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NFL Week 3 Power Rankings: The Cowboys Take a Fall

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Jonathan Bales

Biggest Riser:  Cincinnati Bengals (eight spots)

Biggest Faller:  Dallas Cowboys (13 spots)


1. New Orleans Saints (2-0); Last Week- 1

It wasn’t pretty last night, but good teams find a way to win.

2. Green Bay Packers (2-0); Last Week- 2

I have the Packers at No. 2, but that’s only out of respect for the undefeated World Champs.  I secretly think Green Bay is the NFL’s best team.

3. Houston Texans (2-0); Last Week- 4

The Texans are for real.  As they showed on Sunday, they can overcome pretty much any deficit at any moment.

4. Indianapolis Colts (1-1); Last Week- 6

You know Peyton Manning would get Indy back on track, especially against his ‘lil bro.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers (2-0); Last Week- 9

The Steelers have to be thrilled sitting at 2-0, with just two games left before Big Ben returns.  If they can steal one more win before then, they’ll be in prime position.

6. San Diego Chargers (1-1); Last Week- 11

I don’t think the Chargers have played like the NFL’s sixth-best team, but so many teams ahead of them have gone down.

7. Baltimore Ravens (1-1); Last Week-3

Baltimore’s inability to score has to be concerning for a team whose defense, while stout, isn’t what it used to be.

8. Miami Dolphins (2-0); Last Week- 12

Chad Henne is the new Trent Dilfer–don’t make any big mistakes, watch your defense play well, and find a way to just win ball games.

9. New England Patriots (1-1); Last Week- 5

Are the Patriots a team filled with cerebral, savvy vets, or just an old squad that will break down in December?  We’ll find out.

10. Cincinnati Bengals (1-1); Last Week- 18

The Bengals needed a win over Baltimore, or else they would have gone two games down behind both the Ravens and Pittsburgh.  They’re back on track now.

11. New York Jets (1-1); Last Week- 16

Talk about Jekyll and Hyde: the Jets’ offense sure is fluky.  Braylon Edwards got arrested for DWI this morning too.

12. New York Giants (1-1); Last Week- 10

The Giants got creamed against the Colts and now Brandon Jacobs reportedly wants out of New York.  Please, Jerry Reese, don’t trade him.

13. Chicago Bears (2-0); Last Week- 21

I’m still not high on the Bears, but they certainly deserved to win against the Cowboys on Sunday.

14. Minnesota Vikings (0-2); Last Week- 7

You can’t help but wonder if Brett Favre is regretting his decision to return.

15. Washington Redskins (1-1); Last Week- 14

The Redskins have to be heartbroken after blowing a 17-point lead in a game that would have given them sole position of first place in the NFC East.

16. Kansas City Chiefs (2-0); Last Week- 15

The Chiefs actually drop a spot after squeaking by a very poor Browns team.

17. Atlanta Falcons (1-1); Last Week- 19

With a lot of the top dogs in the NFC faltering to open the season, the Falcons are in a good position to make a run at a Wild Card berth.

18. Philadelphia Eagles (1-1); Last Week- 20

No quarterback controversy in Philly?  Yeah right.

19. Tennessee Titans (1-1); Last Week- 13

If teams shut down CJ2K, the Titans become one of the league’s least dynamic offenses.

20. San Francisco 49ers (0-2); Last Week- 17

The Niners played really well last night despite losing to New Orleans.  I liked Alex Smith’s leadership.

21. Dallas Cowboys (0-2); Last Week- 8

I had the Cowboys at No. 2 in the preseason.  Two weeks later, there’s panic and Dallas.  They have their backs against the wall and this week’s game in Houston is huge for them.

22. Oakland Raiders (1-1); Last Week- 25

Darren McFadden provided a breakout performance for Oakland, but their future doesn’t look bright with Jason Campbell already benched in Week Two.

23. Denver Broncos (1-1); Last Week- 27

The Broncos have to be happy to be playing in a division that’s truly up-for-grabs.  I think they’re the worst team in it, though.

24. Tampa Bay Bucs (2-0); Last Week- 28

The Bucs may have their quarterback of the future and everything is rosy in Tampa right now.  This team is still a few years away, though.

25. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-1); Last Week- 24

I’d be shocked if the Jags reach eight wins on the season.

26. Seattle Seahawks (1-1); Last Week- 22

Can we all agree the Seahawks’ Week One performance was a fluke?

27. Detroit Lions (0-2); Last Week- 29

The Lions jump up two spots after a loss because, after years of despair, they are finally improving.

28. Arizona Cardinals (1-1); Last Week- 23

If the Cardinals’ recent performance wasn’t evidence enough that Kurt Warner should eventually be in the Hall of Fame, nothing is.

29. Carolina Panthers (0-2); Last Week- 26

Jimmy Clausen will start in Week Three for Carolina.  Any bets on how long it will take Steve Smith to scream at him?

30. St. Louis Rams (0-2); Last Week- 30

Sam Bradford has been painfully close to grabbing his first NFL victory, and he’ll have a good shot at doing so over the next three weeks as well with games against Washington, Seattle, and Detroit.

31. Cleveland Browns (0-2); Last Week- 31

The Browns simply aren’t the same team without Jake Delhomme at quarterback. . .they’re much better.

32. Buffalo Bills (0-2); Last Week 32

Three weeks and counting.

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3 Responses to NFL Week 3 Power Rankings: The Cowboys Take a Fall

  1. ray moore says:

    Correct me if im wrong but we the Dallas Cowboys have the best 3 running backs in the league!! sooooooo… why do they not get the ball in the 2nd have of any game?

  2. john coleman says:

    The Saints are the squeak by kings. However that is the mark of a good team. I agree with GB and your thinking. Aaron Rodgers is as good as any QB in the league and nobody has been able to block Clay Matthews for two years. He is a BEAST. I could write a page and a half on this list and why. I’m not sold on the Steelers just yet. If Troy gets hurt they are toast. It’s amazing that one guy impacts a whole unit like he does. BTW I think you should email this to Wade and Jason. Who knows maybe this start and firestorm will ignite our team. But I agree 21st is good for now.

  3. Yeah I listed Matthews pretty highly in my ranking of the top players in the league. He’s been insane this year….and I HATE to put the ‘Boys this low. I don’t REALLY think they’re the 21st best team of course, but they’ve played like it, or worse.

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