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Breaking Down Two Plays From Cowboys vs. Raiders

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Over at NBC, I broke down two plays from the Cowboys’ first preseason game. The first was the back-shoulder throw to Dez Bryant, and the second was the sack of Tony Romo:

The Raiders showed a blitz on the right side of their defense prior to the snap. Tony Romo adjusted by moving his protection to the left side of the offense. DeMarco Murray and Lawrence Vickers both dashed to the left side of the offense to help pick up the blitz. It was one of the few plays on which the Cowboys provided Romo with solid protection.

Immediately after receiving the snap, Romo noticed the Raiders indeed blitzed up the middle and to the left side of the offense, so he rolled out to the right to buy himself more time. This wasn’t a designed rollout, of which Jason Garrett has called fewer than one per game over the past three seasons.

You can read my entire analysis here.

It was nice to see Romo and Bryant hook up on the back-shoulder throw. That sort of play suits Bryant’s skill set very nicely, but Romo just doesn’t seem to throw many of them. We see signs of back-shoulder throws every preseason, but they never make their way into the regular season. Romo doesn’t seem like he struggles with the throw, so perhaps he simply needs to trust his arm and let it rip come September.

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