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Week 15 NFL Power Rankings: Are the Saints the NFC's Best? | The DC Times

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Week 15 NFL Power Rankings: Are the Saints the NFC’s Best?

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Biggest Riser:  Dallas Cowboys (Four spots)

Biggest Faller:  New York Jets (Six spots)


1. New England Patriots (11-2); Last Week- 3

There’s really no doubt that this is the best team in the NFL right now.

2. New Orleans Saints (10-3); Last Week- 5

Some teams previously ranked ahead of the Saints didn’t lose, but I just think they’re the best in the NFC at this moment.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers (10-3); Last Week- 4

As long as Ben Roethlisberger and Troy Polamalu are healthy, Pittsburgh will be a contender.

4. Atlanta Falcons (11-2); Last Week- 2

If the Falcons win home-field advantage, they’ve got to be considered the favorites in the NFC.

5. Philadelphia Eagles (9-4); Last Week- 8

You have no idea how much it pains me to say this, but I love the Eagles’ offense.  Their playbook is so innovative and their playmakers are jaw-dropping at times.

6. Baltimore Ravens (9-4); Last Week- 7

What an ending to what could have been a monumental collapse for Baltimore last night in Houston.

7. New York Jets (9-4); Last Week- 1

I think people are too down on the Jets right now.  They’ll go as Mark Sanchez goes, and I think he’ll turn it around.

8. Green Bay Packers (8-5); Last Week- 6

If Aaron Rodgers can’t play this week, the Packers are in serious trouble.

9. San Diego Chargers (7-6); Last Week- 9

I have a lot of teams with better records than San Diego ranked behind them, so let’s hope they don’t prove me wrong.

10. New York Giants (9-4); Last Week- 10

I just can’t see this Giants team winning multiple games on the road in the playoffs.

11. Chicago Bears (9-4); Last Week- 11

I’ll give it one more week before I officially have to stop being a hater of the Bears.

12. Kansas City Chiefs (8-5); Last Week- 12

Is Jamaal Charles one of the league’s most underrated players or what?  He’s averaging something like 5.6 yards-per-carry for his career.

13. Indianapolis Colts (7-6); Last Week- 13

Even in their worst season in a decade, the Colts still have a great opportunity to make the playoffs.  It will come down to this Sunday’s game against the Jags.

14. Tampa Bay Bucs (8-5); Last Week- 14

There’s a good chance that all of Tampa’s effort this season goes unheralded, as they could easily miss the playoffs.

15. Jacksonville Jaguars (8-5); Last Week- 17

Beat Peyton Manning in Indy, and you’re in the playoffs.  No pressure or anything.

16. Miami Dolphins (7-6); Last Week- 16

Miami’s win against the Jets on Sunday was one of the ugliest games I’ve ever witnessed.

17. Oakland Raiders (6-7); Last Week- 18

My preseason prediction of Tom Cable winning Coach of the Year looks pretty, pretty dumb.

18. Houston Texans (5-8); Last Week- 15

If you missed last night’s game in Houston, I feel sorry for you.  That was the best game I’ve seen all year, by far.

19. St. Louis Rams (6-7); Last Week- 22

You’re looking at a division leader right here.

20. Dallas Cowboys (4-9); Last Week- 24

If the draft was today, the Cowboys would have the sixth overall selection.  I think they’ll end up with closer to the 10th.

21. Tennessee Titans (5-8); Last Week- 19

So the Randy Moss signing looks awesome.

22. San Francisco 49ers (5-8); Last Week- 20

I still think Alex Smith will lead this team to the playoffs.  7-9 might get it done.

23. Minnesota Vikings (5-8); Last Week- 21

The streak is over.  I think I speak for the majority of football fans when I say “Who gives a sh*t?”

24. Seattle Seahawks (6-7); Last Week- 26

The Seahawks have the Falcons this week, but San Fran and St. Louis also drew difficult opponents.

25. Cleveland Browns (5-8); Last Week- 23

I really have nothing informative to say here.

26. Washington Redskins (5-8); Last Week- 25

The Redskins seem like they’re doing everything possible to “win” last place in the NFC East.  They’ve got the talent to do it.  Good luck guys.

27. Arizona Cardinals (4-9); Last Week- 27

Who would you rather have at quarterback:  Derek Anderson or Anderson Cooper?

28. Cincinnati Bengals (2-11); Last Week- 28

It’s clear that Cincy has given up on the season, but this week’s matchup against the Browns should be about pride.

29. Buffalo Bills (3-10); Last Week 29

The Bills have played well enough to win about five games this year, which is outstanding considering they’re probably the league’s least-talented team.

30. Detroit Lions (3-10); Last Week- 31

The Lions can be a spoiler to the Bucs’ playoff hopes this Sunday in Tampa.

31. Denver Broncos (3-10); Last Week- 30

It’s hard to think of Broncos jokes since the munchkin got fired.

32. Carolina Panthers (1-12); Last Week- 32

Will the Panthers give up on Jimmy Clausen already and select Andrew Luck with the top pick in the draft?

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4 Responses to Week 15 NFL Power Rankings: Are the Saints the NFC’s Best?

  1. john coleman says:

    It’s hard to argue with the Patriots for sure. I’m still conflicted on the Falcons. Even so I would have to put them at #2. 11-2 with three left means they have been consistent and although not flashy they get it done. Also I can’t honestly say I think the Saints are better defensively. I agree with Philly at #5 but I still think they are not a Championship team. They are explosive and fun to watch. My issue with them is they live and die with the big play. No way should Jackson ever be one on one with no safety help. Macklin is close to the same. I don’t think they have the running game week in amd week out that we saw against Dallas either. Now the Giants if healthy have a running game that is geared for a playoff run and Eli has a horseshoe implanted for big games. Their dline can be dominant and so can their oline in the running game. I’m thinking their secondary is suspect and if the rush doesn’t get home uh oh. I’m still for Chan Gailey as Coach of the Year. They haven’t been blown out any worse than some of the leagues ” supposed best ” and are already a couple of wins better than anyone expected. Finally the answer is yes if I’m coaching in Carolina. No way would I pass on Luck. I mean Luck at QB or NO Luck at QB. Seriously, Troy Aikman was saying last night he was going to be a beast. No matter what Carolina is a few years from being a serious threat. They will even have to replace Steve Smith now. With Moore and Clausen and the QB situation in the league they have trade options. I mean potentially San Fran, Cleveland, Washington, Cincinnati, and Arizona are in the QB market. Buffalo may be as well. I mean guys like Anderson and Palmer have no excuses for their lackluster play.

  2. VINCE GREY says:

    If you have the chance to draft a great QB, even if you already have a guy you think might be a top QB one day, you take it and let things play out on the field.

    The only thing that might stop the Panthers from taking Luck is that they’re known as a cheap… errr… frugal organization and might not want to pay the cheese required to sign Luck.

  3. So what do you think about the Cowboys drafting a QB this year if they’re in position? Mallett, let’s say.

  4. VINCE GREY says:

    If we could get Luck, I’d consider it, even though we have a LOT of needs at other positions and I’m perfectly fine with Romo, but otherwise, I’d say no. Mallett doesn’t overly impress me, at least no where near enough I think he’s a “can’t miss” sure fire stud QB. Mallett reminds me a lot of Drew Bledsoe.

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