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Week 10 NFL Power Rankings: The Steelers at No. 1 For Good? | The DC Times

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Week 10 NFL Power Rankings: The Steelers at No. 1 For Good?

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Biggest Riser: Cleveland Browns- Six spots

Biggest Faller: New England Patriots- Six spots


1. Pittsburgh Steelers (6-2); Last Week- 3

Perhaps the Steelers should have never left the top spot.  They might be the favorite in the AFC, as long as they don’t lose Troy Polamalu.

2. New York Jets (6-2); Last Week- 2

The Jets snuck by the Lions in a thriller, but good teams find a way to survive “trap” games.

3. Baltimore Ravens (6-2); Last Week- 4

The Ravens dominated Miami and seem destined for a deep playoff run.

4. Atlanta Falcons (6-2); Last Week- 6

There’s three teams at the top of the NFC, and I think Atlanta leads that pack.

5. New York Giants (6-2); Last Week- 7

Perry Fewell has turned the Giants’ defense around–are you paying attention, Jerry?

6. Green Bay Packers (6-3); Last Week- 8

The Packers blitzed the Cowboys up until the last series, but in fairness it was the same play all game.

7. New England Patriots (6-2); Last Week- 1

How could the Pats really lose to Cleveland?  This league makes no sense.

8. New Orleans Saints (6-3); Last Week- 9

If the Saints continue to win the turnover battle, their aggressive style of play will be incredibly tough to beat.

9. Indianapolis Colts (5-3); Last Week- 5

I just don’t think the Colts’ defense is stout enough to consistently beat teams like Pittsburgh, New York, and Baltimore in the playoffs.

10. Philadelphia Eagles (5-3); Last Week- 11

I still have Indy ahead of Philly because the Eagles were on a bye, at home, and simply aren’t better than a Peyton Manning-led squad.

11. Tennessee Titans (5-3); Last Week- 10

The Titans travel to Miami this week to face a demoralized Dolphins team.  Now isn’t the time to let up.

12. Oakland Raiders (5-4); Last Week- 16

Looks like my preaseason choice of Tom Cable for Coach of the Year is looking better.

13. San Diego Chargers (4-5); Last Week- 17

And just like that, San Diego is right back in the AFC West race.

14. Kansas City Chiefs (5-3); Last Week- 13

Big loss for Kansas City on Sunday.  Their next few games will determine the outcome of their season.

15. Miami Dolphins (4-4); Last Week- 12

The Dolphins are far from out of the hunt, but they won’t make any noise if they continue to get blown off of the ball.

16. Houston Texans (4-4); Last Week- 14

It looks like the same old Texans in 2010.  There’s too many good teams in the AFC for them to continue sliding.

17. Tampa Bay Bucs (5-3); Last Week- 15

The “best team in the NFC” fought hard in Atlanta on Sunday.  Despite the loss, things look up.

18. Chicago Bears (5-3); Last Week- 22

Are the Bears the worst 5-3 team you’ve ever seen or what?

19. Minnesota Vikings (3-5); Last Week- 23

Could Minnesota’s late win over Arizona be a season-saving one?  This week’s game in Chicago is huge.

20. Jacksonville Jaguars (4-4); Last Week- 19

The Jags face Houston this week in a game that could put one team on the right track, while spelling disaster for the other.

21. Seattle Seahawks (4-4); Last Week- 18

The Seahawks are still in first in the NFC West.  Wow.

22. St. Louis Rams (4-4); Last Week- 20

There’s a legitimate chance that a 7-9 teams makes the playoffs this season, which would be a travesty.

23. Cleveland Browns (3-5); Last Week- 29

Here come the Browns.  Colt McCoy’s play shows that practice and preseason performance aren’t a perfect predictor of regular season play.

24. Washington Redskins (4-4); Last Week- 21

Monday night in Washington, Donovan McNabb’s former team comes to town.  The Redskins need this one badly, both for Donovan’s sake and for their playoff hopes.

25. San Francisco 49ers (2-6); Last Week- 24

The Niners are far from out of the NFC West race.  A win this week against St. Louis could get them to within a game out.

26. Arizona Cardinals (3-5); Last Week- 25

While the Niners and Rams battle in San Fran, the Cards will take on Seattle in another huge division battle.

27. Cincinnati Bengals (2-6); Last Week- 26

The Bengals are awful, but let’s admit that T.O. still has plenty left in the tank.

28. Detroit Lions (2-6); Last Week- 27

The Lions aren’t quite over the hump yet, and now they fear Matthew Stafford may be out for the season.

29. Dallas Cowboys (1-7); Last Week- 28

Even a week ago, I didn’t think a top three pick was realistic.  Now I do.

30. Carolina Panthers (1-7); Last Week- 30

I’ll say it again. . .if John Fox ends up being the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, I will be irate.  He’s destroyed Carolina.

31. Denver Broncos (2-6); Last Week- 31

I’d have the Broncos as the worst team in the NFL if the Bills had found a way to win one of their previous three contests.

32. Buffalo Bills (0-8); Last Week 32

I wonder if Andrew Luck has ever visited Buffalo?  He will soon enough.

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5 Responses to Week 10 NFL Power Rankings: The Steelers at No. 1 For Good?

  1. craig says:

    I dont know where to post topic ideas, so here works hopefully.

    It would be really fun to see what everyone likes potential coaching canidates and options.

    To get everyone going you could do a list of some options rank them and say some pros and cons about each.

    Just an idea that could be fun to play around with. Good work JB, and good ranks this week.

  2. Craig–that article is already in the works! Thanks for the idea though, and keep ’em coming.

  3. craig says:

    Ooo boy, cant wait.

    i was thinking, also maybe put the “ikelihood of it happening”

  4. moses says:

    Even winless, the Bills go out and put it all out on the field.
    For the way they stay in it to the end with a no surrender attitude, I’d put ’em ahead of the Cowboys.

    Look forward to the article about future coach changes. It would be good to include potential GMs too! (I know I’m dreaming sigh)

  5. Haha Potential GMs: Jerry Jones, Stephen Jones

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