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Dallas Cowboys Potential Draft Pick in 2011: Brandon Burton, CB, Utah | The DC Times

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Dallas Cowboys Potential Draft Pick in 2011: Brandon Burton, CB, Utah

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Jonathan Bales

In my initial Dallas Cowboys Mock Draft, I had the ‘Boys selecting Utah cornerback Brandon Burton in the third round.  I figured I’d provide a more detailed analysis of Burton’s play.

Scouting Report

Brandon Burton seems like a “typical” Dallas Cowboys cornerback due to his excellent speed and that fact that he is superior in man-coverage as opposed to zone.  He uses his long arms (he’s 6’1”) to generally get a nice press on receivers.  In the film below, Burton didn’t play much press coverage because of his opponent–Pitt’s Jonathan Baldwin.  Baldwin is a massive receiver and Utah apparently didn’t think Burton could muscle up with Baldwin (although it is generally easier to press a big guy than a small, quick one, in my opinion).

Nonetheless, the Pitt game was one of Burton’s worst.  He was forced to play off-coverage quite a bit and didn’t fair that well.  At the 2:21 mark, you can see Burton get turned around on a double-move and yield an easy score.  When he’s more than five yards off the ball (as in that play), his footwork suffers.

The routes Burton covers superbly are the deep ones–the go, deep post, and so on.  He’s got excellent make-up speed and can allow a receiver to get to his hip without giving up the deep ball (double-moves, as you saw, are a different story).  Burton also has great jumping ability.

Many people seem to think Burton is a good (even great) tackler, but I don’t see it.  He’s better than Jimmy Smith, but Burton fails to get off blocks and gets overpowered often.  He’s not unwilling to stick his nose in there, but he is only effective if he’s unblocked.  You can see him get neutralized in the run game at the nine-second mark and (especially) at the 1:56 mark.  On the latter play, Burton gets absolutely demolished.


As I stated above, I think Burton will get selected around the third-round.  Because of his position, he could sneak into the back of the second-round, but I don’t think he deserves to be there.  He’s an Orlando Scandrick-type player: he’s got the potential to be a solid contributor, but he’s not going to be a No. 1 cornerback.  I’d give him a third or fourth-round grade.

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16 Responses to Dallas Cowboys Potential Draft Pick in 2011: Brandon Burton, CB, Utah

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  2. chris stallcup says:

    hey jonathan i cant find your donation bin thing lol

  3. chris stallcup says:

    i lied i found it..haha

  4. Jonny Danger says:

    Its official DallasCowboys.com is the home of ignorant morons. This is the only place I can find intelligent football talk about the Boys. I will not be returning there except for multimedia purposes.

  5. Trent says:

    @Jonny Danger: Agreed. JB does such an excellent job, that there is no going back to other sites.

  6. Tyrone Jenkins says:

    This guys seems like a much better value than Jimmy Smith. He’s got speed – you can always teach technique. And, more importantly, he doesn’t shy away from tackling (he is man handled on quite a few running plays as mentioned but that can be worked out). When he gets burned on the double move, I actually think he thought he had safety help inside (depending on the coverage called, he actually might have been right given the 2 WRs to his side). If this is a bad game for him, then he’s not all that bad considering his frame should allow him to add some muscle (weight).

    One thing he is definitely NOT is a free safety.

    But, if he’s there in the 3rd, he’s a consideration (if and only if the 1st 2 picks were used on D line and O line). In the 4th, he’s a pick.

  7. Vince_Grey says:

    With rare exceptions, corners are going to get run over. A lot. That’s what happens when guys 170-200 pounds get blocked and/or run over by people out-weighing them by 40, 50, 100 pounds or more. What I want is the effort. If this guy can cover and he’s at least willing to tackle (Unlike Jenkins much of the time.) I’m ok with that.

  8. willis says:

    Johnny Danger – best decision ever.

    Depending on free agency(if there is one…grumble) and the draft, I wouldn’t mind getting this guy in the 3rd to fourth round range. A player with his speed and size always has the potential to turn into a starter. I know its not ever a sure thing, but what is in this game?

  9. Chris–I just sent you an email! Thanks so much for donating.

    Jonny–Same here! I use DC.com for the player interviews. I haven’t even read an article on there in months.

    Thanks Trent!

  10. Tyrone–I think Burton has some holes, but I’d also scoop him up in the 4th pretty quickly.

  11. Vince–I do think Burton is willing, and his form actually isn’t terrible when he’s in the open-field. He just won’t get off of blocks well.

    Willis–Thanks. I wouldn’t be too upset with Burton in the third, but I’d certainly love to see him in the 4th. I think his speed will make that unlikely though.

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