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Introducing the Dallas Cowboys Times Forum

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The reader participation via the “Comments” section of posts has been outstanding of late.  I really believe this site has become the top spot for intelligent Dallas Cowboys discussion.

I wanted to create a more orderly and easy-to-navigate avenue for this discourse, so I recently created a forum for the site.  Here, you can comment on posts or, more likely, create new topics of your own which you’d like to discuss.

Note that I am not a programmer and there are still some quirks with the forum.  First, you’ll notice there are two “Forum” links in the header of each page.  To make sure the forum reloads properly, please click on “The Forum” link all the way to the right in the header.  This should eliminate some of the initial problems.

Please bare with me as we sort out the issues.  If you have any problems with registration or navigating the forum, please comment below.

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4 Responses to Introducing the Dallas Cowboys Times Forum

  1. Tyrone Jenkins says:


    For whatever reason, I can’t access The Forum from my work computer (yeah, I know, I should get back to work).

  2. Tyrone..I will try to sort out the kinks today.

  3. I like visiting on here because you do have some real good articles and information. Of which a lot is factual based and backed by stats, the best kind. But the only thing that turns me off is when it comes to Romo, whoever is writing the articles, you can tell is a Romo-lover and deviates from the facts and factual based info. It is more opinionated when it comes to Romo articles, kind of like excuses based article!! This basically takes away integrity from the rest of the articles because one like me, a visitor and fan, will conclude that someone cares more about the message he(writer) portrays about Romo than the integrity of the articles and the establishment of a factual based article….IMHO.

  4. Smash–I would disagree. I use the same metrics to grade Romo as I do with Kitna or would with any other QB. I do think Romo is a borderline elite QB who will win a Championship, and I’ll be the first to say that. I will say that doing QB grades in general will inherently contain more subjectivity. Many QB stats carry far less meaning that those of, say, a RB.

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