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Why Jason Garrett Was Wrong to Run Late vs. New England | The DC Times

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Why Jason Garrett Was Wrong to Run Late vs. New England

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Jonathan Bales

Jason Garrett has received a lot of criticism for his decision to  call three straight runs while up, 16-13, with 3 minutes 36 seconds to play in Sunday’s  game in New England, perhaps the harshest of which came from his boss.  “We rolled the dice at the end and went conservative,” the Cowboys’ owner, Jerry Jones, said, ”and it bit us. You always second-guess whether or not we should  have tried to run a little offense down there instead of running it  three times.”

Jones is often misguided in his critiques of coaches and players,  but this one is spot-on.

You can read the rest of this post at the New York Times’ Fifth Down Blog.

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10 Responses to Why Jason Garrett Was Wrong to Run Late vs. New England

  1. brian says:

    Separately, how is it that Jerry keeps undermining his coach in public? Criticized his play-calling vs Detroit and now N England. Andy Reid has had his play-calling challenged by fans and the media….but NOT by Joe Banner. The Rooney family doesn’t do this. Even Dan Synder and the late Al Davis don’t.

    Jerry is an idiot. He is the biggest problem with this franchise.

  2. Knowbody Knowsbetta says:

    Funny, one week after the Lions game people KILLED Garrett for passing witha lead, said we should have run the ball. Next game we run the ball at the end of the game with a lead and they KILL him again, except saying we should have passed. WTF? Make up your mind people. Arm chair QB’s and GM’s all over fantasy land. Cowboy fans are little being around a bunch of little girls. Never sure what they want, yet they complain regardless. Just like Romo is a Goat week 1, a hero , a leader, etc weeks 2 &3 and then back to a goat again. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

  3. Boss Man says:

    Hey Knowbody,
    I was just thinking that same thing. Fans are Phony, stupid, girlish and even worse they seem to know absolutely NOTHING. You nailed it dude. For example, didnt every one complain about us wasting a 2nd round pick on Sean Lee who was hurt last year…yeappppp. Didnt the dumb fans complain that we wasted our 2nd and 3rd round picks on a another gifted , yet hurt LB in Carter? Didnt they complain about Murray??? These fans know NOTHING. Its so obvious. Just talking on emotions, not facts. Its a shame to. They are critical of Jerrah, yet he never gets credit for things he does good.
    So you are correct again Knowbody, they fans are unbelievable HORRIBLE. Pretty dumb comments they make if you ask me….thanks for wrtitng something of substance…

  4. Steve A says:

    I love it!! So true guys!!

  5. Tyrone Jenkins says:

    I completely disagree.

    Jason Garrett is a smart man. He knows the Cowboys had already played the Jets, Redskins, Lions, 49ers and were 3/4 the way through the Patriots – all teams that either have historically been good (Jets) or are good this year (Lions, 49ers and to some degree Redskins) or both (Pats). Also, the bye week was gone. Ahead of Dallas, they have the Rams, Seattle, Az, Miami, Buffalo and the rest of the NFC East, which appears to be a fairly easy schedule comparitively.

    Had Romo been given the opportunity to and thrown another “game-losing” pick, what do you think would happen to his psyche? Does Romo have the mental toughness to overcome another blow to it? Is he resilient enough to bounce back, yet again, and perform as needed to win a tough game? I doubt it. So did Garrett.

    So, at that point in the game, you do what gives you the best return for the risk. You try the run (you don’t know Tyron Smith is gonna commit a false start), punt it deep if you don’t get the 1st down, cover the punt well and put it on the defense who up until that point has played extremely well.

    My only changes would have been to try a screen pass out in the flat to TC on 2nd and 18 instead of a run AND to be more aggressive on defense once the Pats had the ball but other then that, I do exactly as JG did.

  6. Mont Seventeen says:

    When the game is on the line you put the ball in the hands of your best player… In the biggest game in Dallas Cowboys history, Jimmy Johnson put the ball in the hands of Troy! JG doesn’t have that luxury of having a Troy Aikman so a week after his QB “single handedly” lost a game against a quality opponent, why would he expect a different result? Teams sucker Romo into mistakes and if you think belichek didn’t have a play to trick Romo into another game-losing pick, you under-estimate Bill Belichek.

    Besides, the Pats pass D is the worst in recent memory… The way the D played, It should have never been that close!

  7. Tyrone Jenkins says:

    And Boss Man,

    I hate to admit but I was one of those who didn’t like the Lee pick last year nor did I like the Carter or Murray pick this year. But, I still don’t.

    Lee has been a beast – no doubt. But so was Jenkins in his 2nd year (made the Pro Bowl). Let’s hope Lee isn’t Jenkins in the future.

    That point aside, I still think the Boys woulda been better served getting a O lineman this year at pick # 40. Ben Ijalana was avail and is starting for the Colts right now (and doing OK). Dallas had to know they were letting go of Davis and Colombo at the time of the draft. Hindsight is always 20/20 but Ijalana probably is better than Arkin and odds are he will be for some time. ILB was not as needy a position as O line (and we can see that w/ injury, it still is; we just re-signed a player we cut in Montre Holland).

    All I know is – next year, if we use a 1st, 2nd or 3rd round pick on another LB, I’m gonna hit the roof…

  8. Rick says:

    New York Times? Congrats, man.

  9. Mark Watkins says:

    Yes fans make ridiculous unrealistic comments that are always in hindsight, but those were two completely different situations in two completely different games- they had a big lead against the Lions and their young QB. I think Jones was right too but shouldn’t have made the comments. He needs to quit meddling. Since the Cowboys haven’t been able to run the ball at ALL, I was saying at the time, not in hindsight, that they should pass the ball and try to get a first down instead of putting it back in Brady’s hands. Like Jones said, the outcome was predictable.

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