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Dallas Cowboys 2010 Draw Play Notes

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Jonathan Bales

I will complete a more in-depth analysis of the Cowboys’ 2010 draw plays in the future, but I wanted to post some of the notes I’ve written after sorting through some of the data this morning.

  • Dallas ran 77 draws on the season for 364 yards (4.73 yards-per-rush).  They ran 121 in 2009 and averaged 4.51 yards-per-rush.
  • 51 of the draws were from Shotgun (66.2 percent), and those plays gained 253 yards (4.96 yards-per-rush).
  • The non-Shotgun draw plays gained 111 yards (4.27 yards-per-rush).
  • The Cowboys gained just 64 yards on their 18 draws from “tight” formations (3.56 yards-per-rush).
  • Meanwhile, they averaged 5.09 yards-per-rush on the 59 “spread” draws.
  • Amazingly, only three of the draws (3.9 percent) were from “Double Tight Strong/I.”  Last season, 23 of them were from that look (19.0 percent).
  • I’ve spoken before about how the Cowboys love to audible into draw plays.  When Jason Garrett calls two plays, the second one (which would be run after an audible) is often a draw.  Although the Cowboys checked out of a play on only 7.8 percent of snaps this season, 27.3 percent of the team’s 77 draws were the result of an audible.
  • I don’t like draw plays near the goal line because defenders don’t have much room to drop back anyway.  They are less likely to respect a passing look near their end zone.  Nonetheless, Garrett called eight draws in goal-to-go situations this year.  They gained 17 total yards, and four of those plays netted a yard or less without scoring.
  • Last year, only 10.7 percent of draws came on third down.  This year, that rate nearly doubled to 18.2 percent.  The ‘Boys converted on six of their 14 third down draws (42.9 percent).

Want to know more about the Cowboys’ 2010 draws?  Ask me some questions in the “Comments” below.

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2 Responses to Dallas Cowboys 2010 Draw Play Notes

  1. percyhoward says:

    Jonathan, could you break down the above stats by pre- and post-coaching change?


  2. Percy..I looked at the numbers and I’m posting some info right now for you.

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