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The Blonde Side: Phi Kappa Cowboys

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The Blonde Side
By: Amber Leigh Hartman

Phi Kappa Cowboys

We all heard about the drama during Dallas Cowboys training camp when rookie Dez Bryant refused to carry the shoulder pads of veteran receiver Roy Williams.

While other rookies were busy getting unusual haircuts, completing embarrassing tasks and taking command from their veteran teammates, Bryant chose to separate himself from the team and make football an individual sport.

Though the No. 1 draft pick ultimately paid his dues when teammates slapped him with a $55k bill for a team dinner, shouldn’t he have been more willing to “earn” his spot on the team earlier in the season?

The Cowboys are a fraternity, and fraternities are known for their extreme initiation tactics.  Most members are proud to submit to the experience to gain acceptance with their “brothers.”  Sometimes teams can take initiations to unacceptable extremes to which no person should succumb.  However, when it’s all fun and games, everyone should earn their stripes!

Major League Baseball teams often prank their rookie players or even guys new guys recently traded to the team.  Several teams make new pitchers in the bullpen carry a princess pink backpack for the season until relieved by a newer player into the year.

The Texas Rangers are known for their team-first attitude, and all players participate in rookie inductions, foam pies to the face during live media interviews after a game, and other random pranks in the clubhouse.  Their team pride and dedication helped them win the AL West and made the experience even more enjoyable for fans to watch.

From baseball to frat boys, all new members make the effort to truly devote themselves and show respect to the veterans in order to understand the true meaning of “brotherhood.”

I’m glad Dez decided to man up!  Every player should pay their dues and be PROUD to be part of the Phi Kappa COWBOYS!


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