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The Tashard Choice Autograph Deal

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I wanted to speak (briefly) about Tashard Choice’s decision to ask for Michael Vick’s autograph following the Cowboys’ 30-27 loss to Philly on Sunday night.  If you haven’t seen (which is unlikely), Choice requested, on the field, that Vick sign one of his gloves so Choice could give it to his two-year old nephew.

A lot of fans and media are up in arms about the idea that Choice would ask an opposing player for an autograph immediately following a tough loss.  Some say he disrespected Cowboys fans and others claim he acted like a child.  Choice has even apologized on Twitter, saying “If its anybody that cares about winning and the d cowboys its me. I apologize to the people it was just an innocent jesture for my nephew.”

Don’t apologize, Tashard.  No one would be making a big deal out of this had you asked an Eagles’ bench player for an autograph.  Hell, they wouldn’t even care if you had asked Peyton Manning last week (which many players do immediately following games, by the way).  Nope, you got harassed because you asked a dominant, controversial player on a division rival.

But who really cares?  Does anyone really believe Choice doesn’t put his heart and soul into everything related to his team?  Is there anyone out there who can honestly tell me they don’t immediately notice the fire and passion with which Choice plays every snap?

Maybe Choice even lied about the signature being for his nephew.  Perhaps it was for himself.  So what?  Does anyone legitimately think Choice’s act is a reflection of his dedication and commitment to the Dallas Cowboys?

I’m interested to hear what members of DC Times nation think about this. . .

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4 Responses to The Tashard Choice Autograph Deal

  1. I don’t have a problem with it. I actually thinks it’s cool.

  2. johncoleman says:

    I have no problem with it at all. I saw plenty of guys hugging and chatting it up. Even Romo made his way over to MV and spoke. Both teams had just played a hard fought physical game and I can’t see doubting anything from either team. Vick took some shots as well and IMO has earned his stripes. He if he continues to do the right things off the field could be the best comeback story of all time. As for TC, I think his desire and effort are evident week in and week out.

  3. Audra Hilton says:

    TC played hard and true. When I saw him ask for the autograph, I kinda chuckled to myself. I did not think of it being a slap in the face. I saw all our boys play a hard true game. Only one I felt disappointed by was Austin… his head was in the clouds or somewhere other than the game. But TC played a great game. Perhaps he should have waited on the autograph… but that isn’t for me to say. It would have stopped all the unnecessary bs.

    I love my BOYSSSS <3 Win , Lose or Tie… Cowboys Fan Til I Die!!!!

  4. john coleman says:

    Is Miles still fiddling with the Hollywood bimbo?

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