sooner than expected.  Matt Moore made bad decision after bad decision against the Giants on Sunday.

27. Denver Broncos; Last Week- 24

Josh McDaniels seems to have no overarching strategy in Denver.  He’s probably best as an offensive coordinator.

28. Tampa Bay Bucs; Last Week- 29

A win over the Browns is nothing to get too excited over, but at least Tampa Bay is on the right track.  They have a chance to start 2-0 with a match-up against the Panthers this week.

29. Detroit Lions; Last Week- 26

Detroit deserved to win in Chicago on Sunday.  Just as this team was headed up, it appears Matthew Stafford will be out for 6-8 weeks.  What a blow.

30. St. Louis Rams; Last Week- 31

St. Louis probably found their quarterback of the future, but they’re still a bad football team.  I feel sorry for Steven Jackson.

31. Cleveland Browns; Last Week- 30

When Jake Delhomme is a significant upgrade at your quarterback spot, you know you’re a terrible football team.

32. Buffalo Bills; Last Week 32

Buffalo held in there longer than I expected against Miami.  Let’s see how long they’ll hold the No. 32 spot.


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3 Responses to NFL Week 2 Power Rankings: Saints Remain On Top

  1. Tony Knowshins says:

    philly went from 18 to 20…. but you said they dropped one spot?

  2. Thanks for pointing that out Toeknee. I actually missed a number and when I changed them I forgot to alter the clip about Philly.

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