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NFL Week 4 Power Rankings: Atlanta Falcons on the Move

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Biggest Riser:  Atlanta Falcons (11 spots)

Biggest Faller:  San Diego Chargers (12 spots)


1. New Orleans Saints (2-1); Last Week- 1

The Saints remain at No. 1 for me even after losing to Atlanta because, quite simply, I still think they’re the best team in football.

2. Indianapolis Colts (2-1); Last Week- 4

The Colts may have jumped to the top spot in other rankings, but I don’t think their defense is even as good as that of New Orleans.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers (3-0); Last Week- 5

Mike Tomlin has to be the early favorite for Coach of the Year.  What he’s done in Pittsburgh is incredible.

4. Green Bay Packers (2-1); Last Week- 2

The Packer still ranked ahead of Chicago even after losing?  Well, they probably would have won that game if it was in Green Bay, and I think they win seven out of 10 match-ups at a neutral site.

5. Chicago Bears (3-0); Last Week- 13

What a difference Brian Urlacher makes to Da Bears’ defense.  He’s still an asshole, though.

6. Atlanta Falcons (2-1); Last Week- 17

Even though the Saints missed a “gimme” field goal in OT, the Falcons deserved to win the football game.

7. Baltimore Ravens (2-1); Last Week-7

The Ravens were lucky to hold on against the Browns.  They were my preseason pick to win the AFC but aren’t inspiring much confidence in me right now.

8. New York Jets (2-1); Last Week- 11

The Jets seem to be back on track after looking miserable in Week One, and they didn’t even get Santonio Holmes back yet.

9. Houston Texans (2-1); Last Week- 3

I think the Texans had an off-day against Dallas, although their defense really needs to step up if they want to contend for the playoffs.

10. New England Patriots (2-1); Last Week- 9

The Pats barely hung on against the Bills, but it doesn’t really matter how you win ’em.

11. Cincinnati Bengals (2-1); Last Week- 10

I don’t know what to think about the Bengals.  As long as they’re winning, though, we shouldn’t hear too much from either Batman or Robin.

12. Philadelphia Eagles (2-1); Last Week- 18

Cowboys fans: this is the NFC East team which should scare you most.  Vick’s style of play is a match-up nightmare for Dallas.

13. Miami Dolphins (2-1); Last Week- 8

The Dolphins had a shot to win in the final seconds on Sunday night but Henne couldn’t deliver.  He’ll do what is necessary to improve in the future.

14. Kansas City Chiefs (3-0); Last Week- 16

The Chiefs now have a two-game lead on the rest of the AFC West, including a win over San Diego.

15. Tennessee Titans (2-1); Last Week- 19

Are the Titans really worse than the Chiefs?  Well, Tennessee (at least theoretically) can be made one-dimensional.  That dimension (CJ2K) might just be so good it doesn’t matter, though.

16. Dallas Cowboys (1-2); Last Week- 21

Huge win for the ‘Boys, but it was only one game.  They need to show that kind of intensity each week.

17. Minnesota Vikings (1-2); Last Week- 14

I’m not sure how the Vikings won and dropped three spots, but beating the Lions doesn’t prove much of anything.

18. San Diego Chargers (1-2); Last Week- 6

The Chargers are notoriously slow starters, but one of these seasons it is going to come back to haunt them.  With the Chiefs rolling, this may be just that year.

19. New York Giants (1-2); Last Week- 12

We are finally seeing what a lucky Super Bowl victory was able to conceal: Tom Coughlin is a poor football coach.

20. Seattle Seahawks (2-1); Last Week- 26

What is up with Seattle?  Trust me when I say they aren’t a good football team.

21. Arizona Cardinals (2-1); Last Week- 28

See Seattle Seahawks.

22. Washington Redskins (1-2); Last Week- 15

Washington’s recent play makes the Cowboys’ Week One defeat that much more unbearable.

23. San Francisco 49ers (0-3); Last Week- 20

Looks like my preseason NFC West champ could be my mid-season favorite to obtain the No. 1 overall pick in next year’s draft.

24. Denver Broncos (1-2); Last Week- 23

A loss to Indy won’t drop them much.  The Broncos are lucky San Diego has the same record, although it probably won’t matter.

25. Tampa Bay Bucs (2-1); Last Week- 24

The Bucs are about to come flying back down to reality.

26. Oakland Raiders (1-2); Last Week- 22

What dumbass picked Oakland to make the playoffs this season?  Oh. . .crap.

27. St. Louis Rams (1-2); Last Week- 30

St. Louis has played well enough to be 2-1, or even 3-0.  Who would have thought Sam Bradford would be so effective so early?

28. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-2); Last Week- 25

I feel so bad but Maurice Jones-Drew, but you never hear him complain.  Actually, you never hear much of anything out of Jacksonville.

29. Detroit Lions (0-3); Last Week- 27

Just when it looks like Detroit is improving, they get off to another 0-3 start.  At least they’re fun to watch now.

30. Carolina Panthers (0-3); Last Week- 29

At least the Panthers’ strong running game can eat enough clock to keep them in some ballgames.

31. Cleveland Browns (0-3); Last Week- 31

Cleveland is the only team I think has a legitimate shot to compete with Buffalo to go 0-16.

32. Buffalo Bills (0-3); Last Week 32

The Bills actually played pretty well on Sunday, but they cut Trent Edwards on Monday.  How do you release your opening day starting quarterback after Week Three?

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4 Responses to NFL Week 4 Power Rankings: Atlanta Falcons on the Move

  1. Omar says:

    “how do you release your opening day starting quarter back Week 3”

    Because it’s Trent Edwards…they may as well see if they can find someone to play decently for them until they find a draft prospect that they like.

  2. john coleman says:

    Here we go. I would have to move Pittsburgh to #1. Then NO, Indy, and so on. The Bears must be the luckiest team in the league. Also before I go any further let me explain about Pittsburgh. Their defense has been absolutely dominant. Furthermore, Batch must be taking an iv dose of Ensure. What they have done is incredible and I hate it. However, IMO they are playing better than anybody as of right now and the Saints lost. Since they have lost, I can once again say they were not the best team in the NFC last year. Take away the turnovers and the NFC Championship game is a laugher. What a difference a year makes! Minnesota is nowhere close to what they were. That may change when and if Rice returns. I agree with most all of the rest. IMO, and I really hate to say this, Philly is the scariest offense in the league as of right now. Note I said AS OF RIGHT NOW. I still think if you keep him in the pocket and keep pressure in his face the old Vick will reappear. You can see he still wants to take off running. Also nobody has kept them from hitting the deep ball as we did last year. Simply put he is a younger version of McNabb. This weeks matchup should be a good one. I would love to see Laron Landry lay the wood to Vick. With Philly in mind we must also consider the defenses and teams they have played and it hasn’t got cold yet either. Same thing with other teams such as KC. Although Cremmell and Weiss have certainly created some magic and KC was improving last year. Your boy McCluster has been impressive too. I’m also not sold on the Jets yet and don’t sleep on Miami. San Diego won’t continue to play like they are playing either. I still don’t think they are a top ten team. Several more like NE, Houston, and Washington are playing poorly on defense. It is amazing how much things change from year to year with marginal roster changes.

  3. Yeah…I think you see the huge changes from marginal roster moves as evidence of randomness in football. A “true” 8-8 team can easily be 10-6 or 11-5 in any given year.

    I agree Philly is scary right now. Keeping Vick in the pocket is key, but that is far easier said than done.

    And of course McCluster is killing it. I loved drafting Dez Bryant, but a little bit of me was sad that I knew McCluster was eliminated from Dallas’ radar.

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