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Final 2010 Game Picks Results | The DC Times

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Final 2010 Game Picks Results

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Jonathan Bales

In what has undoubtedly become my most boring content of the year, my weekly game picks have come to an end.  Overall, I did a pretty nice job.  Here are the final results:

Someone betting $1,000 on each game I chose this season would have won just over $15,000 on the year.  That total would surely be greater if I had hand-picked games, but I chose to provide the scores for every regular season game.

This experiment was simply to prove that those who claim to provide “70 or 80 percent winners” are full of crap.  Even professional sports bettors admit they rarely surpass 60 percent picks for the season.  I got 55.6 percent of my spread picks correct on the year, which isn’t bad considering I picked 256 of them.  Still, my “true” percentage could be anywhere from 52 to 60 percent.  I wouldn’t be comfortable claiming I’m a 56 percent guy until three or four seasons of data is collected.

Thanks for putting up with this nonsense, and I’ll get back to the Cowboys-related studies right about. . . now.

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3 Responses to Final 2010 Game Picks Results

  1. bW says:

    My family has a straight up pick competition every year (since’87) This year I ended up in third place with a 162-94 record. Could of had a better record at the end but I needed to take chances this week on dogs I knew would lose in an effort to pass up the first place person.
    Week 5 killed me…I think I only got 4 right that week. Worst picking week ever for me.
    My wife ended up winning the championship trophy this year with a 166-90 record. I’m proud of her, it was her first championship (she’s been doing it for only 4 years).

    I didn’t really read your pick em articles till this one but I’ll take a look next year. Sounds interesting.

  2. 166-90 is a fine record. Tell her I said congrats.

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