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Dallas Cowboys Potential Draft Pick: Gabe Carimi, OT, Wisconsin | The DC Times

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Dallas Cowboys Potential Draft Pick: Gabe Carimi, OT, Wisconsin

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Jonathan Bales

I recently completed my 2010 Offensive Line Grades for Dallas, and the results weren’t pretty.  Although I do think Doug Free is the most talented lineman on the team, Kyle Kosier ended up with the highest grade.  Still, it was only a “B” (86.2 percent).

Marc Colombo’s 63 percent, however, was the worst grade I ever gave a player.  If the Cowboys don’t upgrade the right tackle spot this offseason, they deserve another playoff absence in 2011.  Colombo yielded a ridiculous nine sacks, 11 quarterback hits, and 40 pressures in 2010.

I already dissected the game of Colorado offensive tackle Nate Solder.  Others are high on him, but I’m not.  I see nothing more than a third-round talent at best.  Today’s feature–Wisconsin’s Gabe Carimi–interests me a whole lot more. . .

Scouting Report

Like Nate Solder, Gabe Carimi is another mammoth offensive lineman (6’7″, 315 pounds).  Unlike Solder, however, Carimi seems to be a natural bender.  He isn’t tight in the hips, but that isn’t to say Carimi is incredibly light on his feet either.  Although Carimi plays with what I consider to be outstanding leverage and balance, his lack of elite athleticism probably makes him a better fit for the right side than the left (which could fit Dallas well).

Gabe Carimi vs. Cameron Heyward

Check out the 1:56 mark above when Carimi fires off the ball and displays a great leg drive.  He’s an awesome blocker in tight areas and I think he can get to the second level just fine, but working in space (screens, counters, tosses) won’t be his strength.

Carimi vs. Adrian Clayborn

In the first two plays in the above video, Carimi fires off the ball and displays outstanding hand placement (which I consider to be his biggest strength).

At  the 24 second mark, he gets beat off ball initially but has the athleticism and quickness to recover.  That’s a play I don’t see Nate Solder making.

Carimi sometimes struggles with his footwork in pass protection, however.  At the 1:11 mark, you can see him use poor footwork to allow Clayborn to beat him and cause a fumble.  The same thing happens on the next play as well.  When Carimi gets beat, he has a habit of turning perpendicular to the line-of-scrimmage, allowing for counter moves to be effective.

Overall, this was Carimi’s worst game I watched.  By the way, I haven’t done an official assessment of Adrian Clayborn, but he’s looked like a beast in all of the live games and game tape I’ve watched.

Carimi vs. Miami

There are times (3:03 mark) when Carimi fails to fire off the ball in the run game.  That lack of consistency will have to change for him to be an effective tackle (specifically right tackle) in the NFL.

Overall, however, I like Carimi’s game.  Although he gets flack for not being an elite pass protector, I think he’ll be just fine at the next level.  His technique is above average and his skill set seems to coincide with that which one needs to play right tackle.  See ya Colombo.


Carimi is in a battle with Nate Solder, Derek Sherrod, Tyron Smith, and Anthony Costanzo to be the first offensive tackle off the board.  No matter which of these players might interest Dallas, they can secure him in a spot later than their No. 9 overall selection.  The ‘Boys should be able to trade into the late teens and still acquire a player superior to current starting right tackle Marc Colombo (actually they can pick up an undrafted free agent who is better too).

I like the idea of trading down and receiving additional draft picks, particularly if Carimi is the pick.  While some will despise the fact that he might be better suited for right tackle, I have no problem with it.  The Cowboys need a right tackle of the future, and I don’t think left tackles are that much more important than right tackles anyway.

Other Potential Cowboys Draft Picks in 2011

Nebraska CB Prince Amukamara

Cal DT/DE Cameron Jordan

UNC DE/OLB Robert Quinn

Ohio State DT/DE Cameron Heyward

Colorado OT Nate Solder

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17 Responses to Dallas Cowboys Potential Draft Pick: Gabe Carimi, OT, Wisconsin

  1. Rick says:


    It doesn’t seem like anyone likely to be available at pick #9 makes sense for the Cowboys. Maybe Amukamara? I’m not too high on him, though, and anyone who says he’s “a better overall corner than Peterson” has no idea what they’re talking about.

    I’m pumped for pick #40, though. Seems like they should be able to get a guy like Carimi, Mike Pouncey, Steve Wisniewski, Rahim Moore, Jimmy Smith, or Aaron Williams there. All of which I would like at that juncture.

  2. Tyrone Jenkins says:

    Now we’re talking.

    I know this is just a few of the games that he played in, but he displayed much better potential than Solder. Like you mentioned, his hand placement is excellent and from the looks of how he stays engaged, his hand and arm strength is outstanding.

    Every LT gets beat and he’s no exception. But he didn’t get beat all that often – and he’s going up against 1st round projected DEs.

    I wouldn’t take him at 9 – but would def take him in the teens (16 or higher).

  3. Vince_Grey says:

    Ideally speaking, I’m for taking the best DL (Preferably a stud NT) with our top choice, even if we do wind up trading down several spots and picking up extra picks. I think this draft is far deeper than top heavy in O-line prospects, and so we can pick up a solid RT with a 2nd or 3rd round pick.

    I’d love to get a safety fairly high, but this class seems pretty weak in that area this year.

