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Can the Cowboys effectively replace Jay Ratliff? | The DC Times

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Can the Cowboys effectively replace Jay Ratliff?

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A few weeks ago, I published an article detailing why Cowboys nose tackle Jay Ratliff is in for a steep decline this year. In that article, I posted this graph. . .

Ratliff turned 31 today. Happy Birthday Jay! Your present is that you’ll experience a precipitous drop in effectiveness this year.

So what do the ‘Boys have behind Ratliff? That’s what I examined today at Dallas Morning News.

Last season, Lissemore recorded a sack, hit, pressure, or tackle on 13.1 percent of his snaps, compared to 7.5 percent for Ratliff and 5.8 percent for Brent. Lissemore was really the Cowboys’ most efficient defensive player in 2011—yes, that includes you know who.

Read more on Lissemore and Brent here.

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One Response to Can the Cowboys effectively replace Jay Ratliff?

  1. Arsenal news says:

    All of you Cowboys fans have bee nonstop about how good the defense has been playing. Do you now see how blindly you were all talking smack?

    I have never rooted for the Cowboys before and hopefully I won’t ever have to again. As a Pats fan we needed the Cowboys to win. Two 71 + yd runs effectively dashed are hopes of having the Cowboys help us out.

    The next time all of you knuckleheads want to talk smack just remember the back to back td runs.

    OMG the Cowboys SUCK!!!

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