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Final Regular Season NFL Power Rankings

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1. New England Patriots (14-2); Last Week- 1

This is clearly the best team in football right now, and I’m not sure who will beat them in New England.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers (12-4); Last Week- 3

With a first-round bye secured, a Steelers/Patriots AFC Championship game could be in store.

3. New Orleans Saints (11-5); Last Week- 2

It’s really amazing that the Saints are 11-5 despite 22 interceptions from Drew Brees this season.  If he protects the football in the playoffs, watch out.

4. Atlanta Falcons (13-3); Last Week- 4

Is this the NFC’s best squad?  Something tells me they’re going down at home early.

5. Baltimore Ravens (12-4); Last Week- 6

What an ending to what could have been a monumental collapse for Baltimore last night in Houston.

6. Philadelphia Eagles (10-6); Last Week- 5

The Eagles aren’t exactly red hot going into the playoffs, but Vick and the rest of the offense can get rolling in a hurry.

7. Green Bay Packers (10-6); Last Week- 8

This is my preseason Super Bowl winner, so I’m quite glad they found a way to at least get in the playoffs.  A Wild Card game in Philly is no easy task, however.

8. New York Jets (11-5); Last Week- 7

I think people are too down on the Jets right now.  They’ll go as Mark Sanchez goes, and I think he’ll turn it around.

9. Chicago Bears (11-5); Last Week- 11

I’ve been knocking Chicago all season, but they have their defense and special teams have the ability to keep them in any game.

10. Kansas City Chiefs (10-6); Last Week- 12

I projected a nice season for the Chiefs (I think 8-8 or 9-7…I’ll check later), but I definitely didn’t foresee an AFC West crown.

11. Indianapolis Colts (10-6); Last Week- 13

You kind of knew Peyton was going to find a way to get into the tournament.  I don’t think the Colts have the defense or rushing attack to win more than a game, though.

12. Tampa Bay Bucs (10-6); Last Week- 14

I really wanted to see the Bucs get into the playoffs because Josh Freeman deserved it.  He is so underrated.

3. San Diego Chargers (9-7); Last Week- 9

If you played out this season 1,000 times, I think San Diego would make the playoffs about 900 of them.  Randomness sucks.

14. New York Giants (10-6); Last Week- 10

Is everyone else as happy as me that the Giants will be at home in January?

15. Oakland Raiders (8-8); Last Week- 17

8-8 isn’t a terrible season for Oakland, but I actually thought they had 10 or 11 win potential.

16. Dallas Cowboys (6-10); Last Week- 20

The Cowboys have the No. 9 overall pick and CB and DT/DE seem to be the most likely positions they’ll draft early.

17. Jacksonville Jaguars (8-8); Last Week- 15

Three weeks ago, the Jags had a win-and-you’re-in game against Indy.  Today, their offseason begins.

18. Miami Dolphins (7-9); Last Week- 16

The ‘Phins have a ton of holes, and it appears the top one is at quarterback.

19. Houston Texans (6-10); Last Week- 18

How in the hell does Gary Kubiak keep his job?  The Texans are loaded with talent and underperform every season.

20. Seattle Seahawks (7-9); Last Week- 24

This team in the playoffs is a joke.  Josh Freeman led an otherwise mediocre Bucs team to a 10-6 record and is forced to watch Seattle this week.

21. St. Louis Rams (7-9); Last Week- 19

The Rams are getting better, but they probably would have been 5-11 or worse in another division.

22. Tennessee Titans (6-10); Last Week- 21

The Titans need to find a reliable quarterback to open up running lanes for CJ1.3K.

23. San Francisco 49ers (6-10); Last Week- 22

It’s about time Mike Singletary gets canned.  Now let’s see if the Niners learn from their mistake, or hire another militant, stat-neglecting coach.

24. Minnesota Vikings (6-10); Last Week- 23

Is Joe Webb the quarterback of the future for Minnesota?  Let’s just see if Favre actually stays retired first.

25. Detroit Lions (6-10); Last Week- 30

The Lions improved so much this season, and the playoffs in 2011 isn’t too big of a stretch if Matthew Stafford can stay healthy.

26. Washington Redskins (6-10); Last Week- 26

With the Redskins needing a quarterback and selecting right behind Dallas, the Cowboys’ pick is extra valuable.

27. Cleveland Browns (5-11); Last Week- 25

Eric Mangini got fired today, and everyone is wondering if Mike Holmgren will take over.

28. Arizona Cardinals (5-11); Last Week- 27

It’s sad that this team beat Dallas, especially with John Skelton at quarterback.