  4. Rick says:

    Phil Taylor has absolutely dominated the Senior Bowl in practices and the game, from what I’ve heard.

  5. Tyrone Jenkins says:

    Maybe Jerry’s on to something…

    It’s been widely known that Jerry Jones doesn’t draft O linemen in the 1st round. When you look at it, maybe he’s got a point.

    There are 3 linemen currently on the squad were drafted in the 1st round. Leonard Davis was the #2 pick overall. The NUMBER TWO pick in the draft in 2001 (he was drafted as a LT by the way). He was acquiredby the Boys via free agency in 07 and made 3 straight pro bowls for the Boys, but, did he ever, in his career, dominate like you would expect a #2 overal pick to do? Some other notable #2 overall picks are Chris Long, Tony Boselli, Donovan McNabb and Julius Peppers. Now, of course, there are some notable busts at #2 as well (Ryan Leaf, LaVarr Arrington and depending on how you view him, Reggie Bush). But my point is, his initial contract FAR exceeded the value he returned to his team being drafted that high. His original draft team, the Az Cardinals, didn’t even think enough of him to re-sign him in 07.

    Alex Barron was drafted 19 overall and Marc Columbo was drafted 29th overall. Neither have lived up to billing (Columbo spent 3 straight years on the IR or PUP list before being waived, yes that means he was OUTRIGHT RELEASED, by the Bears).

    I was very much an advocate of Dallas trading up last year and picking up Iupati or Bulaga (who went 1 spot before Dez) or even making sure they got Veldheer who eventually went in the 3rd round. Now this year, there are very few (reas that as practically no) 1st round graded O linemen.

    Jerry has shown that he values 1st round talent on his line, he just hasn’t drafted any. I’m sure he’ll be active in free agency this year.

  6. Mark Watkins says:

    Do you guys think that Phil Taylor will still be available at pick #40? He would be really tempting to take at that spot, I would think, although I know they really need to get an O-lineman there too. From what I heard of the Senior Bowl, it seems like he’ll go before then anyway.

  7. Vince_Grey says:

    As far as O-linemen in the first round, I mean, if you can land an Anthony Munoz type, then go for it. Just because the Cowboys haven’t had much success with 1st round O-linemen doesn’t mean you shouldn’t draft one if he’s at the top of your draft board. I’m not a fan of drafting RB’s in the 1st round, but if another Emmitt Smith drops to you, I say you have to pull the trigger.

    Knowing what I do right now, before the combine, I wouldn’t mind taking Taylor in the 1st, though probably not as high as #9.

    Another NT/DT to keep your eye on later in the draft is Ole Miss DL Jerrell Powe. I’m telling you, this guy will play and play well in the NFL.

  8. Rick–I don’t even really like Amukamara at No. 9. The guy I like most who COULD drop is Dareus, but that might no happen. I wouldn’t be too upset with Cameron Jordan, but even that would probably be a SLIGHT reach. Still a lot of studying left to do, though, so maybe someone will stand out to me. . .I just did Adrian Clayborn and LOVE him.

    Tyrone–How incredible is the difference between Solder and Carimi? I love Mike Mayock’s rankings in general, but I have no idea how he is so high on Solder.

    Vince–I like that idea too. Safety seems so weak that I think the Cowboys need to try their hardest to trade down from 9 and then back up from 41 to get a DT/DE and RT. Cameron Jordan/Adrian Clayborn and Gabe Carimi sure would be nice, wouldn’t it?

  9. Rick–Heard the same, and I’ll be sure to do an article on him before long. Mark Watkins just posted the same idea. . .

    Tyrone–There are some option in FA so I think you could be right. All of our talk about Carimi/Solder/etc could be moot if the Cowboys land someone before the draft.

    Vince and Mark–Info on Taylor to come and I will look at Powe as well.

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  11. Vince_Grey says:

    Not sure we’d even need to trade back up into the 1st to get a pretty good player. I think we could sit at #41 and get about as good a guy as we could at, say, 30, but of course, that’s not factoring in some player we REALLY like dropping into the late 1st for some reason.

    If we traded down, preferably I’d like to use the extra picks we’d get for more players rather than use them to trade back up into the 1st. We could use another C/G, a big ILB, a NT, maybe another RB, and, of course, a safety and a corner.

  12. Rick says:

    I just don’t know if trading down is possible. Minnesota or Miami trading up to 9 makes some sense, assuming both of them are in the market for a quarterback. But Miami has no second round pick and Minnesota has no third. I doubt either of them wants to limit their picks further. Maybe Dallas’ 1st, 3rd, and 5th for Minnesota’s 1st and 2nd (Fairly even according to the NFL draft trade chart)? I dunno.

    For now, I’m gonna pray for Dareus to fall, and if not, settle for Jordan or Amukamara. And, again, in Round 2, there are plenty of prospects (Phil Taylor, Mike Pouncey, Stefen Wisniewski, Jimmy Smith, Aaron Williams, Rahim Moore, Marcus Cannon, Gabe Carimi, Anthony Castanzo) that could be available that I’d be happy with.

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  14. Vince–The Cowboys could certainly sit in their second-round slot and still secure a potential starter in 2011. Carimi is a guy I would trade up a bit for, however.

    mark–I’m really warming up to the idea of Jordan at No. 9. Dareus is the top legitimate pick who I’d want, but Jordan is turning into the runner-up.

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