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Jonathan Bales

Throughout the years, I have uncovered a wealth of unique information on the Dallas Cowboys.  A lot of my analysis has been harsh, particularly back in the early years, but I wanted to address the fact that the ‘Boys are improving in a vast array of categories which might not be perceptible to the average fan (or any loser who doesn’t track every play in Excel like myself).

To exemplify this, I have listed some of my most riveting work since the start of 2010.  The majority of it is the stat-heavy analysis (often focused on play-calling), and by tracking the progression of the articles, you will see Jason Garrett & Co. are really improving in a number of aspects.  Superior draw play usage, second down play-calling, weak side runs, formation-specific play-calling, and so on have helped the Cowboys’ offense.

Does the team still have room for improvement?  You bet.  In my view, the ‘Boys need to work (a lot) on playaction usage, counters, the deep passing game, predictability and more.  The point, though, is that we are headed in the right direction.

*My personal favorites are in bold.*


“Scouting the Draft” series at New York Times

Assessing Draft Strategy

Interesting 2011 Stats


New York Times: Cowboys Should Have Passed

Advanced NFL Stats: On Cowboys’ Predictability

New York Times: Keys to Defeating Dallas

Dallas Observer: Cowboys v Giants

Ultimate Playaction Pass Guide

Why Cowboys should throw deep more

To run or not to run?

Weak Side Runs and Game Theory

Felix Jones: Turf vs Grass

Garrett Tipping Plays Via Formation

Motion Statistics

Team Position Rankings

Can Ware break sack record?

Jason Witten’s Red Zone Performance

Chris Gronkowski vs Deon Anderson

2011 Draft Guide

Run/Pass Dichotomy

Pass Rates By Personnel

Romo vs Blitz/Perceived Blitz

Attempting More Two-Point Conversions


Ultimate Playaction Pass Guide

Second Down Play-Calling

Draw Plays

Double Tight Strong

Could Emmitt be college football’s all-time leading rusher?

Counter Usage

Will anyone break Emmitt’s rushing record?

Play-Calling By Personnel

Rushing/Passing Efficiency By Down

Tight/Spread Runs

Is Kitna more accurate than Romo?

Motion Stats

Weak Side Runs

Romo’s Audibles

Should Witten block less?

Deon Anderson’s Importance

Third Down Running

Throwing From Double-Tight

Best Running/Passing Formations

Gun Trips

Player Rankings

Wacky Stats

Fourth Down Play-Calling

Fourth Down: Momentum

How costly are false starts?

2nd and 1 Play-Calling

Importance of Kicker

Third Down Play-Calling

2010 Draft Guide

Initial Drive Stats

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