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News and Notes, 11/12/10: Jerry Jones in Vegas, Nick Saban or Perry Fewell to Dallas? | The DC Times

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News and Notes, 11/12/10: Jerry Jones in Vegas, Nick Saban or Perry Fewell to Dallas?

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Jonathan Bales

There have been quite a few Cowboys-related rumors floating around lately so I wanted to address some of them.  I emphasize the word “rumors,” as one or two of these notes are surely nothing more than that.

  • Jerry Jones was spotted in Las Vegas a few days ago, looking good.  Check out the photo evidence below.  Nice catch, JJ.

I personally think Saban is scum, but he does know football.  I’ll be grading him and a bunch of other coaches (as it relates to their fit in Dallas) next week.

  • Add Perry Fewell’s name to the list of Dallas Cowboys head coaching candidates.

Now this is one I’d love.  For those of you who read the comments here on DC Times, you’ve noticed I’ve mentioned Fewell a few times recently as my No. 1 choice to win the job.  He’s young, aggressive, and could change the team’s overall mindset going into games.  I hadn’t heard Fewell’s name mentioned until now, and I sure hope it isn’t simply to satisfy the Rooney Rule.

The answer?  42 percent.  According to Brian Burke, “The effect of sample error helps explain why we see apparently ‘bad’ teams like this season’s Buccaneers have winning records and apparently ‘good’ teams like the Chargers have losing records. It’s also why the NFL is notoriously hard to predict, and why regression to the mean is so strong from year to year. The more random the process, the stronger regression will be.”

So while the Cowboys have been about as awful as possible this season, I promise you that things are not as bad as they seem.

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6 Responses to News and Notes, 11/12/10: Jerry Jones in Vegas, Nick Saban or Perry Fewell to Dallas?

  1. OmarJ says:

    nick saban? he’s just a college coach no more, wasn’t he the one who spent some time with the dolphins?

  2. Vince Grey says:

    Saban is indeed scum, and, while he CAN coach, I wouldn’t trust him to stay long enough to make much of a dent one way or the other. OTOH, I doubt any college program could outbid Jerry if he really wanted to pay top dollar.

    Don’t know enough about Fewell to make a call on his head coaching ability, but I’d love to go back to a more traditional attacking 4-3 defense.

  3. moses says:

    I hope Fewell is good!!
    Is he a good evaluator of talent?
    Does he have a consistent football philosophy where he can plug and play?
    Will Jerry let him run with the franchise a bit?
    Is he like Tomlin? A good young coach?

    Thanks for the update!!!

  4. Vince–I’ve debated with the 4-3 switch myself, and I’m still not completely sure where I stand. The problem would be the LBs–not a single one on the roster is really suited for a 4-3.

    Moses–IMO, Fewell is an innovative young guy that seems similar to Mike Tomlin. He’s got a softer demeanor, so for those of you who want a tough guy like Cowher or Gruden (which is likely many of you), he’s not the guy. I actually REALLY hope JG works out (although I honestly don’t see much changing) because he’s the sort of young, aggressive guy I have in mind.

  5. JJ says:

    I HATE the Giants but I really admire what they have done. They were sorely disappointed in last year’s performance and really, if your goal is the Super Bowl, does going 7-9 bring any greater joy than 2-14?

    They performed an honest assessment of coaches and players. They did not overreact and made adjustments. Now, they seem to have a solid OLine, strong receivers, a heady QB and capable RBs. And, their defense under Fewell has been outstanding. I suspect Jerry is well aware of this and being careful and measured in how he approaches the balance of the season.

    I think Jerry knows his OLine is terrible and that his defense is still physically less than imposing. With this in mind, he’ll probably judge Garrett on what he sees in attitude and approach….i.e. Doing for Dallas what Fewell did for the GMen…help change the mindset.

  6. I hope so JJ. I think you’ll see a few wins out of Garrett this year, but Jerry should really assess Garrett’s approach as opposed to a results-based assessment. If he tells that to Garrett now, it would also give JG incentive to coach more for next year instead of doing everything to win now and save his job.

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