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Cowboys to Trade Dez Bryant? | The DC Times

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Cowboys to Trade Dez Bryant?

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Jonathan Bales

There are rumors circulating that the Cowboys will “listen” to offers for wide receiver Dez Bryant this offseason.  It’s really hard to believe the team would even consider moving the rookie considering how he dominated games at times in 2010.

According to former Cowboy Patrick Crayton, the team allowed Bryant to get away with a lot of things this season, including being late to meetings.  Bryant’s lackluster attitude and refusal to dive into the playbook, some have claimed, may have caused the ‘Boys to have soured on Bryant already.  Is that enough for Dallas to allow him to walk?

We’ll see how quickly the team denies this report (which I’m assuming will happen).  As PFT points out, it’s possible the team leaked the information so that Bryant takes his off-field duties a little more seriously.

If moving Bryant really is a possibility, I still can’t imagine a team yielding a valuable enough package to make the deal worth it for Dallas.  Even two first-round picks, in my opinion, wouldn’t be enough to unload a player who displayed as much talent as Bryant.  I’ve already gone on record saying he will be a Hall of Famer.

What do you think?  What would you need to receive to trade the Cowboys’ star rookie receiver?

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24 Responses to Cowboys to Trade Dez Bryant?

  1. Lasson says:

    I wouldn’t trade him at any circumstances.

  2. Kurt says:

    two first i would…. but this is still sickening to me.. i hope its not true

  3. Nick says:

    “According to former Cowboy Patrick Crayton, the team allowed Bryant to get away with a lot of things this season, including being late to meetings.”

    From what I heard, Wade let a lot of people be late to meetings, take phone calls, etc. As if Bryant was the only one.

  4. Randy Battin says:

    Dallas would be stupied to trade DEZ

  5. david says:

    well if a trade was to happen it had better be for 2 1ST round picks this year and at least one of those being a top 10 and a top 10 pick next year so that is a total of 3 1st round picks

  6. Mark Watkins says:

    Wow, this is really disappointing news. When I saw the headline, my jaw dropped. And I know you don’t put things up just for shock value or to get people to delve into the article. I sure hope he’s not enough of a problem that they trade him. I agree that he has HOF potential and I would hate to see him go, even for two 1sts. Draft picks are so hit or miss for teams, particularly so with the Cowboys ‘braintrust,’ it seems.

  7. beWARE says:

    Don’t give this so called rumor a second thought. It’s all BS. It started with Bryan broudous at BSPN throwing out a hypothetical on the radio on if you would take a first round draft (top 15) pick for Dez. Then Watkins asked a “front office” guy what he thought. That gu says he would think about it. So in true BSPN fashion they keep posting and talking about it because their model is when you need people talking or clicking, you talk Cowboys. Make crap up if you have to.

    And it works….the “story” goes from website to website and gets bigger and bigger.

  8. willis says:

    If this is true,(which I don’t believe, look at beWares post), then it would be Jason Garret’s real first move as a head coach and would consequently be the dumbest first move as a head coach in cowboys history, and maybe the NFL.

  9. Chris Stallcup says:

    @willis, it is all hypothetical would everybody take a deep breathe and just take it as it is? personally i love Bryant, but if we were offered a top ten 1st rnd pick this year, a 3rd this year, a 6th this year, and a 1st next year i would do it.
    The Cowboys have more glaring needs than at WR, this years defensive players are really good, especially the DE’S and some DT’s, all in the top ten of course though. if we get the two in top ten we would be able to maybe get Patrick Peterson and either Bowers or daerus (iono how to spell his name, the tackle from Bama)

  10. Chris Stallcup says:

    Oh another reason i would consider trading Bryant is because i question his motivation/ability to learn the playbook. there have been countless times while watching the game and i see Brant confused at what route to run and austin/kitna has to show/tell him right before the play

  11. Tyrone Jenkins says:

    Honestly, I trade Dez for a 1st and 2nd and 5th or 2nd and a 1st round talent CB/S from another team. Yes, that’s right. Here’s why…

    Call me crazy (i’m sure many of you will) but Dez seems to be so talented, that he’ll be TOO valuable to use as a KR/PR for very long in the Dallas scheme. Typically, PR/KRs are the 4th WR or CB (read that as NOT one of the main guys) pass catchers. This is part of the reason why they removed F Jones from returning kicks – he was too valuable to the offense. Keep in mind Dez was put on IR after getting injured returning a kick.

