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Week 5 NFL Power Rankings: Concern in Indy? | The DC Times

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Week 5 NFL Power Rankings: Concern in Indy?

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Biggest Risers: San Diego Chargers, New York Giants (Seven spots)

Biggest Faller: Chicago Bears (Eight spots)


1. New Orleans Saints (3-1); Last Week- 1

New Orleans only squeaked by the Panthers at home, but who would really steal their top spot?

2. Green Bay Packers (3-1); Last Week- 4

The Packers are ranked at No. 2 but I have less confidence in my preseason Super Bowl champ now than in the start of the year.

3. Baltimore Ravens (3-1); Last Week-7

My preseason AFC champion won a big one in Pittsburgh on Sunday, but their fortunes could change once Ben Roethlisberger returns.

4. New York Jets (3-1); Last Week- 8

The Jets’ defense and running game is going to keep them in every contest.  Still, I think they’re going to need to fight to make the playoffs.

5. Atlanta Falcons (3-1); Last Week- 6

The Falcons are a balanced football team that, in my opinion, is more suited for a long postseason run than some of the teams ahead of them in these rankings.

6. Pittsburgh Steelers (3-1); Last Week- 3

The Steelers aren’t going to drop much simply because they had a tremendous shot at beating Baltimore without their starting quarterback.

7. New England Patriots (3-1); Last Week- 10

Touchdowns five different ways last night in Miami.  Can we all admit the Pats are the best-coached team in the league?

8. Houston Texans (3-1); Last Week- 9

I’m still not sure if the Cowboys looked that good in their victory over Houston in Week Three or if the Texans are a bit overrated.

9. Indianapolis Colts (2-2); Last Week- 2

Wow.  Peyton Manning is so good because he wins the games he is supposed to win.  Sunday’s loss in Jacksonville was shocking.  Super Bowl hangover?

10. Kansas City Chiefs (3-0); Last Week- 14

I feel confident that after Kansas City’s Week Five matchup with Indy, there won’t be any undefeated teams left in the NFL.

11. San Diego Chargers (2-2); Last Week- 18

The Jekyll and Hyde Chargers are just one of a bunch of NFL teams who haven’t performed up to expectations this season, but they demolished Arizona this week.

12. New York Giants (2-2); Last Week- 19

Depending on your perspective, the Giants won either the ugliest game in league history, or an awesome defensive battle.  Either way, they’re in a three-way tie for first in the NFC East.

13. Chicago Bears (3-1); Last Week- 5

The Bears’ loss Sunday night just makes their win over the Cowboys that much more heart-breaking.

14. Dallas Cowboys (1-2); Last Week- 16

The bad. . .the Cowboys are in last place in the NFC East.  The good. . .they’re now just a win back of being in the lead.

15. Minnesota Vikings (1-2); Last Week- 17

The Vikings’ Monday night game against the Jets this week is a pivotal moment in their season.

16. Washington Redskins (2-2); Last Week- 22

I found myself rooting for the Redskins in Philly on Sunday, but now it’s back to hating them.

17. Cincinnati Bengals (2-2); Last Week- 11

The Bengals don’t seem to have an identity on offense.  They’re going to have some trouble catching Pittsburgh and Baltimore–two teams that, as of right now, are clearly superior.

18. Philadelphia Eagles (2-2); Last Week- 12

I still think the Eagles (once Vick returns) are the Cowboys’ top competition within the division.  They won’t win many games if Kevin Kolb is at quarterback, though.

19. Miami Dolphins (2-2); Last Week- 13

Rough night for Chad Henne.  They are in trouble in a loaded AFC East.

20. Denver Broncos (2-2); Last Week- 24

The Broncos did the Cowboys a favor in taking down the Titans in a hard-fought game this week.  Now, they need to catch Kansas City.

21. Tennessee Titans (2-2); Last Week- 15

The Titans’ are one-dimensional on offense.  That dimension is really good, but I think the Cowboys match up well with them.

22. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-2); Last Week- 28

How the hell did the Jags beat Indy?  They are a far worse team and probably only win one-in-twenty against the Colts.

23. St. Louis Rams (2-2); Last Week- 27

The Rams may have found something here in Sam Bradford.  Anything is possible in the NFC West.

24. Seattle Seahawks (2-2); Last Week- 20

The Seahawks have now taken down San Fran and San Diego, but lost to Denver and St. Louis.  Who knows?

25. Arizona Cardinals (2-2); Last Week- 21

I told you last week this team wasn’t as good as their then 2-1 record.  They could win the division with a sub-.500 record.

26. Tampa Bay Bucs (2-1); Last Week- 25

I’m not sure how the Bucs fell a spot after a bye, but it’s probably because I’m just not yet a believer.  I do like Josh Freeman, though.

27. San Francisco 49ers (0-4); Last Week- 23

Want a bold prediction?  The 0-4 Niners will win the NFC West.  I promise they’re the best team.

28. Oakland Raiders (1-3); Last Week- 26

I will not pick Oakland to make the playoffs ever again.  I will not pick Oakland to make the playoffs ever again.

29. Cleveland Browns (1-3); Last Week- 31

The first win is always the most difficult.  Of course, the second win is still pretty difficult if you’re Cleveland.

30. Detroit Lions (0-4); Last Week- 29

The Lions are the most exciting 0-4 team of all-time.

31. Carolina Panthers (0-4); Last Week- 30

The Panthers showed nice fight in New Orleans, but what the helllllllll were they doing at the end of the game? Worst clock management I’ve ever seen.

32. Buffalo Bills (0-4); Last Week 32

Jake Locker, Ryan Mallett, or Andrew Luck?  Or how about another running back?

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4 Responses to Week 5 NFL Power Rankings: Concern in Indy?

