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Grantland Fantasy Island Contestants Announced

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Last week, I saw a link to a contest over at Grantland called “Fantasy Island.” The contest involves going head-to-head against nine other writers, drafting a fantasy football team and writing content throughout the season. The best owner/writer will be chosen at season’s end to be Grantland’s new fantasy writer. I didn’t post the link here because I fully believe I have perhaps the most intelligent audience of any site around, and I didn’t want to lose out to any of you fools.

I figured Grantland would receive a few hundred entries, so I’d have a decent shot to get chosen. They ended up getting almost 4,000 entries, and I was one of the 10 lucky contestants chosen to compete. You can check out the full list and the rules here.

Of the other nine finalists, I know only Frank DuPont. I link to his stuff at FantasyDouche.com all the time–he’s an incredible writer and amazing mind in the fantasy football world. If the other contestants are anything like him, I’ll have my hands full.

I’ll provide more information on the contest as details unfold. Other than that, you can check out my latest article at RotoWire which examines the value of each draft spot.

So what are we left with here? Which draft slot is the “best”? Although I think every season is different, and the value of each draft pick is inherently fluid, there’s definitely some value in choosing at either the top or bottom of the draft.

With either of the first two picks, you get consistency. You’re almost guaranteed a top-level player, and that sort of “sure thing” isn’t there after the first couple of picks.

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  1. Derek says:

    Awesome. Good luck.

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