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Dallas Cowboys Potential 2012 Draft Pick: Cordy Glenn, G, Georgia | The DC Times

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Dallas Cowboys Potential 2012 Draft Pick: Cordy Glenn, G, Georgia

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Jonathan Bales

A lot of you know I am (really, really) high on Stanford guard David DeCastro.  Of all legitimate options for Dallas at No. 14, he’s the top guy on my list.  He’ll likely be the best player available, in my opinion, and he fits a major need.  On top of that, there’s a wide gap between DeCastro and the second-best interior lineman in this draft.  To exemplify this gap, I wanted to take a look at a prospect many consider to be the No. 2 guard on the board–Georgia’s Cordy Glenn.

My scouting report for Cordy Glenn is posted here at the NY Times.  Here’s a portion of that post:

Cordy Glenn (#71) is a mammoth offensive guard at 6-5, 348 pounds.  He actually played left tackle in 2011, but at his size and with his skills, he projects as a guard in the N.F.L. He could possibly fill in at tackle in a pinch, but he’s an interior lineman through and through.

Glenn plays aggressively and with a bit of an attitude (a good thing).  You can see his pure strength and aggressiveness at the 56-second and 3:36 marks in the first video below. That clip, from 2010 and with Glenn at left guard, is probably better film to study than the 2011 clips in which Glenn is at left tackle.

Because of Glenn’s impressive strength, he flourishes in tight areas.  He uses this strength with an effective hand punch, warding off defenders inside.  Over all, however, Glenn’s mechanics are poor.  He loses leverage quite often, firing off the ball too quickly in the running game.  He comes out off balance, overextending and falling to the ground (see the 1:17 mark).


For Dallas, I’m not sure Glenn really fits.  One of the trends we witnessed in Dallas’ first draft under Jason Garrett last year was an emphasis on versatility, and I think we’ll see that continue.  Glenn can be a force in the running game (and perhaps the team will want to try to bolster their short-yardage efficiency with a power guard), but he’s not the type of player I would label as versatile.  He’s an option in the second round if he drops, but I doubt he’ll land in Big D.

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4 Responses to Dallas Cowboys Potential 2012 Draft Pick: Cordy Glenn, G, Georgia

  1. Greg says:

    Say what you will about his fundamentals and mechanics, when Glenn wants to make himself into human retaining wall for a running lane, he really does not have to do more than just plant his feet and push.

    To the point of whether Glenn would fit in Dallas’s running scheme, I am not sure that a) there is a yet a verifiable “running game” style in Garrett’s playcalling because he just has not committed to acknowledging that running the ball is a work of non-fictional; and b) Callahan will reteach and reconfigure both the blocking scheme and the O-line standards.

  2. Greg..I think that will be the case in the NFL at times, but not on a consistent basis if he doesn’t fix his mechanics. Agree that Garrett’s running game is a bit hard to label, though.

  3. Greg says:

    Agree that Glenn will need a lot of shaping. The “retaining wall” comment was more my amusement with the clips. Glenn is so massive that he seemed to just wall off a lane at times. The Glenn traits that seem to be a good fit for what the Dallas O-line lacks are the mean streak, the pass-blocking like a tackle from the guard position (Dallas seemed to allow a lot of interior penetration with blitzes) and the mauling. I like the new faster, versatile, and lighter line but there were tumes last year that they got shoved around for lack of pure mass (I realize that much has to do with the predictable playcalling and poor play design) and inertia.
    In direct comparison, why would DeCastro be better for Dallas in the first round than Dallas instead getting Glenn in the 2nd round?

  4. john coleman says:

    Simply put, I would not be upset with him late in the 1st. At least as of right now. I do agree that he probably won’t end up in Dallas. I also agree that DeCastro is the safe pick at 14th, if he’s there. I’m just not sure with the defensive holes that an olinemen 2 years in a row is going to happen. I much prefer drafting DeCastro over paying big for Nicks/Grubbs.

    I honestly think someone like Brooks(Miami, Ohio) in the middle rds would work.

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