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Week 13 NFL Power Rankings: Texans Not Out Yet

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Biggest Riser: Houston Texans (Seven spots)

Biggest Faller: Washington Redskins (Six spots)


1. New York Jets (9-2); Last Week- 1

If you don’t watch the Jets take on New England this Monday night, you aren’t a football fan.

2. Atlanta Falcons (9-2); Last Week- 2

Matt Ryan is now 19-1 at home, and the Falcons looks poised to win home-field advantage throughout the playoffs.

3. New England Patriots (9-2); Last Week- 3

The Patriots are so good because they win the “easy” games and play tough in the difficult ones.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers (8-3); Last Week- 5

Big Ben never got it going against the Bills, but Pittsburgh still hung on for the win.

5. New Orleans Saints (8-3); Last Week- 6

I love to watch the Saints play–just not when it’s in a win over Dallas.

6. Green Bay Packers (7-4); Last Week- 4

The Packers are Falcons are evenly matched to me, but Green Bay is going to have to win on the road in the postseason.

7. Baltimore Ravens (8-3); Last Week- 8

The Ravens are really tough in January, but they want to make sure they win the AFC North first.

8. Philadelphia Eagles (7-4); Last Week- 7

The Eagles’ loss in Chicago was a bit surprising to me, and now they need to make sure they get back on track with so many 7+ win teams in the NFC.

9. San Diego Chargers (6-5); Last Week- 9

You know the NFL has changed when people are seriously talking about a 6-5 team as perhaps the best in its conference.

10. New York Giants (7-4); Last Week- 11

With Philly’s loss, the Giants are still in the driver’s seat for the NFC East.

11. Chicago Bears (8-3); Last Week- 13

I officially give up on the Bears.  I still think this team should be .500 at best.

12. Kansas City Chiefs (7-4); Last Week- 14

San Diego is charging, but none of that matters to K.C. if they just keep on winning.  They should be favored in every game except one (against the Chargers) from here on out.

13. Indianapolis Colts (6-5); Last Week- 10

The good news for Dallas as they head to Indy this week is that Peyton is struggling.   The bad news is he always rebounds.

14. Tampa Bay Bucs (7-4); Last Week- 12

Tampa is playing tough against some of the league’s top teams.  It’s amazing what a solid quarterback can do for you.

15. Houston Texans (5-6); Last Week- 22

Can the Texans turn this thing around?  They’re shockingly just a game out of first place.

16. Miami Dolphins (6-5); Last Week- 17

I can’t stand watching the Dolphins play.  Run, run, short pass, punt.

17. Jacksonville Jaguars (6-5); Last Week- 15

The Jags are not a legitimate contender, but have you checked out David Garrard’s passer rating lately?

18. Oakland Raiders (5-6); Last Week- 16

The Raiders still have a glimmer of hope because they play in the AFC West, but they’re making me look bad.

19. Tennessee Titans (5-6); Last Week- 18

How do you get shutout by the Texans?  Start Rusty Smith at quarterback, I guess.

20. San Francisco 49ers (4-7); Last Week- 23

One game out of first place.  Wow.

21. Minnesota Vikings (4-7); Last Week- 24

I really have nothing to say about the Vikings.

22. St. Louis Rams (5-6); Last Week- 25

I actually think St. Louis might be headed for the playoffs.  If they aren’t at least .500, that will be tragic.

23. Cleveland Browns (4-7); Last Week- 26

Why is Peyton Hillis allowed to purposely go to the ground to celebrate touchdowns but Marc Colombo gets flagged for accidentally falling down?

24. Dallas Cowboys (3-8); Last Week- 20

My thoughts on the Cowboys’ loss are all over the place, so not much more to say.

25. Washington Redskins (5-6); Last Week- 19

It’s sad to watch Washington play and know that Dallas 1) lost to them and 2) has a worse record.

26. Seattle Seahawks (5-6); Last Week- 21

You’re looking at a team that it STILL tied for first in the NFC West5

27. Arizona Cardinals (3-8); Last Week- 27

28. Cincinnati Bengals (2-9); Last Week- 28

T.O. got a taste of Revis Island and came out empty-handed.

29. Buffalo Bills (2-9); Last Week 29

The Bills have now played well for about a month, which is surprising considering they may have the league’s worst personnel.

30. Denver Broncos (3-8); Last Week- 30

Josh McDaniels is just an a**hole. . .still true from last week, and the week before.

31. Detroit Lions (2-9); Last Week- 31

Suh should win Defensive Rookie of the Year, hands down.

32. Carolina Panthers (1-10); Last Week- 32

And John Fox is the coach some Cowboys fans want?

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5 Responses to Week 13 NFL Power Rankings: Texans Not Out Yet

  1. john coleman says:

    The top three are good. Atlanta has proven that they are no fluke. The Jets are solid but not spectacular across the board. I’m still not sold on Sanchez. The Patriots are looking like, well, the Patriots. I’m not sold on their defense yet. With that said, you are what your record says you are. Which is why the Bears are WAY to low. Who have they not beaten? I have been expecting a fold but so far it has not happened. Their defense is the ballhawkingest bunch in the league. If the Chargers go to Soldier field and the temperatures are cold, who are you taking? GB is in serious need of a running game and it will be their end in the playoffs. Same for Indy. At this point I think Arizona is the worst team in the league and with Carolina out there that is saying something. I think Chan Gailey deserves serious consideration for Coach of the Year. They have been in games that they had not business having a chance in. Lastly, Detroit has some serious decisions to make. They are a much better team with Stafford and he has yet to prove he can play half a season. IMO they might be looking for a QB. I think they would be 3 or 4 wins better with him. He’s making a lot of money not to play and he is made of glass.

  2. john coleman says:

    BTW, I know the Chargers vs. Bears could be the opposite in a warm environment.

  3. In Soldier Field, it would be close…I still think the Bears aren’t as good as their record. A “true” 6-5 team will be 8-3 at this point by chance fairly often, probably around 15-20 percent of the time, just by chance. I don’t think their O-Line will be good enough to consistently win in the playoffs.

  4. moses says:

    Patriots are back in it with one of the youngest rosters in the league.
    We see how smart team management keeps you on top.

    I also think that the Bills should be 26 or 27 just or the effort that they play with. Gotta love their heart

    Chargers at #5. #1 offense and #1 defense and they were doing it with NOBODY at WR.

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