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Favorite to be Dallas Cowboys head coach in 2011? | The DC Times

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Favorite to be Dallas Cowboys head coach in 2011?

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From ESPNDallas:

Bodog.com has placed odds on who will be the Cowboys’ head coach at the beginning of the 2011 season.

Jon Gruden — 3/2
Bill Cowher — 5/2
Jason Garrett — 4/1
Wade Phillips — 50/1
Any other coach — 1/1

The leading candidate in the “any other coach” crowd would be Carolina’s John Fox. He appears to be on his way to an end-of-the-season divorce with the Panthers, but he’s a proven head coach who happens to be good pals with Jerry and Stephen Jones.

If any of those aforementioned names is appointed to be the head coach of the Cowboys, I will be quite unhappy.  As I’ve made clear often in my comments, I think the Cowboys need a young, aggressive, innovative head coach.  We know what Gruden and Cowher will bring. . .why not take the chance on finding the next Mike Tomlin or Sean Payton?

And if John Fox is at all a candidate, I will flip.

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7 Responses to Favorite to be Dallas Cowboys head coach in 2011?

  1. Kyle says:

    seriously, if john fox gets the job, im going to freak out!

  2. Sach Amin says:

    Breaking News: Reports out of ESPN camp are that, Jon Gruden will terminate his remaining years of Monday Night Football contract, and will become the next Head Coach of the Dallas Cowboys. They want him because he is still relatively youthful, compared to the other canidates, and he is a proven winner! They want someone who could be there the next 10 years or so, and bring multiple titles to Dallas. Great choice, Dallas is going to be good!

  3. Mark Watkins says:

    Why do people feel the need to post ridiculous comments like that? Jonathan, I kind of disagree with you here. I would like a young, aggressive coach, but I feel like the Cowboys would kind of be rolling the dice with that. With Gruden or Cowher, they would know that they’re getting a great coach who is a proven winner. That being said, Jim Harbaugh is an intriguing name. I’m also kind of rooting for Garret to show that he can be an excellent head coach over the course of this season so he can be the guy. Unfortunately, his hands are kind of tied behind his back, since he doesn’t have Romo and has to deal with many injuries and an overall poor attitude. Maybe he can change that last part.

  4. Mark–I actually think Garrett’s situation is a REALLY good one. That might sound ridiculous at first, but he’s taking over a team that has ZERO expectations for the rest of the year. Even if he wins one game of the remaining eight, he did what was basically expected of this team. As bad as the Cowboys have been, you’d expect them to regress back to the mean a LITTLE bit, meaning even if Garrett isn’t any better than Phillips, we should expect at least a couple “extra” wins. I’m going to do a little post on this now actually. . .

  5. Mark Watkins says:

    You could be right about that Jonathan, but it seems like their schedule is even tougher in the second half. I also still wonder how much the injuries will affect them. If he can at least get them to play harder, that could make a big difference.

  6. Right..I think the key here to everything is attitude. If they don’t play harder than the last two games, they’ll be 0-8.

  7. Brady Parker says:

    Garrett seems to be holding his own, for now, however I feel the C’Boys will be dismantled by Drew Brees; Brees is a an a top flight QB, and should shred our secondary. I wish it Cowboys had a decent secondary, but we do not. Then we have to face Peyton Manning, he will or should hang at least 4 TD’s on our secondary, unless we keep him on his back.
    I think it all depends on how Garrett keeps things together without Romo. Remember why could Garrett not do this under Phillips, Garrett had complete control of offense and players. No all of a sudden they can play and win. To me seems somewhat strange.
    I just hope we can get back on track and win next season. Provided we have a season.

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