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Cowboys, NFL News and Notes: The Future of Akwasi Owusu-Ansah | The DC Times

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Cowboys, NFL News and Notes: The Future of Akwasi Owusu-Ansah

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Cowboys News

  • ESPN recently took a look at the future of Akwasi Owusu-Ansah.  As many of you know, I love this kid.  I had the opportunity to see him play live twice, and I think he possesses the ball-hawk mentality the Cowboys need in their secondary.  I think it might be a stretch to expect him to compete for a starting job this year, but I think he’ll eventually be a solid starting free safety in the NFL.  At worst, he should be the Cowboys’ return man in 2011.  Here was my initial scouting report on AOA.
  • Scout.com is claiming Boston College tackle Anthony Castonzo is raising his draft stock with a strong Senior Bowl performance, while Colorado tackle Nate Solder is doing just the opposite.  Yesterday, I posted a scouting report on Solder and why I think he’s a third-round talent at best.

Around the League with Vince Grey

  • I think there are two legitimate schools of thought on the Jay Cutler controversy, but I’ll say that I have to agree with those who question his decision.  If I’m Cutler, doctors orders or not, the Bears are going to have to physically restrain me from going back in this game.  If I can walk, I’ll play quarterback.  Period.  It’s going to take some winning to get past this one for Cutler.
  • The Jets live (last week against the Patriots, second half of the game on Sunday) and die (first half on Sunday) on emotional play.  They’re going to have to learn to moderate that emotion a bit in order to win multiple playoff games against top competition.  That, or win enough regular season games to get a bye.  This Jets team reminds me so much of the Eagles of the Buddy Ryan era.  Dominate for awhile, then terrible.  There’s just one major difference: Instead of streaky “me, me, me” quarterback Randall Cunningham, I really think they have a winner in Sanchez.  That might be enough next season, but they really need a pass-rusher.
  • I have to give the Steelers credit where it’s due, but color me a huge Packers fan for this Super Bowl.  Other than the 49ers (forever and always tops on the must-despise list) and Eagles (naturally), there’s no team I dislike more than Pittsburgh.
  • There’s so much about the media to dislike these days.  My main pet peeve at the moment is their “group think” mentality and a habit of taking a talking point and beating it to death.  Case No. 1:  Now, suddenly, Tom Brady is “overrated.”  Why?  Because he had the audacity to lose a few playoff games in a row.  Even CHFF has started in.  Brady’s now the guy who “barely” won three Super Bowls and didn’t have the best quarterback rating in those games, winning mainly because of his defense.  Excuse me?  Isn’t that the exact thing Big Ben’s getting praised for today?  Winning, despite bad stats, on a team with a strong defense? And how many quarterbacks won Super Bowls without a strong defense, or, at least, a defense playing great at that time?  Get out of here with that nonsense.  Tom Brady is a GREAT quarterback and one who’s usually clutch.  He’s just not perfect.  Hey, even Joe Montana lost playoff games.  Badly.  Troy Aikman was all but unbeatable for a long time, but he lost a few at the end, and played poorly in those losses.
  • And how about Peyton Manning?  Poor guy, he’s lost more playoff games than he’s won.  He only has one Super Bowl championship.  What a loser!  Did anyone else, besides me, consider this: how many games each year would the Colts have won without Manning?  I seriously doubt any of those Indy teams would have finished above .500 and more likely well under .500. Rather than blast the guy for losing so many playoff games, I stand in awe that he carried the Colts to those playoffs and won many of them.
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5 Responses to Cowboys, NFL News and Notes: The Future of Akwasi Owusu-Ansah

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  2. moses says:

    Brady is a very good QB.
    However, Belichick has won without him. When Brady was out, Cassel came in and the Patriots still played well.

    There are some players whose success is a direct result of their superior talent and there are those that are the product of superior coaching and schemes. Brady is a top 10 QB talent with a #1 coaching staff and scheme

  3. Rick says:

    I’m with ya on Peyton. Indy’s defense sucks, their O-line is a joke, and their skill position players can’t stay healthy. Even their return game sucks! If Peyton were to miss the season and Curtis Painter start every game, they legitimately would not win more than 2 or 3 games.

  4. Mont Seventeen says:

    AOA is a typical Jerry project pick… Jerry drafts these guys a cpl rounds ahead of any other team, justify it by pumping up their potential… The list is endless but AOA is Kavika Pittman, Quincy Carter or Jason Williams all over again. AOA will never be anything more than a teams player!

  5. AOA was actually tremendous value..expected to be a late-second or early-third.

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