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Assessing the Play of Kyle Kosier in 2010: Should He Be Re-Signed? | The DC Times

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Assessing the Play of Kyle Kosier in 2010: Should He Be Re-Signed?

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Jonathan Bales

Last offseason, I named left guard Kyle Kosier the most underrated player on the Dallas Cowboys.  Kosier was coming off of a season in which he yielded just one sack.  Guards are frequently seen as players who should be great run blockers before great pass blockers, but I disagree.  Protecting the quarterback up the middle is nearly just as important as doing so on the edges, and, despite being an average run blocker, Kosier’s pass protection over the years has been outstanding.

In my opinion, Kosier’s run blocking slipped a bit in 2010.  He once again had the fewest rate of 10+ yard runs and the ‘Boys had only one run of 20+ yards when he was at the point-of-attack.  Kosier does a nice job of positioning his body on blocks and excels on runs like counters and draws, but he will never be the dominating man-on-man blocker that it seems Jason Garrett wishes he had.  Is this enough of a reason to not re-sign Kosier?

I don’t think so.  Kosier’s pass protection was as good as ever in 2010.  Actually, I credited him with not allowing a single sack all season.  That’s in 495 plays in which he was in pass protection.  He also surrendered just two quarterback hits and committed only three penalties in 2010.  It’s no wonder I have him an “A” in my 2010 Cowboys Offensive Line Grades.

Kosier’s ability to protect the quarterback and the lack of a starting-quality guards behind him on the roster makes me think the Cowboys will be re-signing Kosier whenever that is made possible.  And that is the right move.  Kosier shouldn’t get a huge contract, but signing him to a two-year deal makes a lot of sense to me.

Leonard Davis, on the other hand, may not be so lucky.

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7 Responses to Assessing the Play of Kyle Kosier in 2010: Should He Be Re-Signed?

  1. Jonny Danger says:

    This is Tyrone moonlighting as Jonny Dizzle (too lazy to erase his info and substitute mine)

    From the #s, it looks like Montrae Holland is solid. Is this true?

    Also, Kosier saw over 150 less snaps than fellow starters when passes were called but saw pretty much the same # of snaps on run plays. That pretty much indicates the run / pass ratio whenever Kosier is playing is more run than when he’s not playing. I wonder if that’s on purpose?

    I guess it’s obvious that Kosier should be re-signed based on the above. But, something that’s interesting to me is that Gurode’s #s (run blocking in particular) are poor. I wonder how much of that can be attributed to him trying to “help” Kosier and/or Davis?

  2. starred4life says:

    Kosier is getting a little long in the tooth, but he wasn’t part of the problem last season. If he could keep on keeping on for another year, it’d make the interior of our line a lot better this season, (as we wouldn’t need to replace both guards nor see a rerun of last year’s interior line-up).
    I’d love to see someone out play Davis, whether it be Holland, Parnell, Brewster, or a free agent.
    I know Sam Young is our swing tackle, but as high as Houck seems to be on him, I wonder if he might be a better guard than Davis. I haven’t heard anyone mention him as being in the mix. But we need our best five linemen to start, whatever their names are. I hope that all the “competition” we keep hearing isn’t just coach-speak, and applies to every position on the offensive line. I’d be ecstatic if Parnell, or Brewster distinguished themselves and came on strong this year. Some good news from drafts past would be a welcome shock.

  3. Scott says:

    Bob Sturm has a nice piece up the Cowboys screen plays, focusing on 5 successful plays from 2010


    At the end he provides some observations, including this:

    2) – Kyle Kosier is a key player in many of these plays. The more I review 2010, the more I want to re-sign Kosier. He is exceptional in space and is capable of leading this play where Leonard Davis cannot get out there fast enough for the first block. Sometimes, Davis can get in front of the play, but that first block – usually needed behind the line of scrimmage out on the edge at the precise moment that Felix catches and cuts – is a block only Kosier can pull off it seems. There is no question that his health issues (the 3 week absence that seems like a regular happening every season) are disconcerting, but when he plays, he plays very well.

  4. Vince_Grey says:

    KK has always looked to me to be that classic “grizzled old vet” who simply knows how to play the game. A blue collar type who does his job decently well, but not great.

    That said, while I do appreciate his pass blocking proficiency, I’m old school enough to want my interior linemen to be at least above average in run blocking no matter what. That, plus his age, very much makes me feel he needs to be phased out as a starter in another year or so. (He’d make a hell of a backup though)

    Davis’ play (And age) puts him in the same category, but big Len might have some quality years left, because, unlike KK, Davis was a top guard and a fine run blocker not so long ago. I think his deal is more he just needs to lose some weight and get into shape.

    The bottom line is, our interior O-line is old and this is a young man’s game. Time for some new blood. I might feel different if this group had ever been a great line, but it’s never been more than average, maybe a little above average, at best.

  5. JJ says:

    There are other vets (Colombo, Newman, Barber, Hurd) that I’d prefer to be moved before Kosier. It seems that Garrett wants lineman that can run and outside of Free, Kosier was the best amongst them in this category.

    I can certainly buy Smith as the new RT but I’m not convinced we have another OG ready to start the season as a starter to replace one vet let alone two. Please don’t say Holland….it was hard for the Cowboys to play him even when Davis was at his worst.

  6. john coleman says:

    I would say at this point resigning Kosier is a must. We are rapidly approaching the training camp period and have not looked at any of our draftees on the field. Even if Arkin or Brewster or some other guy could help us, it would be real risky not having seen anybody. At least in Kosier you have some idea of the player you are getting.

    It would seem to me that with Smith replacing Columbo that it will create a little more balance across the line. In turn, defenses will have to respect the whole arsenal of weapons and plays at our desposal. On the other hand, it could cause someone else to be considered the weakest link, and create a shift of focus to them.

    I found it interesting that the stats actually make just as much of a case for Leonard Davis as they do for Kosier. In the case of big Leonard, he has the best percentage in two categories. So just based on the numbers Kosier is inferior.

    Personally, I would like to see both of them replaced, but that is not realistic this season. I also read where there was a Davis sighting at Romo’s wedding, and he looked bigger than usual. Are you kidding me? More than 360! If he shows up way overweight, he could be in jeopardy. I was hoping for a refocused and in shape Davis, who could be dominant for another year or two.

  7. Trent says:


    glad to have him back.

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