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February’s Hot Cowboys Babe: Jacklyn King

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What better day than February 14 to post this month’s “Hot Cowboys Babe” and make all of you single readers out there incredibly upset?

Name: Jacklyn Jone’t King

Age: 21 years old

Location: Dallas, Texas

College/Degree: I am still doing classes in college, but I am also a licensed Esthetician.

Likes: The ocean, swimming, dancing, football, working out, haunted houses, summer,  margaritas and there is so much more.  I could go on and on for days.

Favorite physical feature on a guy: It is different with all guys but there is just something about a beautiful set of eyes that can take your breath away :)

Top three qualities in a man: #1. Has to have a great personality, that is the most important    #2. Has to have a really good sense of humor like me.   #3. Most importantly, has to be a sweetheart, which means knowing how to take care of his woman!

Best way for a guy to approach you: I would have to say NEVER use a pick up line unless it is very humorous and could possibly make me laugh. I think just simply approaching me and introducing yourself is the best way.  Have confidence and don’t try too hard, just be yourself.

Best place to meet guys: I definitely don’t go to certain places to meet guys but if I had to pick. . .maybe a football game or some sort of sporting event.

Best Advice For Guys: Just be yourself and be confident in your own skin because women find that attractive, but don’t overdo the confidence.  Make a girl laugh and be sweet to her; every girl wants to be treated well.

Favorite TV Show: It would have to be a tie between The Jersey Shore and Family Guy

Favorite Movie: Avatar <3

Favorite Book: The Twilight Series. . .they are the best books ever!

Favorite Food: I like all food but pickles are my weakness.

Favorite Music: I really like every single type of  music.  Listening to different music is like an adventure!

Best Physical Feature: If I could pick I would say my smile.  I know to others it is something else but I will let you guys decide! :)

Biggest Insecurity: That would have to be public speaking.  Ever since speech class in high school I have had this insecurity with speaking in front of a bunch of people. I’m always worried I’m shaking or my words aren’t going to come out right. haha.

Years as a Cowboys Fan: I have been a Cowboys fan since the day I was born.  My father has always loved the Cowboys so I grew up loving them as well.

Thoughts on Tony Romo: I hope he is healing well and I hope seeing how well Kitna finished the season will encourage him to play a little more like he did in the beginning.  More passion, less fear.

Thoughts on Jason Garrett: I think Garrett really stepped up to the plate and I’m glad he got the job for head coach. I like his coaching style and how he forces the players to earn their spot on the field regardless of their paycheck.  If he can keep the communcation lines clear and maintain authority over the team, I think next season will be great for the Cowboys.

Favorite current Cowboy: #23 Running Back Tashard Choice. Not only does he work hard and give his all for the team but he is a great guy off the field.  Completely down to earth and grateful for his fans and everything he’s been given.

Favorite all-time Cowboy: I would have to say Troy Aikman :) gotta love him.

Most memorable moment as a Cowboys fan: My most memorable moment as a Cowboys fan would have to be my first game. . .being 21 years old and being able to drink a cold beer legally with my dad at a game!  It was a fun experience and the ‘Boys won so it made it even better!

You can follow Jacklyn on Twitter @SkinDeepSecrets.

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2 Responses to February’s Hot Cowboys Babe: Jacklyn King

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  2. Amber Leigh says:

    HOT HOT HOTTTTTT mama! Way to go Jax! <3

    Y'all can also check out Jacklyn in The Blonde Side 2011 calendar! <3


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