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Playing with injuries: Should Sean Lee have spoken up about his hamstring?

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In case you missed it, Cowboys rookie linebacker Sean Lee injured his hamstring early in last week’s game, but played through the pain for the rest of the game.  The question is whether he was displaying “toughness” that every football player must exemplify, or if he was just being dumb.

I love Sean Lee’s attitude, but in my opinion, it was the latter.  There’s a time to play through pain–when you’re hurt.  There’s a time to take yourself out of the game–when you’re injured.  See, there’s a difference between being hurt and injured, and Lee needs to learn it.  A hurt player can mentally overcome the pain and still play up to his ability.  An injured player is going to hurt his football team.

So while Lee thought he was doing the right thing by being a tough guy on Sunday night, he was really being a bonehead.  Lee needs to realize he has a long career ahead of him (hopefully), and risking the health of his hamstring in an effort that actually ultimately hurt his football team isn’t the right way to get it started.

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