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Breaking Down Cowboys' 2012 Draft: Tyrone Crawford, DE, Boise State | The DC Times

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Breaking Down Cowboys’ 2012 Draft: Tyrone Crawford, DE, Boise State

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Jonathan Bales

With the chaos of the draft subsiding, I’ve had a chance to review some of the Cowboys’ 2012 draft picks in greater detail.  Up first:  Boise State defensive end Tyrone Crawford.

Scouting Report

At 6’4”, 275 pounds, Crawford is a long, lean player who can add bulk to his frame as he develops into a five-technique defensive end for Dallas.  In a league that is more and more about speed every season, I like the fact that Crawford is “undersized” for a 3-4 end.  The Cowboys desperately need some sort of pass rush out of their defensive ends, and Crawford could potentially give that to them.  He racked up 13.5 sacks in only 11 career starts at Boise State.

Crawford is very raw, playing just one season of major college football after transferring from junior college.  You can see a lack of experience reflected in his mechanics; Crawford is unpolished and will need time to develop in the NFL.  At this time, he isn’t a great rusher off the edge, lacking a great “get-off” and showing little burst.  The good news is he’ll be an end in Dallas, not an outside linebacker, and elite explosiveness at that position is rare.

Crawford can have trouble getting off blocks in the run game.  He’s a strong player with long arms, so the skill set is there to develop into a better run defender.  Again, he’ll need some time to develop.

Like all Jason Garrett draft picks, Crawford is a hard worker.  He’s absolutely relentless on the field, never giving up on a play.  Although his play recognition is suspect, that’s to be expected with an inexperienced player.  You can see a glimpse of Crawford’s potential impact at the 2:42 mark above.

Career Projection

In 2012, I think you’ll see Crawford contribute on nickel downs.  Along with Jason Hatcher and Sean Lissemore, Crawford will probably rotate in as a situational pass-rushing five-technique until he adds a little bulk.  Although Crawford doesn’t necessarily have all the tools to make a big impact as a rookie, his career outlook appears brighter.  The skill set is there to develop into something special, but Cowboys fans will need to be patient with this one.

Pick Grade: C+

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9 Responses to Breaking Down Cowboys’ 2012 Draft: Tyrone Crawford, DE, Boise State

  1. valmont says:

    I think Crawford might surprise.

    I have a pet theory that undersized guys can play the run just fine if they have a great motor.

    Crawford was tremendously productive from an efficiency perspectice.

    Check out his TFL + sacks / games played …

  2. Tim Truemper says:

    I like the narrative description on Crawford. From the film clips you can see his energy and he will stand up to blockers (including that big guy from Georgia). But boy, is he slow off the snap–looks like a half second behind.

  3. john coleman says:

    Well Melvin Ingram was the slowest off of the snap of anybody I saw all year. Did’nt seem to bother him much.

    This guy ran 4.85 in the 40. More importantly he timed4.25 in the 20 yard short shuttle. The 20 yard SS is the best measure of the area the guy will be playing in. He was tied for best at the combine among dline prospects. Also only 4 OLB prospects were better. Irvin4.03, BeQuette4.07, Ingram 4.17, and Branch 4.25, which is the same as Crawford.

    I also think he could possibly play standing up as a rusher. I agree he will need some time to reach his full potential. However, I think he is a much better prospect than most think.

    In the past we have been led to believe or drank the koolaid, that the star made guys into Superman. I for one believe in the direction that I beleive we are taking. I have more faith somehow with the current staff that we will get PLAYERS. Look no further than our #1 pick as proof. Look at our #1 from last year. Then look at our approach to FA this year. With the positions that were addressed it is obvious that we are now clearly seeing our weaknesses.

    Some of the questions that are unanswered such as, Why no center in ther draft or FA? , might have simple answers. Maybe the coaches feel we have the guy now(Arkin, Nagy, Kowalski, Costa, Bernadeau, etc.). Maybe they feel that no available was better than our current guys. Then there is a coaching change on the oline and maybe the system is getting tweaked a little. Same with the Crawford pick. Maybe he is the BPA at 81st and we feel good about what we have. We have some big guys (Geathers 6-7 320 and Callaway 6-5 315) who were/are developmental players and may have shown something. Maybe we will move Spears inside to NT and Rat outside. Maybe Lissemore is about to breakout and Brent is coming into his own. It’s NO TIME to start questioning now.

  4. valmont says:


    There were 2 Crawfords this year.

    Tyronne Crawford (Boise)
    Jack Crawford (Penn St)

    Some websites have Tyronne’s SS at 4.25 … some have it as 4.44

    Some websites have Jack’s SS at 4.25 … some have it as 4.44

    I trust NFL Draft Scout which has Tyronne at 4.44 and Jack at 4.25.

  5. john coleman says:

    Thanks for the concern. Just the same, I’ll trust my numbers. I’m talking Tyrone not Jack. I’m fairly sure my source was BTB(bloggingtheboys). I’ll have to check their source. However since they are the ones who posted the article concerning the correlation of the 20 yard short shuttle and passrushing success, I would think they use accurate numbers.

    Also I think we would have drafted Jack if he were better.

  6. valmont says:

    I’m not saying Jack is better. I’m just telling you I’ve seen the short shuttle numbers for the player reversed.

    jack …


    tyronne ..


  7. john coleman says:

    Val- I went back and tried to find the article. What I found is in agreement with your number of 4.44. However, I have a hardcopy printed off from the same site that says 4.25. The article was from 2/28 and I printed it on 3/2. What I printed cannot be found.

    In my travels I did find that he improved his 40 from 4.85 to 4.79 while increasing his weight from 275 to 282.

    Either way only Mike Martin was better at 4.25. He was equal to Derek Wolfe who was 2nd best at 4.44. He was bettter than the next two or three at 4.53. Fletcher Cox and Kendall Reyes would be two of them. The numbers still suggest we have a good player.

  8. Tyrone Jenkins says:

    This guy isn’t very good…

  9. Tom says:

    He looks like a nice player with definite ability and a lot of upside based on the success he’s achieved in a relatively short football career at this point.

    I look at this pick as a smart investment for the future DL. His athleticism is already good, he just needs to get a little stronger and keep developing as a player.
    Sounds like he’s a hard worker, and willing to put forth the effort needed to get better. Probably not much contribution this season, but hopefully a starter by 2013 or 2014.

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