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Nnamdi Asomugha Headed To. . .Philadelphia Eagles! | The DC Times

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Nnamdi Asomugha Headed To. . .Philadelphia Eagles!

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Jonathan Bales

If you follow our Twitter account, you may have noticed quite a few tweets in the last hour or so regarding free agent Nnamdi Asomugha.  After the Jets dropped out of the race and Jerry Jones was seen fist-pumping on the sideline, many assumed the Cowboys had secured the cornerback who I have long rated as the best defensive player in the NFL.  Instead, he is headed to Philly.  It will be interesting to see what the Eagles do with Asante Samuel after trading for Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, but as of now, Dez and Miles vs. Nnamdi and DRC looks like quite a matchup.

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15 Responses to Nnamdi Asomugha Headed To. . .Philadelphia Eagles!

  1. Jonny Danger says:

    Disgusted. Always been a fan of Nnamdi but no more.

  2. chris stallcup says:

    To me this is bittersweet. Bitter b/c he’s in philly. But sweet in the sense that Philly’s cap is prob screwed up and we have a chance to go after cullin Jenkins. I believe getting a defensive end like him would dramatically improve this defense. Plus we still need two safeties

  3. chris stallcup says:

    Oh and I forgot to mention that jackson is holding out on philly because he wants more money. Seems as if he wants a bunch of money that was used for nnamdi haha

  4. starred4life says:

    We need Cullen Jenkins more than ever right now. Especially after letting Bowen go to a div rival. Kenyon Coleman is an igor Olshansky-class JAG (just average guy). Although, Jenkins is a major injury risk and will probably command too much money.

    Aubrayo Franklin allowing us to move Ratliff to the end would be something to cheer me up about our DL.

    I’m quite concerned that we’ve actually weakened ourselves in free agency (with the departure of Bowen), while the rest of the division has really improved.

  5. Tyrone Jenkins says:

    Let’s face it – the Eagles are gonna be GOOD!

    The picked up Nnamdi, Babin, Vince Young and Rogers-Cromartie. They’re so primed, they’re looking to get rid of Asante Samuel…

    I would’ve loved to have had Nnamdi but not at the price he went for.

  6. john coleman says:

    CS- You mentioned the Jackson holdout and are spot on. IMO Jackson is a showboat whiner! However he makes plays and will want BIG money. So Nnamdi getting big money will make him want more. What I see is a BIG PROBLEM.

    TJ- Not so fast my friend! Nnamdi is a quality pickup. The rest IMO are overrated. Couple that with the fact that Vick is still a runner and his deep threat isn’t in camp and is pissed. Nnamdi just got his money. Even further the Eagles are still small on the D front and have lackluster LB’s. VY is hardly a great lockeroom presence. Philly seems desperate to me.

    I am frankly glad we didn’t overspend to get Nnamdi. I continue to see signs that the lights are on in Dallas as far as speding and getting the RIGHT guys. Resigning Spears is the perfect example. The gave him the cut rate last year when they could and paid the man when they had to. I think Spears was easily the best DE we had. He also has the size to move inside in Rob RYan’s multiple fronts. It also seems the Jones are really listening to the staff. So for me, I’m ok with no Nnamdi.

    Build from the inside out. Start with the big guys and add pieces around them. All we need now is a replacement for Davis, and he won’t have to be much more than marginal, to be equal.

  7. Tyrone Jenkins says:


    We think differently. DeSean will show before Aug 8th as he has to or will lose a year of NFL playing time (doesn’t get credit for the year even IF he shows after). He will probably be more of a locker room headache than VY. Plus, Andy Reid has always been good w/ QBs. They just upgraded their pash rush (somewhat) w/ Babin and they got BETTER significantly in the secondary. They picked up an additional 2nd round pick to boot.

    They’re better – no doubt about it.

  8. Jonny Danger says:

    They now have Cullen Jenkins as well bastards. I have faith in Garret and Ryan to get things going. We are still a very talented team, full of potential in our own right.

  9. Jonny Danger says:

    If I’m not mistaken Huff re-signed with the Raiders. Are we even making a push for these guys other then Nnamdi? I wasn’t upset we didn’t acquire Nnamdi or Cullen because I felt Safety was a much more pressing need and we couldn’t even make that happen. Who is left Abram Elam? I feel let down. I suppose our biggest addition to the defense is Rob Ryan and we have to believe his unique play-calling will right the ship and put some fire and much need leadership/confidence in this team.

  10. john coleman says:

    TJ- I agree on paper the Eagles are better. Also that their CB’s will be improved. I love the fact that they are blowing up their cap as well. I do not see Babin or Jenkins as being gamechangers. Babin will have to show me something. Also regarding Jackson, he WILL have to show up under the new agreement. Which is exactly what I think will be a problem. He has to be there and won’t get the money. Also Reid has been good with some really good athletes at QB. I will have to point out that in 12 years McNabb still can’t accurately throw the intermediate routes. Maybe Reid should have worked harder. To me contain Vick and cover the deep ball and they still have problems. I love to watch Vick and have been since his college days. Granted he has made strides, but still has a ways to go in the passing game. I see VY as a larger, slightly slower version of Vick. Their other QB, I can’t even name. So yes, they are better, but with potential for implosion.

