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Draft Mailbag Questions, Please!

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I appreciate all of the questions DCT readers submit through comments and e-mail.  Recently, I’ve been so busy with the “Grading the ‘Boys” and “Potential Draft Picks” series that I haven’t answered as many as I’d like in recent weeks.

I’m going to take the time this weekend to answer as many of your draft questions as possible. . .just submit them below.  If I don’t know the answers to your inquiries, I have a few scouts on call who will (my little brothers’ Madden draft prep qualifies them as ‘scouts,’ right?).

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One Response to Draft Mailbag Questions, Please!

  1. brian says:

    Just a request to evaluate OT Anthony Costonzo (sp?)

    Also, I think your mock with Carimi coming to the boys in round 2 is a bit of a stretch. I have not seen anyone putting him past about pick 25. I know guys drop sometimes but that is a big drop at a position that players are more often drafted a bit too early.

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