29. Cincinnati Bengals (4-12); Last Week- 28

Coach Lewis has always had a long leash, but I don’t think he’ll be in Cincy next season.

30. Denver Broncos (4-12); Last Week- 31

Is it politically incorrect to say the word “Tebowner?”

31. Buffalo Bills (4-12); Last Week 29

The Bills will probably miss out on Andrew Luck, but they need a quarterback ASAP.

32. Carolina Panthers (2-14); Last Week- 32

It’s possible the Panthers will bypass a quarterback with the No. 1 overall selection, but unlikely with a new coaching staff coming in.

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8 Responses to Final Regular Season NFL Power Rankings

  1. Omar says:

    Hey, who’s all going to Eli’s birthday party tonight? He’s probably throwing a hell of a bash since he has plenty of time on his hands.

  2. Dusty says:

    DT or DE early rounds? I hope not. We have GIANT holes to fill on the offensive line. We could really draft three lineman in the first three rounds and STILL not be satisfied.

    Realistically, I could see it go: 1: OT, 2: OG, 3: CB

    Concerning DE/DT position..I think we’ll start to transition to a true 4-3 hybrid, and we’ll keep Spears, hopefully. He came from a 4-3 in college, and he’d work just fine next to Ratliff as interior defensive lineman. Spencer and Ware as ends…yikes!

  3. john coleman says:

    Anybody can say what they want,but NO was outplayed by Tampa even before they took their starters out. I think it will be NO who is home early. It looks to me that GB has caught fire at exactly the right time. NE IS CLEARLY #1!. I wish I would have jumped on them after the first Superbowl. You can’t just jump to a winner! Seriously, I love the way they do things and our mindless owner Jerry should take Patriots 101 between now and the draft. When Pittsburgh beats a good team that is playing well, then I’ll crown them. I too love the Giants being at home. They were just plain lucky to win their last Superbowl. Eli just throws it up and guys bail him out. Did I mention I love the Giants being at home. Now let’s get the Eagles out and all is well.

  4. john coleman says:

    I must also say that I’m thankful that it is finally over. This is perhaps the most disappointing season for me in some time. I guess I drank the Koolaid and bought into everything in good faith. Believing that the staff and coaches knew what they were doing. Then came the beginning/end game 1. Thanks for the ride.

  5. Dusty–I realize OT is a huge need (right tackle, really), as is OG, but as of now, there’s really no one to select with the No. 9 overall pick. I’d love for the ‘Boys to trade down and acquire some extra picks, but if they stay at No. 9, and DE/DT or CB is much more likely.

  6. VINCE GREY says:

    A few points:

    – I’m not sold on the Pats. They have a great HC and a great QB, but really their (Admittedly) awesome play is mostly a product of their incredible turnover margin. If some team wins that battle, or even just doesn’t lose it, I think the Pats can be had. I guess that begs the question, is a team great because it has a incredible T.O. margin, or do great teams naturally generate great T.O. numbers? “Chicken or egg” type of query I suppose.

    – Cut Singletary some slack. He was a first time HC on a team with major holes and no QB. He wasn’t perfect, or even close, but “militant”? Way too harsh. He wasn’t at fault for that QB’s blowup on the sidelines, the QB started and continued all of that. Mike was trying to calm him down.

    – I liked the Saint’s a lot too, until I saw they lost their two best running backs for the entire playoffs. Now, I think once they (Probably) get past the Seahawks, they’re likely dead meat.

    – BTW, watch out for Seattle. Absolutely NOBODY thinks they can win, or even hold it close, against New Orleans, they’re at home, and they have nothing to lose. That’s a very, very, dangerous combination.

    – Hey, the Seahawks being in the playoffs and Bucs and Giants sitting at home is weird but not a joke. Wanna be sure to make the playoffs? WIN YOUR DIVISION. Period, end of discussion. Dem’s da rules.

    – Andrew Luck’s staying in school, and that’s bad for Dallas, because that’s one more non-QB position player they won’t have access to, because another team above them will pick that guy rather than Luck. Shame.

  7. VINCE GREY says:

    Guess I called it on the Seahawks. Always go the other way when everyone says one thing. Saint’s D picked a bad time to play like Dallas’s.

    BTW, as a rule, I have no love for Auburn, but gotta stand up for my SEC winning yet another NC, even in a “down” season for the conference as a whole.

    Cam’s an awesome physical specimen, but I don’t see him as an NFL QB. Make a heck of a big WR or TE though.

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