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2012 NFL Draft Rankings: Top 15 Guards and Centers | The DC Times

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2012 NFL Draft Rankings: Top 15 Guards and Centers

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Jonathan Bales

I really need to get moving with my rankings this year.  I’ve spent so much time analyzing prospects in detail that I haven’t been able to come as far as I’d like scouting every position, and I’ve posted only 2012 Cornerback Rankings and Defensive Tackle Rankings thus far.  Both of those lists had some surprises, and there are a couple here as well.  I hope to have an overall board out within about a week.


  • The round listed after each prospect’s name is the grade I have provided him, NOT where I think he will get selected.  I view players with two rounds listed as on the border of each.
  • Players with the *** designation are higher than consensus rankings, while those with ^^^ after their names are lower than the consensus.

1. David DeCastro, G, Stanford (First Round)

2. Cordy Glenn, G, Georgia (First/Second Round)

3. Ben Jones, C, Georgia (Second Round)

4. Brandon Brooks, G, Miami (OH) (Second Round) ***

5. Brandon Washington, G, Miami (Second Round) ***

6. Kelechi Osemele, G, Iowa State (Second Round)

7. Amini Silatolu, G, Midwestern State (Second/Third Round) ^^^

8. Peter Konz, C, Wisconsin (Second/Third Round) ^^^

9. Jeff Allen, G, Illinois (Third Round)

10. Philip Blake, C, Baylor (Third Round)

11. Lucas Nix, G, Pitt (Third Round)

12. Kevin Zeitler, G, Wisconsin (Third/Fourth Round) ^^^

13. Michael Brewster, C, Ohio State (Third/Fourth Round)

14. Tony Bergstrom, G, Utah (Fourth Round)

15. David Molk, C, Michigan (Fourth/Fifth Round) ^^^

A few thoughts. . .

  • I’ve professed my love for David DeCastro before, but I really think he’s the best guard prospect in years.  I think he’s well worth of a top 10 selection, even at an “inferior” position.
  • I think Ben Jones is the class’s premiere center. . .by a lot.  That means I’m very low on Peter Konz.  There are rumors the Cowboys might target Konz in a trade down, but I really hope that is false.
  • If the Cowboys pass on DeCastro in the first round (which seems likely), I think they should consider “the Brandons” later in the draft.  If either Brandon Brooks or Washington drops to the third round, they’d be a steal.

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7 Responses to 2012 NFL Draft Rankings: Top 15 Guards and Centers

  1. Tom says:

    I don’t want to see them trade back. I have Decastro as my 1st choice, by a lot, followed by Stephon Gilmore, and finally Mark Barron as the 3rd choice. One of them will be there at #14. All are quality players and fill a position of need.

    If they did trade back and take OL, I would hope it’s Cordy Glenn. He should be an quality starting G and a decent backup at RT.

    But I don’t see much chance of trading back. All they guys who are worth trading up for will likely be gone by #14, IMO.

  2. Tyrone Jenkins says:

    I don’t think the Boys should be looking CB in the 1st round. There are far better options at CB with respect to upside that can be had in the 3rd or 4th round. Whomever is drafted will most likely be the 4th CB (poissibly 3rd CB if someone is injured) and KR/PR and will get the opportunity to spend his rookie year LEARNING instead of being counted on to play significant minutes. Great prospects that would fit that bill are Jamell Fleming, Trumain Johnson or Josh Norman.

    For the 1st and 2nd round, I think the best players available in the positions of OG, C, 3-4 DE, S and OLB should be considered.

  3. Tyrone– LOVE Fleming but not sure any of those guys make it to the third.

  4. john coleman says:

    JB-I too, feel that Brandon Brooks is a guy, I would like to see in a Cowboys uniform. Hopefully his combine snub will allow him to fall to us. His Proday was outstanding and he is a huge, mobile body.

    TJ- I like your thoughts on CB’s. I have seen some good things on Fleming on some reputable draft sites.

    With the FA flurry I think we have positioned ourselves well to really go BPA/BVA. I am a little uneasy about some of the consensus highly regarded players. Poe, Brockers, Konz, Upshaw, Ingram, all have bust potential. However, we should be able to help our roster, without much problem.

  5. Yeah, I love Brooks. I agree we are in a position to take the BPA (within reason).

  6. Tom says:

    Gilmore is a better CB than a one armed Jenkins. If Jenkins is ready to go at RCB (and can stay healthy), then Gilmore is versatile enough to move to FS where his skill set should make him an upgrade to Sensabaugh.
    That’s my thinking anyway.
    Plus if you take a blue chip CB in the 1st, you can use those 2nd & 3rd’s on OL, or DL (including a pass rush specialist).

  7. Tom–I don’t know how easy it is to simply move Gilmore to FS, and Sensy will be here a few years. He can play SS as well, so I don’t think there would be a huge issue there, but I wouldn’t move Gilmore just yet.

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