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Dallas Cowboys Potential 2012 Draft Pick: Vinny Curry, DE/OLB, Marshall | The DC Times

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Dallas Cowboys Potential 2012 Draft Pick: Vinny Curry, DE/OLB, Marshall

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Jonathan Bales

As I continue to progress in evaluating players, I can’t help but notice my rankings deviate from the norm more and more each year. In the Defensive Tackle Rankings, Cornerback Rankings, Interior Line Rankings, and Edge-Rusher Rankings, there are significant differences as compared to consensus rankings.  I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing, but I will continue to evaluate players strictly as I see them.

One of the players I have rated much higher than other analysts is Marshall defensive end Vinny Curry.  I recently posted a scouting report on Vinny Curry at the NY Times:

At 6-4, 263 pounds, Vinny Curry has prototypical 3-4 outside linebacker size.  He played with his hand in the dirt at Marshall, but I don’t think the standout defensive end will have trouble rushing the quarterback from a stand-up position in the big leagues. You can see Curry’s explosiveness off the line in the first play in the video below, and again at the 1:58 mark.  For a player some others are claiming possesses average athleticism, that’s a fine initial burst.

At the 36-second mark, you can see Curry use superior handwork and a shift of the body to create an angle for himself to get around the edge for the sack.  The very next play, Curry uses his quickness to split a double team for the tackle.  These two plays exemplify Curry’s versatility.  He has every-down potential in the N.F.L.

Click here for the full report. I don’t think the Cowboys’ outside linebacker situation is as dire as many others, but if Curry happens to drop to the team’s second-round pick, I’d be ecstatic if they scooped him up.  I think he could eventually be the yin to DeMarcus Ware’s yang which Anthony Spencer has not been able to become.

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8 Responses to Dallas Cowboys Potential 2012 Draft Pick: Vinny Curry, DE/OLB, Marshall

  1. john coleman says:

    I don’t think his measurables, back up the burst. However we are playing football and not running track. I would also caution that Williams and Butler had that 1st step. The jury is still out on Butler and he has made some plays.

    I’m glad to see all of these posts and keep up the norm. I have been having some computer issues and have been away for a week or two.

  2. You’re right the jury is still out on Butler, and I’m still a fan. There must be SOMETHING we aren’t seeing in practice that has kept him out of the lineup of TWO D-Coordinators now.

  3. john coleman says:

    Butler is really a mystery. All I see him do is make plays. Seriously, he seems to come up with a few tackles, a pressure, or a sack everytime he plays. So to your point, something must be funky. Maybe it is simply, consistency. I also wonder if he might be as effective overall inside. I’m thinking his speed could translate to a coverage ILB.

    This makes me think about Tashard Choice. I know the both of us liked him and he generally produced, when given an opportunity. However, like Butler, he never broke thru. His travels after his release would seem to suggest the coaches were right. I’m starting to really believe that we have better talent evaluators than we think. I have to give JG credit, as the culture and decisions seem to be more on point. Last years cuts, draft, and FA this year gives a lot more credibility to the staff and the front office. I especially love how the Jones responded to the cap penalty, by going off in FA. Who punked who? Better yet, I think we win in arbitration. As a footnote, I like Goodell, but he is borderlining on being over the edge.

  4. Tyrone Jenkins says:


    Curry is another Spencer.

  5. JC–Not sure Butler can play inside. Disregarding the signing of Connor, I don’t think he has the hips or ability to turn and run to play inside. He’s got a burst off the edge, but I don’t think that would translate to ILB. Choice was a bit different because he wouldn’t play ST. I could at least see how the coaching staff didn’t like or respect Tashard. Butler is still mysterious to me, and it must be something in practice.

  6. Tyrone–Why do you think so? I really like Curry and think he has a burst we don’t see in Spencer…elaborate, if possible.

  7. Tyrone Jenkins says:

    To me, and this is from the limited research I’ve accomplished which is the bowl game they played in and reading about him in various places, he’s a 4-3 DE. Hand on the ground, edge rushing talent who can tackle a guy if he comes in his general direction. So many people, IMO, don’t realize the difference between OLB and DE. If you stand Curry up and teach him to read plays, to watch the RB or TE and cover them in man, etc. his athleticism will take over and he’ll probably do a fairly decent job. And, for the 1st 2-3 years, all the coaches will be concentrating on getting him to do this (since he hasn’t been asked to up to that point). Curry will be athletic enough to do one (cover and stop the run) OR the other (pass rush) but not both. That’s not what the Boys need.

    Spencer had pretty much the same prospectus except for the fact that he was better vs. the run than Curry. If you put Spencer at ROLB and tell him to do nothing but rush the passer (pretty much what Ware does), I bet Spencer would get a ton more sacks – probably not as many as Ware but more than he gets now.

    My point is that both Curry and Spencer were stud 4-3 DEs coming out of school. Spencer was asked to change his game and he did so. If you put Curry where Spencer plays, he’ll be asked to do the same thing – which I think he can do just about as well as Spencer does.

  8. Tyrone–Your comparison of Curry to Spencer is interesting, but I really think Curry is a superior pass-rusher. Whether Curry is currently better suited for a 4-3 or a 3-4 isn’t really a question..it is a 4-3. The question is whether he can effectively grow as a 3-4 OLB. Does he have the skill set to rush from a two-point stance? I think so.

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