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Dallas Cowboys News and Notes, 6/7/12: DeMarco, Lissemore, and Jenkins | The DC Times

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Dallas Cowboys News and Notes, 6/7/12: DeMarco, Lissemore, and Jenkins

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Jonathan Bales

I have a new post over at the Cowboys’ team site coming soon, but I wanted to discuss a few of the hot topics surrounding the Cowboys. . .

It’s a good choice. Lissemore had PFF’s highest run defense grade, and he was very efficient all season. We’ll see what he can do with more snaps. My choices might surprise: Anthony Spencer on defense and Martellus Bennett on offense (with Montrae Holland a close second). I talked about Bennett here and Holland here.

Although it sounds like a horrible injury, a broken ankle is a lot better than tearing a ligament or (gasp) an Achilles. The ankle should be just fine by now, and Murray is poised for a big year in 2012. I recently submitted an article to the Cowboys on projecting running backs’ careers based on their efficiency as rookies, and Murray has the fourth-highest YPC of any rookie with 100-plus carries since 2000.

A whole lot, in my opinion. I think a major mistake made in that article is thinking the secondary and pass rush are separate units. The success of the secondary is highly dependent on an effective pass rush. Actually, I’d say cornerbacks and safeties need an effective pass rush far more than the pass-rushers need great cornerbacks. Don’t get me wrong; cornerbacks are certainly important. But how many times do you see a “coverage sack” as opposed to an open receiver who can’t get the ball because of effective pressure?

I think so. A lot is made about the difference between playing in the slot and playing outside. While there are certainly differences, I don’t think cornerback and “cornerback-who-plays-five-yards-inside” are as different as people make them to be. It is true you need a specific sort of skill set to play inside, but I think Jenkins has the quickness to do it. Plus, you want your best players on the field. Jenkins is a starting-caliber cornerback who would be one of the league’s premiere slot cornerbacks.

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7 Responses to Dallas Cowboys News and Notes, 6/7/12: DeMarco, Lissemore, and Jenkins

  1. Ben says:

    I think the Jenkins playing slot thing hasn’t been talked about enough. every one just presumes because Scandrick plays the slot and because we overpayed for him that he’ll stay there. But I feel like the moneys gone, just play the best guy, and frankly I haven’t been that impressed by Scandrick. What do you think of both players JB?

  2. Yeah, I don’t think it’s a foregone conclusion that Scandrick should be in the slot. Unless a team steps up hard for Jenkins, he’ll be here this year because the Cowboys already get a compensatory for him. Unless a team is willing to part ways with a second, I just don’t see him being traded. He’s a better cornerback than Scandrick. Give him reps in the slot all preseason and see what happens.

  3. Derek says:

    I think Jenkins could be the slot corner and do well there, but Scandrick should hold on to his role. Scandrick has proven to be a good blitzer, and I think he’ll be used more often as a blitzer this year, along with Pool, Sensabaugh, and (hopefully) Johnson).

    Jenkins may be able to cover better (but I think Scandrick can “cover” the slot just as well), and it must be noted that Jenkins makes better plays on the ball. I do wish Scandrick could run step-for-step with receivers AND have some awareness of when the ball will arrive, either through turning his head or reading the receiver. Jenkins does a much better job of turning and fighting for the ball – though, idiotically at times, because it seems that he tries to jump as weirdly as he can so that he can land on one of his shoulders each time.

    I think Scandrick will keep his job, because he’s better in run support and blitzing. I don’t think that Jenkins, in a contract year, will go out of his way to prove how good he could be in run support. He’d be smarter and more likely to just sit rather than risk negating his next contract.

  4. Derek–That’s a solid point about Scandrick blitzing, and it’s certainly important in Ryan’s scheme.

  5. trent says:

    Since this post is covering a variety of thing, I’ll mention that the Cowboys just resigned your all-time favorite player:


    That pretty much just spilt all of my cowboys Kool-Aid for the day.

  6. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

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