    Second, Dez seems to be a pre-madonna of inordinate proportion. Not even TO was bold enough to deny carrying pads as a rookie while playing for a mediocre (at the time) SF team. Dez was just drafted by the Dallas Cowboys who, at the time, had aspirations of being the 1st team to play in a Superbowl in its home stadium. The 1st week of training camp, he’s already telling veterans what he is and is not willing to do. Let’s also not forget his emotional outburst during the Saints game. Everyone, including Garrett, downplayed the meltdown … I actually think part of the reason why you and I didn’t hear all that much about it was due to Ray Sherman being the good coach/mentor/buffer that he was and not letting that become a situation any bigger than it already was. Now that he’s been non-retained (one of the dumbest moves this new regime has done), the “new” WR coach, whoever that is (John Garrett perhaps), may not be able to finesse calming the young spoiled WR as much as needed. I seem to recall another supertalented player being just as immature and lackadaisical in the early part of his career – his name is Vince Young. We all know what happened to him and his team as a result…

    Third, and most important, the Cowboys have a a scheme that doesn’t require 2 pro bowl WRs on the field at the same time. Miles Austin is the #1 guy and amidst all the dropped passes, he was still 14th in the league in in yardage. To be honest Jason Witten is the REAL focal point of the passing offense as he’s had 94 receptions each year for the past 2 years. He’s the most consistent receiver on the team, is the go-to guy for Romo on 3rd downs and had more TD than anyone else on the team. And, regardless of whether or not Roy Williams is on the team or not, Dez won’t be the #1 guy for at least the next couple of years or until Austin leaves (he’s got the bigger contract – 7 yr; $57 million).

    ANYTIME you can get a 1st and 2nd for what very easily could be your SLOT receiver for the next 2-3 years, TAKE IT quickly.

    Not to mention, there are quite a few other WR prospects coming out in the draft that could perform the slot and/or PR/KR role fairly well that can be had w/ a 3rd or 4th round pick. And, who said that one of your wide receivers HAS to be the KR/PR anyway…

    Don’t get me wrong – Dez will be a good WR in this league – probably HOF type. But, there’s simply to much downside AND other possibilities to not at least entertain a trade as there’s no telling who can be had for the picks acquired in his trade. People scoffed at the trade Dallas made to the Vikings for Herschel Walker – in that trade, Dallas eventually acquired Emmit Smith, Alvin Harper, Dixon Edwards and Rod Woodson.

    Trade Dez if the price is right and move on to fixing the defense. Look at all the playoffs teams remaining – all of them have a good defense in common. Brady and Weler aren’t there, Manning and Hakeem Nicks are watching, Vick is now a free agent, DeSean Jackson is at home chillin and Drew Brees and Colston are still wondering what happened. All those good QBs and WRs are watching Devin Hester and Johnnie Knox catch passes from Jay Cutler.

    As a rule, you ALWAYS listen to what another team offers. A 1st round pick in the teens (like 11-15th pick) and 2nd rounder anywhere would be enough for me. I’d use both of my 1st round picks to move up to 1st (Carolina would LOVE to move down and pick up 2 1st round picks) and get Patrick Peterson. With the new CBA, there will be a new rookie pay scale which will make it much more efficient and palatable to take a CB that high.

  12. Tyrone Jenkins says:

    And, that would be Manning and Reggie Wayne are watching (not Manning and Nicks)

  13. Vince_Grey says:

    Well, first of all JB, I love ya bro, but it’s beyond ridiculous to call ANY first year player a future HoFer.

