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A Quick Note to Coach Wade Phillips

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Coach Phillips,

Thank you.  I know you aren’t the most popular guy in Dallas right now, but know that a lot of fans appreciate everything you did during your time in Dallas.  We appreciate the 34-20 record, the first division title and playoff win in years, and, of course, beating the Eagles three times last season.

You aren’t a poor coach–just not the right coach for this Cowboys team right now.  Media have criticized you for being too soft on the players, but realize that there are those of us out there that respect your style and appreciate that you always protected the players. You took the blame, and the players loved you for that.

It’s easy to kick someone when they’re down, but it takes a true fan–a loyal fan– to support their coach when things don’t go as planned. As far as I’m concerned, you’ve earned your place as an official part of the Dallas Cowboys family.

The media calls you “Wade,” but you’ll always be “Coach Phillips” to me.

Good luck Coach.

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12 Responses to A Quick Note to Coach Wade Phillips

  1. Jon says:

    Here Here!!

  2. craig kocay says:

    Yes JB,

    Thank you for taking the unpopular stand

  3. Kay Knox says:

    Well said! We’ll miss you, Coach!

  4. Brett says:

    Right on point!

  5. Omar says:

    I for one, won’t miss the team being terribly unprepared for easy opponents and big games. Nor will miss the team quitting.

  6. Mark Watkins says:

    You know, I think Wade is a great guy and obviously knows a lot about football. But I just never saw him as a great leader of men, the kind of guy that players would bust their asses for. And I don’t feel like he was enough of a taskmaster and detail oriented enough to keep them on the right track. When he said that they neglected working on the fundamentals, that really cemented in my mind the fact that he really isn’t head coach material. I do wish him the best in his next gig as an OC or college coach or wherever he might go.

  7. Agree totally Mark. Appreciate what he did here, but it was indeed time to move on.

  8. john coleman says:

    It’s unfortunate that he trusted Pro’s to be Pro’s and they chose to be otherwise. I honestly believe Jerry really liked Wade as well. I think Jerry was cut to the bone by players quitting. I also think Jerry let them know that their slack donkeys cost a man his job. That their actions produced consequences on another. Wade Phillips is a quality human being I believe and it is a shame he lost the team. I think it is just a natural tendancy for most people to take all the rope that is allowed and eventually someone gets hung.

  9. chris stallcup says:

    jerry sees there are many players that arent playing, and from what i hear he isnt afraid of cutting players that isnt giving good effort.

  10. We’ll see if Jerry follows through like he said he would. The players, particularly on defense, must feel awful about losing Wade. I do think we’ll see a more aggressive defense from here on out. Better? I don’t know.

  11. Scott says:

    well said. i’m glad he’s gone now and he’s clearly not the right coach for this team right now, but he gave us a lot of good games and good wins to enjoy as Cowboys fans.

  12. moses says:

    I liked Coach Phillips. I think he wanted to be a head coach so bad that he took a position where he did not have a lot of control.

    Jerry hired Garrett first and then Phillips. The team was split into a defensive and offensive side right from the start.

    Jerry makes all the personnel decisions.

    Thus, Wade was just a little more than a defensive coordinator with the title of Head Coach.

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