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Dez Bryant Join Dallas Cowboys Workouts

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I normally don’t report on very minor Cowboys-related news because I prefer to assess more overarching aspects of the team.  I guess it’s the philosophy background in me, but I care more about the big picture.  When that “news” has to do with Dez Bryant missing a voluntary, player-held workout, I really don’t care.

I figured I would make note of the fact that Bryant showed up to Cowboys workouts today, however, because so many made a huge deal out of Bryant’s absence from yesterday’s workout.  Yesterday, Bryant was an ungrateful, immature second-year player who didn’t care enough about the team to show up to a practice.  Today, he’s doing what he should do…at least according to the major news outlets in Dallas.  No story there, right?  I mean look at the novel ESPN wrote about Bryant’s appearance today.  Oh now wait, that’s not a novel.  It’s five sentences.  And one of those sentences is “More to come.”  Nice.

For what it’s worth, Tony Romo (who set up these workouts, Romo haters) said Bryant “looked good” at the workout today.  Romo also said Bryant missed yesterday’s workout because of a personal matter and informed Romo ahead of time that he would not be able to make it.  What an ungrateful prick.

Look, there’s no doubt that Bryant does have some growing up to do.  He’s a young kid with a lot of money and plenty of time on his hands.  But he’s also someone who cares a great deal about football, wants to improve, and has done nothing to provoke unfounded attacks from media types who stretch the truth or unjustifiably ridicule Bryant to make money.

And as far as ESPN is concerned…more to come.

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3 Responses to Dez Bryant Join Dallas Cowboys Workouts

  1. Vince_Grey says:

    What a total, complete, ridiculous non-story. Same thing goes for Choice’s tweet story. Nothing there.

  2. Vince_Grey says:

    BTW, love that Romo has the Cowboys working out on their own. I’d like to know just who makes it there at least some and who doesn’t at all.

  3. Jonny Danger says:

    Wonderful. “more to come…”. It makes me upset to see such “news” coming from such a Major sports outlet. Even NFLnet pissed me off yesterday. Almost makes me want to change my thinking and get back into writing to supplant these morons. They are lazy and just digging for anything that will get them a paycheck and/or ratings. Let’s face it Dallas controversy sells and they will pick at the smallest things and enlarge them to massive proportions. Makes me sick. I don’t care what team they are reporting on just do your fing job. Make realistic, valid, fair and balanced reports.

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