    Now, as so far as the trade stuff, I agree that life under Wade was pretty lax, so I’d wait to see if Bryant tightens up under Garrett and the new receivers coach. The kid’s obviously very talented, but you can’t have him doing that sort of thing and getting away with it. (Might be a prime reason Sherman was let go. If he couldn’t control a young rookie enough to get him to meetings on time…)

    IF Dallas does talk a trade, I would absolutely consider it if the offer was good enough, but we’d need to be talking about 2 ones (And a top 10 one this season at that) or a one plus a couple of 2’s and maybe another pick as well. I don’t see that happening, so it’s a moot point anyway.

  14. Chris stallcup says:

    Rob Ryan officially cowboys defensive coordinator

  15. Big Tex says:

    That would stupid trade Dez Bryant.Why don’t trade Roy Williams he hasn’t done much he can’t catch a ball to save himself.

  16. moses says:

    I agree that Dez has a lot of talent. He was beginning to show his dominance on the field before he got hurt.
    It is no longer speculation whether his talents transfer well to the NFL. He has demonstrated it.
    Draft choices: They’re a shot in the dark. How many top draft choices have been busts or disappointments? Jenkins? F Jones? Spencer? Ware?
    Out of the 4 previous 1st round draft choices, only Ware has been truly exceptional.
    I don’t know if I trust our scouting dept to find the right players at the right draft position in the draft. Sometimes I think they just pickup the latest Sporting News to create their board.

  17. moses says:


    I forgot my point:

    My point is that draft choices are potential stars. They’re guesses and bets that the player will flourish in your system. Even if we got a Hershel Walker style trade, it does not mean we will draft well.

    Keep Dez

  18. Tyrone Jenkins says:


    I agree – drafts are crapshoot. Dez was a risk that paid off and primarily the same scout dept that drafted him will be drafting this year. Last year, we didn’t need a WR but drafted Dez because he was the best available player. Good pick, certainly, but not a necessary one by any means. We traded a capable #3 WR/PR away (Crayton) to San Diego; had we drafted a safety or RT, we’d probably be in a much better position today.

    All I’m saying is if you buy something for 50 bucks (24th overall pick) and someone offers you 200 bucks for it (a top 15 pick AND a 2nd round pick), and the item you bought is secondary to other purchases you already have made (Miles Austin and his 7 yr contract), I’d at least listen to their sales pitch.

  19. Dan says:

    I would consider trading him for a pick and the best YOUNG cornerback in the game right now.

  20. Tyrone Jenkins says:

    I’m not saying DEFINITELY trade Dez, but I’m also not saying retain him no matter what if offered.

    But, speaking of draft picks…

    It’s generally thought among sports analysts and GMs (a lot of this comes from Tuna and Bill Cowher) that 1st round picks are extremely risky investments. That word has been used over and over – investments. That’s exactly what they are to a business man; an opportunity to make money (marketing jerseys, advertising dollars associated w/ TV games, Superbowl notariety, etc.).

    Let’s look at the past 1st round picks of the Cowboys the past 10 years:

    2001 – no pick

    2002 – Roy Williams (safety) – certainly had a brilliant 1st couple of years due primarily to association w/ a good overall secondary of Darren Woodson, Anthony Henry and Terence Newman (in 2003). Certainly a hard hitting playmaking S but a liability in coverage after the retirement of Woodson and Henry being traded. The stellar part of his career spanned 8 years and he made 5 pro bowls. Although his performance trailed toward the end, he was certainly worth the pick.

    2003 – Terrence Newman – turned out to be a solid CB. He only attended 1 pro bowl (2007) and has never had more than 4 INTs in a year but this is primarily due to not being targeted that much (kinda like Nnamdi Asomugha). He has been completely underrated because of this and is, like Roy, worth the pick.

    2004 – no pick

    2005 – Demarcus Ware – no summary needed. Unless something very bad happens in the next few year, will be a HOF player. Marcus Spears – not a complete bust but certainly not worthy of his draft round (at least not yet in the current scheme).

