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Week 6 NFL Power Rankings: Ravens Grab the Top Spot | The DC Times

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Week 6 NFL Power Rankings: Ravens Grab the Top Spot

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Biggest Riser:  Tennessee Titans (eight spots)

Biggest Faller: New Orleans Saints (six spots)


1. Baltimore Ravens (4-1); Last Week-3

The Ravens take the top spot over the Jets because 1. they beat them and 2. they have a more dynamic offense.

2. New York Jets (4-1); Last Week- 4

If Mark Sanchez plays well enough to force opposing safeties to play deep (as he did last night), the Jets’ running game can take over ballgames.

3. Atlanta Falcons (4-1); Last Week- 5

If it wasn’t for a close loss to Pittsburgh, Atlanta would probably be at the top of this list.  The way things are playing out in the NFC, they have a tremendous shot at home-field advantage.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers (3-1); Last Week- 6

Can’t wait to see Big Ben back in action next week.  He’ll be playing a really good college team called the Cleveland Browns.

5. New England Patriots (3-1); Last Week- 7

I think the Pats are going to find initial struggles in moving the football without Randy Moss outside, particularly against Baltimore next week.

6. Green Bay Packers (3-2); Last Week- 2

What a horrible loss for Green Bay.  They controlled that game until the fourth quarter, but now they’re 3-2 with both losses coming within the NFC.

7. New Orleans Saints (3-2); Last Week- 1

Maybe the Saints should drop more for losing to Arizona, but I think this team will get back on track once Reggie Bush returns.  He really is the key to their offense.

8. Indianapolis Colts (3-2); Last Week- 9

The Chiefs gave Indy a run for their money, but you know Peyton wasn’t going to let this team get to 2-3.

9. New York Giants (3-2); Last Week- 12

The NFC East is so wide open it’s crazy.  The G-Men should find themselves at 4-2 after next week’s home contest versus Detroit.

10. Chicago Bears (4-1); Last Week- 12

The big question is, with the Bears’ porous offensive line and great defense, is Todd Collins actually better for Chicago than Jay Cutler?

11. Houston Texans (3-2); Last Week- 8

Until the Texans fix their defensive woes, they won’t make the playoffs.  Plus, you can tell something is wrong with Andre Johnson.

12. Philadelphia Eagles (3-2); Last Week- 18

The Eagles almost blew the Sunday night game in San Fran but held on for the win.  Kevin Kolb looks like he’ll get another start this weekend against Atlanta.

13. Tennessee Titans (3-2); Last Week- 21

I claimed the Titans are one-dimensional.  Well, this one-dimensional team just lit up the Cowboys through the air en route to a big-time win.

14. Washington Redskins (3-2); Last Week- 16

The ‘Skins were dominated all day by Green Bay and found a way to win.  It seemed quite similar to their matchup with Dallas in Week One.

15. Kansas City Chiefs (3-1); Last Week- 10

The Chiefs really played well defensively in Indy.  A big play here or there may have changed the outcome of that one.

16. San Diego Chargers (2-3); Last Week- 11

I told you that you can never know what to expect from San Diego, and this week’s loss to Oakland proves that.  The Chargers will need another late-season comeback.

17. Minnesota Vikings (1-3); Last Week- 15

Favre almost pulled some magic last night in New York. . .soon he’ll need to do the same with his wife.

18. Dallas Cowboys (1-3); Last Week- 14

The good thing for Dallas is they are still only one game out in the loss column.  The bad news is they’re playing like crap.

19. Miami Dolphins (2-2); Last Week- 19

Henne and the ‘Phins don’t change spots after a bye and look to get back on track next week in Green Bay.

20. Tampa Bay Bucs (3-1); Last Week- 26

The Bucs have found something in Josh Freeman, and they may be a legitimate threat to win a Wild Card spot.

21. Cincinnati Bengals (2-3); Last Week- 17

A loss to Tampa Bay at home confirms it: the Bengals were overrated in the preseason.

22. Arizona Cardinals (3-2); Last Week- 25

The Cardinals look to be at their best with undrafted rookie Max Hall at quarterback.  I’ve never really seen a team have some much early confidence in an undrafted rookie passer.

23. Jacksonville Jaguars (3-2); Last Week- 22

The Jags are one of the worst 3-2 teams I’ve ever seen.  There’s no way they’ll finish the season above .500.

24. Oakland Raiders (2-3); Last Week- 28

With Kansas City going down and Oakland defeating San Diego, anything could happen in the AFC West.

25. Seattle Seahawks (2-2); Last Week- 24

Seattle visits Chicago next week, and they should probably be hoping Jay Cutler is at quarterback.  Anyone want to pick up Seattle’s defense in fantasy?

26. Denver Broncos (2-3); Last Week- 20

A tough start to the season will get even more difficult next week as the Jets come to town.

27. St. Louis Rams (2-3); Last Week- 23

I actually picked the Rams to win on Sunday in Detroit.  Woops.

28. San Francisco 49ers (0-5); Last Week- 27

I’ll say it again: this is one of the better winless teams I’ve ever seen.  I still think they have a chance to win the NFC West.

29. Detroit Lions (1-4); Last Week- 30

Nothing like a good Lions-Rams matchup to get the blood flowing.  Detroit will come back to reality this week against the Giants.

30. Cleveland Browns (1-4); Last Week- 29

Colt McCoy is going to start this week for the Browns in Pittsburgh.  I hope this one is on TV.

31. Carolina Panthers (0-5); Last Week- 31

When you lose by 17 to a Todd Collins-led team, you know things are bad.

32. Buffalo Bills (0-5); Last Week 32

Nothing to add.


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4 Responses to Week 6 NFL Power Rankings: Ravens Grab the Top Spot

  1. john coleman says:

    Isn’t it interesting that three of the first four are serious defensive teams. It also seems that teams who have the QBs throwing for 400 yards have the wrong recipe. Also NO is proof positive of what turnover margin does. They could easily be 1-4. We will find out about Atlanta or Philly this week.

  2. moses says:

    I think that the Cowboys had too many experiments going:
    only 3 corners
    a strong legged inaccurate kicker
    Alan Ball at S
    an aging and often injured OL

    with a good K, I think there would have been at least 1 more W.
    In games against Wash, Chi and the Titans; the missed FG could have been the difference.

  3. John–I think the greatest recipe for success is. . .be boring! Be good at everything and versatile, and you can find multiple ways to win. It isn’t an offensive league, it isn’t a defensive league. . .it is a league where good all-around teams win games (now people’s definition of ‘good’ might differ depending on which stats they consider to be most vital).

  4. Good point. I think Dallas became overconfident in their ability to make personnel decisions, disregarding that such moves are based on probability and not certainty. Even if each move you listed above has a 75% chance of working, we’d still expect 1 or 2 of them to fail.

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