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Five Reasons the Dallas Cowboys Will Draft USC OT Tyron Smith

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Jonathan Bales

5.  Patrick Peterson is not going to drop.

Peterson is No. 1 on the Cowboys’ board and you can bet Jerry Jones wants to make a splash by drafting him.  If Peterson somehow drops to the Browns at No. 6, look for the ‘Boys to make a move.

The chances of Peterson dropping, however, are remote.  All five teams ahead of Cleveland have some kind of interest in Peterson, with Cincinnati being a sleeper.  Cornerback Jonathan Joseph is a free agent and a Peterson/Leon Hall tandem could be dynamite.  Even though Jerry loves headline players, he isn’t going to sacrifice his entire 2011 draft to jump into the top five.  There are simply too many holes on this Cowboys squad.

4.  Smith is the future of offensive tackles.

If this was 1995, Smith might not be a top-20 selection.  He never played at more than 285 pounds and, as a finesse offensive tackle, a lot of teams would have shied away from Smith.

Fast-forward to 2011, though, and Smith is all the rage.  With some NFL teams approaching a 70 percent pass rate, slim, athletic tackles like Smith are in vogue.

For the ‘Boys, running more screens, tosses and counters to the right side of the field (something that used to be all but off-limits) will be valuable.

3.  Sam Young and Robert Brewster are projects.

The Cowboys have a lot of hope for Young, while Brewster played okay at right tackle (not left tackle) in the 2010 preseason.  Still, these aren’t yet players in whom Dallas can trust as starters.  Developing both players (especially Young) behind a guy like Smith would allow for a formidable backup in the event that Smith (or Doug Free) gets injured.

2.  Smith has experience at right tackle, but can play both tackle positions.

With Free playing well on the left side, the Cowboys would likely want Smith to play on the right side.  Despite his “small” stature, that is actually where Smith gained experience in college.  His versatility, though, would allow him to be a “swing” tackle for Dallas–he would start at right tackle, but move to the left side if Free would get hurt, allowing Young to play move into the right tackle spot.  As of now, the Cowboys have no suitable backup to Free.

1.  Marc Colombo

This is really the only reason needed.  Colombo allowed nine sacks, 11 hits, and a ridiculous 40 quarterback pressures in 2010.  With a 63 percent in my 2010 Offensive Line Grades, he received the worst grade I have ever given a Cowboys player.  He needs to be replaced, and Smith is the top candidate to do so.

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8 Responses to Five Reasons the Dallas Cowboys Will Draft USC OT Tyron Smith

  1. Tyrone Jenkins says:

    Agree w/ each and every point.

  2. Rick says:

    I think you should also mention that, barring Ijalana dropping to #40, the second round tackles are garbage.

    The free agency options actually aren’t bad, though. Tyson Clabo, Jermon Bushrod, Matt Light, Jared Gaither, etc. I wouldn’t touch Gaither, though, unless he signs for cheap, which is unlikely; there’s a reason Baltimore tried so hard to trade him last offseason and has shown no interest in keeping him.

  3. Rick–That’s an awesome point. I’ve talked about the importance of grabbing a first round OT due to lack of depth at the position, and it really slipped my mind here. Of the FAs you named, Clabo interests me most.

  4. john coleman says:

    The need for a RT is obvious and with Smith’s ability to swing, it’s a no brainer. We currently have no LT backup at all. I do think Young would be no worse than Columbo at RT.

    I still think Brewster is a OG.

  5. john says:

    If one of the premier guys falls to us, and a team in the middle of the first round wants him, we could pick up a second rounder and still get one of the top three OT’s in the draft. I wouldn’t be bummed if we had to “settle” for Carimi or Costanzo. If a QB or two make it into the top ten, someone good has to be left on the table.

  6. Tyrone Jenkins says:

    It’s becoming more clear that the key to this draft for the Cowboys is the 25-35 draft pick range.

    Given the value of the draft there, it’s almost IMPERATIVE that the Boys trade down. Ideal scenario is to draft Tyrone Smith or some other offensive or defensive linemen after trading down but more important isn’t the 1st selection but what they get for that trade – the Boys need to find a way to move up higher (from 40) into the early 2nd or even late 1st.

    Here’s why: staying at 40 will probably mean a choice of Rahim Moore, Martez Wilson, Ras I-Dowling (who I’m reading had a stellar pro day), Allen Bailey, Adrian Clayborn, Christian Ballard, Kenrick Ellis and Rodney Hudson. Picking from one of those really isn’t all that bad. But moving up to somewhere in the 30-36 range will add Phil Taylor, Ben Ijalana, Aaron Williams, Pouncey and Jimmy Smith (Smith is a knucklehead w/ a couple of drug charges but is being compared to Nnamdi Asomugha actually as the guy can flat out cover). Moving up just 10 slots brings a whole greater dimension of player prospect into play! Plain and simple, picking up Smith, Costanzo or Carimi (not Solder) AND having a shot at Phil Taylor or Ijalana is a much better option than staying at #9 and #40.

    Trading down is SO much more valuable of an option at this point, it should be viewed as a requirement.

  7. chris stallcup says:

    well if julio jones falls to 9 we will trade with st louis…i just hope tyron smith will still be there at 15. which i think he will.

  8. John–I wouldn’t be bummed with Carimi either, assuming it is in a trade back that results in a mid-round pick at least.

    Tyrone–I would agree on your 2nd round targets, and I also concur that the quality of player in the back of the first is far higher. Even though I love Tyron Smith, I think I would probably like a Carimi/Taylor combo, for example, more than a Smith/Moore combo. BTW..just did an article on trading with Rams at 14.

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