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Jason Garrett Named Full-Time Head Coach for Dallas Cowboys | The DC Times

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Jason Garrett Named Full-Time Head Coach for Dallas Cowboys

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Jonathan Bales

Michael Lombardi of NFL Network is reporting the Cowboys have hired Jason Garrett as the full-time head coach in Dallas.  The move comes shockingly early, especially because it appeared Jerry Jones had yet to interview a minority candidate for the position.  The NFL’s Rooney Rule states teams must interview at least one minority candidate for head coaching vacancies, even in the situation of an interim head coach taking over full-time duties.

Wide receivers coach Ray Sherman was the likely candidate to fill that role for Dallas, although no past interview was made known to the media.  It’s unlikely Jones would have signed Garrett without complying with the rule, however.

I recently wrote a piece for USA Today detailing why Garrett could be the right man for the job.  I will have more in the coming days on this decision and how it affects the 2011 Dallas Cowboys.

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10 Responses to Jason Garrett Named Full-Time Head Coach for Dallas Cowboys

  1. craig kocay says:

    No no no!!

    Time for the defensive coordinator search.
    Cmon mike nolan

  2. trent says:

    jerry is saying that this is not true

  3. johncoleman says:

    Craig-I would be ok with Mike Nolen/Nolan. Whether Garrett is officially the manor not as of now, I would expect it to be him. I’m still not happy with his personnel decisions and clock management. His playcalling has been better but still is wayWAY WAAAY too predictable. Also his play/formation design doesn’t always maximize our talent. I saw GB I think use a two back/three wide formation. this forces single coverage or man on a minimum of one WR and potentially two depending on how the D reacts and what they do with their backers. You then run playaction and suck the backers up and BINGO. If I can recognize that it is solid, it can’t be that hard . The above example also simplifies the QB read. It might have been NE instead of GB. OH YEAH, WE HAVE TO FIX THE PROTECTION FIRST. OOPS! SILLY ME!

  4. JJ says:

    I don’t recall if Nolan runs the 3-4. Either way, hard to believe Nolan would leave Miami as DCoordinator to come to Dallas. Rumors are he’s interested in the Denver Head Coaching job. We can hope that the we can grab Capers since his contract expires with the Pack but they probably want to hang on to him.

  5. starred4life says:

    I heard Marvin Lewis is leaving the Bengals. He would be on my short list of D coordinators. Dom Capers would be a fantastic pick up with his contract being up in GB. With our secondary, we need someone who goes on the attack.

  6. moses says:

    Well, I guess it was inevitable that Garrett would be selected as the HC.

    I don’t think Jerry ever really considered anyone except Garrett. We will probably miss out on the next Tomlin or Bellichick. I hope Garrett will develop into something other than an average interim coach.

  7. JJ–I would LOVE to bring in Dom Capers as the DC. Didn’t do well as a head coach, but man I love the way he runs GB’s 3-4 defense. The “Psycho” package he has used is what I’ve been wanting in Dallas for awhile. I think his play-calling fits better with JG’s offensive approach than what we have had. It’s almost as if we have an OC running a Sean Payton-like offense, but instead of an aggressive defense to complement it, we have man coverage-heavy D that plays with the mindset of a Cover 2 defense.

  8. Tom says:

    DC is the biggest vacancy to fill. I’m already hearing Rob Ryan is interviewing for the Panthers HC job (though he’s not a favorite to land it). But it brings up an interesting point. A lot of DC’s and assistants on staffs that are about to be wiped out (DEN, SF, CAR, MIA, etc) have some good DC prospects.
    Rob Ryan (he’d be great in Dallas), Greg Manusky (SF) – used to be on Wade’s staff in SD, Nolan from MIA, Mike Trgovac (Packers DL coach right now), Wayne Nunnely (Broncos DL) also an ex-Wade assist., Todd Grantham (get him back from UGA).

    Jerry needs to hurry up and just name Garrett the HC have the intro press conference, blah, blah, blah, and start getting all the assistants lined up, particularly the defensive guys. (He might want to make Ray Sherman the OC to lock him up too). “Hit the ground running is Jerry’s quote, so let’s see if he was being truthful or just blowing smoke.

    Regarding Capers, there’s no chance GB allows him to leave, Dallas had their chance back when Brian Stewart was here, and they snubbed Capers as a possible consultant hire because Stewie’s feeling would’ve been hurt. How horrible was that decision in hindsight (and even at the time, IMO).

    Anyway, there’s a lot of good 3-4 DC’s floating around the ether right now, so hope Jerry gets the best he can pronto, before these guys start getting snapped up.

  9. Tom–I would absolutely love a Rob Ryan. He hasn’t run a 3-4 per se, but his defenses have experience in all styles. He’s really innovative and he’d be my second choice behind Capers (although I wouldn’t consider either a favorite).

  10. Tom says:

    I didn’t know that about Rob Ryan, I always thought of him as more of a 3-4 DC, although I did know he ran the 4-3 in OAK. He surely has the credentials to back him up .

    Now I’m hearing Greg Manusky’s name being mentioned also, I’d be pleased with either guy, assuming Capers is untouchable.

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