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2012 NFL Coach Rankings: Belichick Anywhere Other Than No. 1 a Joke | The DC Times

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2012 NFL Coach Rankings: Belichick Anywhere Other Than No. 1 a Joke

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Jonathan Bales

I just saw 2012 NFL coach rankings over at Sporting News, and the list was so ridiculous I had to post about it. Here’s all you need to know: Bill Belichick was second. No. 2. As in not first. The coach with a .724 regular season winning percentage and 17-7 playoff record in New England is not first. Here’s the writer’s explanation:

So why isn’t Belichick in the No. 1 slot? Because he has lost three consecutive games to Coughlin, including two Super Bowls. Lifetime, Belichick is 1-5 against Coughlin.

It should go without saying that basing rankings of any sort off of six head-to-head matchups isn’t exactly the most effective way to go about the task. Lots of coaches near the bottom of the list have great winning percentages against the list’s top coaches. . .so what? It is so obvious that Belichick is the best coach in the NFL that I really can’t imagine how someone could legitimately rank anyone ahead of him.

So here are your real 2012 NFL coach rankings. . .

1. Bill Belichick, Patriots: See above.

2. Andy Reid, Eagles: Pains me to say it, but Reid is an outstanding coach and one of the best game-planning coaches in the league.

3. Mike McCarty, Packers: The Packers don’t win the Super Bowl without him.

4. Tom Coughlin, Giants: He’s still overrated because he got really lucky twice when his team got hot late in the season. Giants were probably not a top five team both years.

5. Mike Smith, Falcons: One of the most underrated coaches in the NFL; excellent fourth down decisions

6. Mike Tomlin, Steelers: Great coach due to motivation, respect; not as great in-game

7. Jim Schwartz, Lions: Will eventually be top five coach; perhaps most unknown commodity in the league

8. Jason Garrett, Cowboys: I give him flack, but Garrett is on the right track. He’s a better coach than the record indicates. And the Sporting News writer is out of his mind for ranking him 23rd behind Ron Rivera, Norv Turner, Mike Munchak, Romeo Crennel, Mike Shanahan, et al.

9. John Harbaugh, Ravens: Like his brother, a great motivator

10. Jim Harbaugh, 49ers: I personally guarantee the 49ers won’t come close to 13 wins in 2012; they’ll be lucky to win 10.

11. Rex Ryan, Jets: Tough call because he’s an outstanding coordinator, but not necessarily a great coach.

12. Lovie Smith, Bears: I really don’t even know what to think about Lovie.

13: Chan Gailey, Bills: Gailey didn’t get it done in Dallas, but he’s not an awful coach.

14. John Fox, Broncos: Pedigree only; I don’t think he’s a great coach by any means.

15. Jeff Fisher, Rams: Perhaps the biggest di*k on this list

16. Norv Turner, Chargers: Another good play-caller/average coach

17. Mike Shanahan, Redskins: One of the most overrated coaches in the league

18. Gary Kubiak, Texans: Needs to win now.

19. Pete Carroll, Seahawks: Not a college coach ranking

20. Ron Rivera, Panthers: Good job in 2011, but I don’t necessarily agree with his philosophy.

21. Joe Vitt, New Orleans Saints: I’m rating Vitt this high simply because he’s learned from Sean Payton, one of the premiere coaches in the league.

22. Mike Munchak, Titans: Titans overachieved at 9-7 last year

23. Leslie Frazier, Vikings: Hmmm?

24. Greg Schiano, Bucs: A guy I think will be a good coach despite philosophical differences from me, similar to the Harbaugh brothers; could be top 15 in 2013

25. Mike Mularkey, Jaguars: Time will tell.

26. Romeo Crennel, Chiefs: Would be higher as a coordinator

27. Marvin Lewis, Bengals: Lucky to coach in Cincy or he’d be jobless

28. Chuck Pagano, Colts: See Mularkey

29. Joe Philbin, Dolphins: See Mularkey

30. Dennis Allen, Raiders: See Mularkey

31. Ken Whisenhunt, Cardinals: Will be fired mid-season

32. Pat Shurmur, Browns: Really didn’t like what Cleveland did in the draft

That’s all, folks!

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7 Responses to 2012 NFL Coach Rankings: Belichick Anywhere Other Than No. 1 a Joke

  1. Cesar Payan says:

    I agree with your ranking overall, just a few comments.

    I don’t think Garret it’s yet ahead of John Harbaugh.

    I dislike Reid’s ranking, but as a cowboy fan, one has to admit that he is a great game planner.

    I’d give Gary Kubiak more credit, but it’s yet to see how far can they go.

    It’s just a matter of opinions, but i really like this ranking.

  2. Thanks Cesar. I could easily see Harbaugh ahead of Garrett based on results. I’d still take Garrett for the future, however.

  3. Tyrone Jenkins says:

    I have to wonder just how much influence Coughlin had in drafting all the D linemen that make team so great. That info might sway me to rate him higher than 4th.

  4. moses says:

    I dunno.

    Given the talent and coaching, I would put Garrett in the 14-18 group. Turner, Shanahan and Kubiak have done it with lesser talent. The 2 Harbaughs belong above Garrett. I see Garrett in the Pete Carroll crowd.

    Belichick needs his own class because no one is even close. With average talent, he gets it done. He doesn’t even need Brady. He’s done it with a unknown college bench warmer, Cassel. He does it without CBs, he takes his magic wand and makes WRs into CBs in days.

    It’s too bad that Sean Payton didn’t get the head coach job in Dallas. He is head and shoulders better than Garrett.

  5. Tyrone–No idea…I think that’s primarily Jerry Reese though.

  6. Moses–Based on history, I think you’re right about Garrett…but based on projected future success, I think you’ll see Garrett firmly in that top 10.

  7. Mark Watkins says:

    I had to laugh, literally, at number 15. I didn’t know about that reputation. He does seem overrated though. I would rank Garrett lower until he proves that he can game plan better. He’s been completely out coached a couple of times by Reid and Coughlin, as well as others, in my opinion. And I would definitely rank Harbaugh ahead of him, both Harbaughs. But I believe that he’ll improve dramatically as time goes on. I would also agree that Belichick should be number 1. Also, Norv Turner and Rex Ryan should be coordinators, not head coaches.

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