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Cowboys 2010 Draw Play Breakdown by Head Coach

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Jonathan Bales

Last week, I published some information on the Cowboys’ 2010 draw plays.  Some notable numbers:

  • Dallas ran 77 draws on the season for 364 yards (4.73 yards-per-rush).  They ran 121 in 2009 and averaged 4.51 yards-per-rush.
  • 51 of the draws were from Shotgun (66.2 percent), and those plays gained 253 yards (4.96 yards-per-rush).
  • The non-Shotgun draw plays gained 111 yards (4.27 yards-per-rush).
  • The Cowboys gained just 64 yards on their 18 draws from “tight” formations (3.56 yards-per-rush).
  • Meanwhile, they averaged 5.09 yards-per-rush on the 59 “spread” draws.

A reader asked me to break down these numbers during Wade Phillips’ reign as head coach versus Jason Garrett’s.  I’m not sure if he noticed a substantial increase in draw play efficiency during the second half of the season, but that’s exactly what we see:

Under Wade Phillips

  • 37 draws for 144 yards (3.89 per)
  • 25 draws from Shotgun (67.6 percent)
  • 25 Shotgun runs for 93 yards (3.72 per)
  • 12 non-Shotgun draws for 51 yards (4.25 per)
  • 6 tight draws for 16 yards (2.67 per)
  • 31 spread draws for 128 yards(4.13 per)

Under Jason Garrett

  • 40 draws for 220 yards (5.50 per)
  • 26 draws from Shotgun (65.0 percent)
  • 26 Shotgun runs for 160 yards (6.15 per)
  • 14 non-Shotgun draws for 60 yards (4.29 per)
  • 12 tight draws for 48 yards (4.0 per)
  • 28 spread draws for 172 yards (6.14 per)

You can see the Cowboys were far more effective running draws during the second half of the season.  Is that due to the coaching change or simply the result of a small sample size?  My guess is the latter, but what do you think?

Special thanks to Percy Howard for noticing the difference in draw efficiency and suggesting I take a look at it.

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2 Responses to Cowboys 2010 Draw Play Breakdown by Head Coach

  1. percyhoward says:

    I know I’m late, but thanks for doing this.

    I think the improvement in shotgun runs is due to the fact that Barber had the majority of the shotgun draws under Phillips, while Felix had twice as many as Barber after Garrett became HC.

  2. No prob Percy. You’re right on about that. On draws, the RB has zero momentum to begin the run and often must make sudden cuts. . .which RB’s skill set does that fit, Barber or Jones? Hmmm. . .more counters, draws, and tosses for Jones in 2011 and more powers/leads for Choice, please.

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