  1. Breton says:

    Okay, I take serious issue with the logic of these rankings (though Power Rankings would seem to be an entirely illogical process anyway).

    So let me get this straight, Pittsburgh loses a VERY CLOSE division game in the FINAL MINUTE of a game that they almost had in the bag (sound familiar to anyone?).

    Despite being the better team last week (according to these rankings, anyway), they have dropped 3 slots after BARELY losing to a divisional rival without their starting quarterback (who they get back. This week. Week 5. These are Week 5 power rankings. So they improve by adding their Franchise Quarterback, the 2nd-best player on their team, and they move DOWN).

    Baltimore, by contrast, BARELY beat their division rival, needing last-minute heroics to do so. They BARELY beat a team that didn’t even have a top 25 starting quarterback (I think I would take Charlie Batch over Matt Cassel and some others). And they shoot up 4 slots.

    You know what I think Power Rankings are? A team at spot 15 is more likely than not going to lose if they play a team ranked 1-14 in a head-to-head game. They are more likely than not going to win if they play a team ranked 16-32.

    That being said, let’s go back to my Pittsburgh issue. They STIFLED the Falcons. The Falcons who have squeaked by two opponents (this week they had the game lost if not for a miracle play by Roddy White that doesn’t happen 9 times out of 10). Had Roddy White not forced a turnover, you probably would have moved them down 10 slots for losing to an 0-3 team, right? But no, they squeak by a team playing poorly and they shoot up past the Steelers. The team that made them look terrible in week one. The team that they lost to 3 weeks ago. The team that didn’t have it’s top-5 quarterback leading the team. The team with the most dominant and terrifying defense in the NFL.

    You have the Atlanta Falcons, who lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers, ranked above (who else) the Pittsburgh Steelers.

    I hate Power Rankings that are just knee-jerk reactions to the W-L column. That seems to be pretty much all you’ve got going here.

    Actually, I’m gonna rant some more. The Chiefs are terrible! They are about equitable with the Seahawks in terms of game-by-game level of play, but because they won two miracle games off of fluky special teams plays and a once-a-game run, and suddenly they are a top-10 nfl team? If i had it, I would literally bet $1000 that the Chiefs would finish with a Top-10 PICK IN THE DRAFT than finish as a top-10 team in the league.

    Base rankings off of how GOOD A TEAM ACTUALLY IS, not whether they win a game.

    FOR GOD’S SAKE THE COWBOYS ARE 14 TO THE CHIEFS 10? If they played 100 times, I would bet on the Cowboys to beat them all 100. I’m not saying they would win all 100, but I think I would still win 90 of those bets. At least.

    Anyway, love everything else about your site. Just not how you do your rankings. You pride yourself on objective statistical analysis.

    Consider these statistics: Matt Cassel is averaging 165 passing yards, 1.3 TD’s, and 1 INT per game. He is completing 54.5% of his passes. His rating is 75.4, and he’ll probably finish the year lower than that. ARRRRGHGHH

  2. Thanks for visiting the site and your comment. I don’t think dropping the Steelers three spots is too much at all. The Ravens won the game in Pittsburgh, and although the Steelers didn’t have Roethlisberger, history shows starting QBs are only “worth” about 4 points to their teams. Roeth is an above average QB, but I’d actually label Batch a slightly above average backup.

    Bookies generally claim that home field advantage is about a 3 point advantage (although each case is obviously different). All in all, I actually think the home field advantage and lack of Roeth come close to negating one another, meaning the teams were playing on near-equal terms. I do think Baltimore is the better team.

  3. john coleman says:

    Nice debate Breton. As far as the rankings go I would agree with what I see. Some of the positions and amount of movement are a little suspect. However, in my view all that can be used is wins and losses and how convincingly they play. Competition has a bearing but is also suspect. For example, I personally feel Dallas is the equal of any team in the league, but based on performance, I would be kidding myself to put them at one. This early power rankings are like the college polls, useless. Moving on. I think the #2 and #3 teams are convincing win and another NO close game from overtaking them. NO is clearly not playing well or overrated. Still no team has clearly stepped up. I will say that the Ravens and especially Flacco took a giant step in beating their arch rival. I for one don’t think Rothlesberger will make a huge difference as the Steeler have played very well. Polamalu is clearly more important to that team than Big Ben. Also give Batch credit, I think he played admirably. Their are plenty more that IMO are playing above their heads or under them. I’m still not sold on the Jets and Sanchez. Something about the name Sanchez that just doesn’t ring with Superbowl. Seriously he is still very inconsistent. Several more teams are in the carried by their QB mode. The Colts, Chargers, and Eagles to name a few. The defenseless, Vickless, Eagles are very overrated by the NFL Network crew. It’s not about no McNabb but about no defense. The Colts and Chargers have similar problems with suspect D’s and no running game. Other teams like the Falcons have to beat another good team before I jump onboard. Ah yes, let’s talk Giants. All of those sacks how impressive or not. Dallas was within a single footstep of a very similar result. They have to perform against a good team as well. A Cutlerless Bears team is also very underwhelming. Even with Cutler he must have good days, for them to win. Martz is Houdini reincarnated. The Chiefs are last years Broncos and primed for a collapse. They do have some impressive young playmakers though and a great coaching staff. With all of that said, it’s still about who got it done last week. BTW do the Boys get points for gaining ground while being idle.

  4. That’s exactly my feeling. . .the rankings have to be like a poll or else there would be little movement. If I went from my thoughts on talent level, I’d probably have the ‘Boys at No. 1 or just behind. But how can you really put them there after their start? I can use preseason thoughts to an extent, but the majority of these rankings have to be what I’ve seen so far this season.

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