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March's Hot Cowboys Babe: Amanda Lee | The DC Times

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March’s Hot Cowboys Babe: Amanda Lee

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Name: Amanda Lee.

Age: 24

Heritage/ethnicity: Italian

Location: Las Colinas, TX

College/Degree: Medical assistant…soon to be sono tech

Favorite physical feature on a guy:  Arms and smile

Best way for a guy to approach you:  Just come up and introduce yourself…no funny stuff.

Best Advice For Guys:  The pick up lines suck and dont work on real women!

Favorite TV Show:  Bad Girls Club, Jersey Shore and Grey’s Anatomy!!

Favorite Movie:  Jarhead

Favorite Book: Considering Kate

Favorite Food: Seafood, Mexican and Italian!

Favorite Music: Rap, Rock, Old Rock, Country, Techno, Hip-hop

Best Physical Feature:  My smile

Years as a Cowboys Fan: 24

Thoughts on Jason Garrett: BLAH!!!

Favorite current Cowboy:  Miles Austin

Favorite all-time Cowboy:  Troy Aikman!

Most memorable moment as a Cowboys fan: Jimmie Jones catch-it-in-the-air-and-score of a Jim Kelly fumble forced by Charles Haley in Super Bowl XXVII!


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13 Responses to March’s Hot Cowboys Babe: Amanda Lee

  1. Jonny Danger says:

    No one ever really posts on these beautiful women. Find that odd but I guess the rest of you fellas are just football nerds and/or shy haha. Ill be more then happy to become an interviewer for DCtimes.com babes of the month if the normal guy calls in sick ;).

  2. Jonny–I know! All these comments and no one says much…the page view numbers suggest you are all still looking though! haha

    And the guy who does the interviews is ME. It’s not too bad of a gig.

  3. Vince_Grey says:

    JB, since you do the interviews, when you ask the “Best Physical Feature” question, can you add that they can’t say “My eyes”, “My smile” or dimples, or any other we-all-know-this-is-total-BS response?

    I mean, gimmie a break. She has 13 pics posted and her eyes aren’t even seen in 10 of them. OTOH, her body/rack/caboose is prominently displayed in at least 10 photos.

    Well displayed, I might add. Verah nice.

    At least ask that they be honest. Eyes. Puh-leeze.

    Maybe you should rephrase the question to:

    “When you go out, what physical feature do you think is most attractive to guys?”

    Because THAT’S the real answer.


  4. haha I think almost every girl has said “eyes.” How about we just do an informal vote on each girl’s best physical feature? Does clothing count? She’s a heck of a dresser :)

  5. valmont says:

    “My eyes”

    I’m in favor of letting them answer how they want. Like the “my eyes” answer tells you they’re a snooze. Now a girl who says their best feature is their ass .. keeper.

  6. Jonny Danger says:

    lol hilarious. Yes many of them say their eyes. Which is fine I find a womens eyes to be very sexy. However Ive seen some with great legs or great feet, gorgeous lips or great butt whatever. Don’t be modest ladies eyes and smile are not the only thing you have got going for you.
    In this girl’s case her smile is so-so in my opinion its her legs and how she wears that clothing so well is what is her best feature to me.

  7. If you find a girl who says their best feature is their ass, you let me know. I want her on this site.

  8. Haha “so-so” smile….but yes, I love her clothing! I’m actually being dead serious…awesome dresser.

  9. Vince_Grey says:

    Valmont – The problem with your answer is, they ALL say that, so that mean’s they’re all “snoozes”, which I don’t think is true. I just think they’re all programmed to say some feminist-response answer like that instead of saying “My best feature is (are?) my surgically enhanced breasts!”

    Jonny – I agree a ladies eyes can be very attractive, and definitely lips and legs can as well. (Gotta break away from you with the feet thing though.)

    But honestly, if you put the most sensual, sexy eyes ever on a BUF (Butt Ugly Female) you still have a BUF. OTOH, if you completely remove the eyes from lady who looks like, say, Gemma Atkinson (http://www.outofaces.com/gemma-atkinson/), well… you still have a woman I’d crawl through 10 yards of razor wire to get to.

    JB – Yeah, she’s a nice dresser, but then again, a hot babe looks good in anything… or nothing at all.

    I’d hate have to watch TV with her though. Her idea of favorite shows is my idea of torture.

  10. Amanda Lee says:

    Hi losers :)
    I never said my eyes were my best feature, I said my SMILE :)
    and my smile is in EVERY PIC.

  11. Amanda Lee says:

    BUT thank you to everyone who was nice :)

  12. Matthew Prainito says:

    You do have a nice smile Amanda I have no problem with that choice, you are very beautiful….I wish I was old enough to remember that super bowl moment but i was only 3…the only super bowl win I can remember actually watching was XXX….this kind of stuff renews my faith that there are actually women out there who are into football…thank God (I had an ex who absolutely hated it and it was….torture…lol)

  13. Brandon Johnson says:

    You’re smile is gorgeous, what everyone is suggesting is that while looking at the rest of you they hardly ever even see your smile 😉

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