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Pittsburgh Steelers O-Line Wears Flozell Adams Jerseys Back to Dallas | The DC Times

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Pittsburgh Steelers O-Line Wears Flozell Adams Jerseys Back to Dallas

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Jonathan Bales

Think former Cowboys offensive tackle Flozell Adams isn’t happy to be coming back to Dallas for the Super Bowl a year after the ‘Boys cut him?  Flozell had the entire Steelers offensive line wear his Michigan State jersey on their travel day as they come into Big D.

I will admit I was one of the many people who thought Flozell should have been released.  In hindsight, a move to right tackle probably would have been better for Dallas.  Flozell had a solid season in Pittsburgh, and he couldn’t have been worse than Marc Colombo.

At least the guys weren’t dawning Cowboys jerseys.  Thanks to TerezOwens.com for the photo.

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6 Responses to Pittsburgh Steelers O-Line Wears Flozell Adams Jerseys Back to Dallas

  1. Kevin Keithley says:

    Knowing what we know about Colombos play this year perhaps Flozell should have been moved to RT, but not at the $7.5 million he was under contract to receive. I seriously doubt that he would have renegotiated his contract with the Cowboys for the $7.5 mill for 2 years (with no guarunteed money) that Pittsburgh gave him. Also Pittsburgh signed him only after the season ending injury (Achilles heal) to RT Willie Colon, a 3 year starter. Hindsight is 20/20 but paying $7.5 mill a year to a 35 year old declining player is not a good move.

  2. Kevin–No doubt about that. . .but I do think Flozell would have restructured to stay in Dallas. He probably knew he was going to get released without it and, although I’m not certain the team didn’t discuss restructuring with him, I never heard anything about it.

  3. Tyrone Jenkins says:

    What are the odds someone picks up Columbo after his release this year and turns him into a blocking stud?

    Nice gesture from his teammates. I liked Flozell but also thought he shoulda been cut. His resurgence at RT is due to numerous factors that made it favorable for Flozell. For instance, the Steelers are about 50/50 pass run ratio (according to nfl.com). Therefore, their predicatiblity of pass is less likely which adds that extra second for him to get out of his stance and upright to handle the pass rush (his issue was always handling speed rushers). Plus, moving to the right side matched him up w/ slower DEs and OLBs.

    The Boys were more of a 60 40 pass run ratio (this year was 57 43); and they often were playing from behind (which meant more passing).

    The style of football and play calling worked as an advantage to Flozell.

  4. JJ says:

    Jonathan – I have thought about this all season long. In fact, the common notion is that “hindsight is 20/20” based on how Colombo played and how Flozell ending up starting for a Super Bowl team.

    Yet, there is more to this that serves a great caution when emotion plays into one’s thinking and, admittedly, into my own. Think back over a year ago when the Cowboys were being buried at RT and we all chanted that we needed Colombo back. He did come back against the Vikings and the results were horrid. Colombo was a given a pass though because he was tough and nasty but just came back too early.

    Fast forward from there to last offseason and the organization took the same path.

    This is the path that causes me to shudder (i.e. When the organization makes decisions that an emotional fan would make)…the Cowboys did it when they decided to go with Ball at safety (because Hamlin was a terrible value), when they kept only 3 corners (Newman and Jenkins seemed to play so well and Sidney Rice embarrassing them was a mirage), when they felt they were set at DE (who needs good DE when Spencer was so good at year end), when they thought an “old” line was that same thing as a veteran line of the 90s. As fans, we can afford to fabricate, justify and be emotional. GMs cannot.

    So, here we sit and if Flo were able to restructure and move to RT, there is no doubt in my mind we would have been better off than Colombo.

    Still, it is awfully hard to see the Steelers come into Cowboy Stadium and play in their third Super Bowl since they played the Cowboys in 1995…over 15 years since the Cowboys have been part of the big stage. 15 years! Hard to blame Flo for being excited.

  5. Tyrone–Exactly zero percent. Good points on why Flozell found success this year though.

    JJ–The Cowboys have certainly seemed to miss on more personnel decisions of late. Doug Free to LT looks great now and there have been a few other nice moves, but the drafting hasn’t looked tremenedous lately and Ball/DEs/etc have been assessed poorly. I still have confidence in the organization to make the right moves, but it all starts with the 2011 draft. And THAT starts with correctly assessing the talent of your own squad.

  6. JJ says:

    JB- Ironically, I read a segment today with comments from Jerry acknowledging that he may have been complacent going into the season and assessed improperly. Let’s hope that trend comes to screeching halt.

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