    J Danger-It is clear that we don’t want to fork out big dollars for FA’s. The question is, does Rob Ryan really like what he has? or are we being cheaped? I personnally felt Spears was our best all around DE and resigning him was spot on. Evidently our front office and RR felt the same. I like the fact that we haven’t done anything foolish. I’m fairly sure now that we didn’t want Huff and Elam would be a cheaper upgrade. Plus he knows the system. Don’t lose sight of cuts by other teams either. It will be a couple of weeks before we see them but I could see a cut being equal to if not better than Ball. I mean a guy who can simply be in the right place is an upgrade. Also let’s not sell RR short in what he might be able to do. If we can create some serious heat upfront, our DB’s just got a lot better. We have some guys like Geathers and Lissemore who are unknowns and could come up big Adding Coleman will help the whole bunch , as he can be a coach on the field.

    It looks like the NFC East could have three strong teams and return to it’s righful position as the toughest division in football.

  11. Jonny Danger says:

    John Coleman- Most Definitely. I guess just as many fans because this lockout had bored us to death, I was hoping for some excitement in free agency. That hasn’t happened. So my outburst or rather feelings of being let down stem from that. I have no doubt RR can accomplish something great with this team. We have an excellent group of guys and I know with the right system we can become a dominant defense again. I’m very excited to see the different formations and blitz packages he will run to fit this teams strengths. I also believed Spears was the best we had at DE and I will admit seeing him re-signed did make me happy. I always pull for the unknowns I love seeing the guys on the bottom make a name for themselves so I’m pulling for Lissemore and company.

    Lofa Tatupu just got released think he is worth a look or just stick to what we have and hope Rush Hour(Lee and Carter) develops well?

  12. chris stallcup says:

    Oh wow johnny danger……now I want both lee and carter to end up being starters so I can call them rush hour…..

  13. Tyrone Jenkins says:

    John Coleman,

    I like your words but want to share what I think the “new model” of Jerry Jones.

    It seems that in the past, JJ was adamant about bringing in some high-profile player via free agency. Leonard Davis, TO, Roy Williams…two of the three weren’t bad additions EXCEPT he signed them to ridiculous contracts. He gave Davis a 7 yr contract at age 29!!! Five years later, he cuts him when the inevitable happens (his production doesn’t match his cost) and the team suffers due to the cap hit.

    His new model seems to be that which the good teams (Patriots, Eagles, Packers) advocate – DRAFT for value and play guys earlier when they cost less (BJ Raji, Nick Collins, Tom Brady, etc.). Sign big name FAs to modest, shorter contracts if at all (Vick, VY, Haynesworth – Nnamdi is an exception). Trade guys, especially backups, after they’ve shown the league they can handle starting for high draft picks (Kolb, Cassel). Trade big name guys before their contracts are up instead of cutting them.

    Jerry seems to be doing the same on a limited basis. I think he shouldn’t sign a new FS at all – just go w/ AOA and let him succeed/fail. I also think he should look at trading one of the RBs (probably TC), Marty B or Phillips, Kitna and Bradie James while they have value. Play Brooking 1/2 the season and go w/ Lee and Carter at ILB. Trade Spencer or Victor Butler and draft their replacement w/ the pick they receive from the trade. Continue to play Newman until his contract experies then don’t resign. Same w/ Gurode and Kosier.

    That’s the model for success – albeit in 2014.

  14. Vince_Grey says:

    I had no interest in NA at the price he went at. Personally, I truly believe Ryan’s more (Much, MUCH more) aggressive calls and play on defense will make us far improved. We may give up a few more points than we did in `09, but I believe we’ll more than compensate for that with many more turnovers.

    Everyone keeps harping on the 2ndary, but I see us really needing one (Prime) Richard Seymour type guy on our front line. That would give teams more to worry about that just Rat and Ware on pass rushes. I think our corners will bounce back and our safeties are… okay. Acceptable. For now.

  15. john coleman says:

    TJ- Good points and I love the mention of certain players. Man I’m glad to be able to have a little REAL football back and forth.

    Let’s hope some of our young players step up, so it won’t be 2014.

    I also agree with the premise of trading players who have a year or two left. Kitna probably could have started in Seattle or Arizona. Maybe even San Fran. We probably could have got a 4th and maybe a 3rd. I’m not sure about trading some of the others at this stage of the game. A good year by TC for example could really boost his stock. Same for Butler, Spencer, and Holland(if he starts). I would be ok with Letting Brook go midway as well.

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