    2006 – Bobby Carpenter – bust.

    2007 – Anthony Spencer – shows flashes of dominance at times, but certainly hasn’t lived up to his draft round.

    2008 – Felix Jones – shows flashes of explosiveness at times and seems like he will at least be a solid RB (1000 yd gainer) at some point if given primary role for an entire season. Mike Jenkins – went to pro bowl his 2nd season w/ 5 INTS but did well below average in his 3rd season. Verdict is still out but has the potential to live up to his draft round.

    2009 – no pick

    2010 – Dez Bryant.

    I’d say, the Boys have been 50/50 w/ drafting Williams, Ware, Newman and Bryant. The GM was JJ during this entire time and there’s no reason to believe that they would draft that poorly this year any more than any other year (especially if they had more than one 1st round pick). More important, look at this years list of prospects and balance that against the Cowboys major needs (CB, DT/DE, O line). This draft is LOADED w/ DT/DE prospects. Some will turn out to be busts – other may be HOF material. Again, it’s a crapshoot but at least the pool to pick from is larger for that respective group. There aren’t any O line prospects worhty of early 1st round picks and both of the CBs that Dallas wants are out of reach at the 9th spot.

    They have 5 options at this point – 1) keep Dez and trade up to get Peterson or Amukamara (not sure who or what they’d trade). 2) keep Dez, stay put and draft the best DT/DE prospect on the board. 3) keep Dez and trade down for O line help, a lower rated CB or DE/DT. 4) trade Dez and use the pick coupled pick w/ their # 9 pick to get Peterson, Fairly or Dareus. 5) trade Dez, stay at #9 and pick the best DT/DE prospect on the board then take the pick acquired in Dez and trade down (stay in 1st round) for O line help.

    Personnally, I like option 5 the best as that addresses a greater NEED of the team and will be cheaper overall once the new CBA comes out. As good as Dez is, he doesn’t fill as a great a need as DT/DE and O line. Believe it or not, the Cowboys would be better w/ McCann returning punts/kicks, keeping Roy Williams as the #2 WR and upgrading both the O and D line w/ 1st rd picks than keeping Dez and having just 1 1st rd pick. Many think cutting Roy and keeping Dez is a better option but the cap hit will preclude being able to pick up any good free agents that are soarly needed (if you have 2 1st rd picks, you don’t need to pick up any big name FAs).

    Dez is good but is he really THAT good to turn down a pick that’s 10 spots or more higher than the pick used to draft AND a 2nd round pick as well? He’s not even the #1 receiver on the team. I’m sure Carolina, Denver and/or Buffalo would gladly vacate one of their top spots for Dez.

  21. Scott says:

    a great example of the media (BSPN) exaggerating any story they can that involves the Cowboys because they know it draws eyeballs, but this was nothing but a hypothetical followed by speculation run as if it was actually news. What a crock.

  22. Great thoughts here guys. I like Moses’ point about the nature of draft picks. What are two first-rounders worth? Well, they COULD be extremely valuable to a team. What if you hit on both? I’ll take a Ware and even Spencer for Bryant. But what if you miss? David LaFleur anyone? So many times teams trade for picks ASSUMING they’ll hit on them, but even the best organizations miss a very high percentage.

  23. Vince_Grey says:

    It IS a crapshoot, no question. The Cowboys built a dynasty with their bounty of picks, but those players and draft choices the Colts got for Elway (Not that much really. One pretty good O-lineman and an extra #1, Big time steal.) and all those the Rams got for Eric Dickerson, went no where. And, recall the 4 #1’s the Jet’s had 2000? Only one of those guys is still with the team. (But admittedly, 3 of the 4 players were/are pretty good. Ellis, Abraham, Chad Pennington, and a TE named Becht).

    Moral of the story: Do NOT trade high picks for any position other than franchise QB, and then you really can’t over pay.

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